Think Buccaneers are a 3-4 Defense? Try 5-2 !

One rusher per Lineman? Opposing QBs could be in for world of hate!

It was 1990, Fred Bruney was the defensive coordinator and the Bucs were running off the field after losing to the Jets 16-14. That was the last time Bucs walked off the field a 3-4 defense. Next year the late great Floyd Peters was installed as Bucs DC and the franchise has been a 4-3 ever since… through the immortal Rusty Tillman, and some guy named M.Kiffin… until now.

New DC Todd Bowles has installed a 3-4, But if you take a closer look at the formation… look at those two outside linebackers that will be rushing when time calls for it: Carl Nassib and Noah Spence. Those are DE edge rushers!

Thats one defensive lineman for each Offensive Lineman, that can lead to a lot of sacks for Bucs Defense, or at least pressures, hurries, etc.

And then J.P.P. returns!

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