1st Prediction for 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 9-7, 3rd Place

A football is said to not be round for a reason; so like the game itself, you never know where the ball will bounce.

So too will the teams never know where they will bounce, and after a 4-12 season that no one saw coming (I’ll say that twice; no one saw 12 losses after a 7-9 year with Josh Freeman at QB, and no one saw 4 wins when the team was 0-8. But The Bucs managed to get it together which is a testament to the players on the team, and to some of the coaches that were here to.

There is only one problem; NONE of the coaches are held over, and it seems like none of the players have been either! With about 30 new players signed or drafted since Free Agency  began, the Bucs fans are going to need to  update their NFL.com player profiles! On the offense, expect a New Left Tackle, Center, Right Guard, Tight End, Wide Receiver, and at least one new running  back (either Sims or a Fullback will be on the field with Martin).

On Defense, a New Right DE, Corner is about all thats guaranteed. Its the offense where you will have ESPN struggling to figure out who’s who. So with that being said, someone has to take a stab at how the Bucs will do.

There are too many questions to pick them 10-6 or higher, but one of those bounces of the balls and they may just well do that or better. I get the feeling the Bucs will play a competitive brand of football, but I know the difference will be amazing from last year. The defense I expect to be sharp from week 1 and on, while the offense will take time to adjust.

Those road trips in the middle of the year should build a lot of character into Lovie’s men for this campaign and beyond. One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring.


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