OFFENSE: What kind of offense can we expect from Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2014?

Chris Simms(Con’t from last week)

So we’ve discussed how the 2014 defense will be very familiar to Tampa Bay Buccaneers of old. The offense however will be mostly a mystery. The Local Media was sworn to secrecy over the weekend by Head Coach Lovie Smith. Some info was revealed, and Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds is always at the heart of Bucs information more than any other reporter that has every worked the Bucs in the history of our franchise.

Still, when the Carolina Panthers are here at 4PM and the Bucs line up on offense for the first time, we couldn’t even begin to guess what kind of formation the Bucs will line up in nor who will be where when it happens.

At least, not with any good money on it! But we’ll try to put together what the Bucs and Bucs beat writers have assembled for us.

The Bucs new offense will be QB driven relying on a strong running game to set up the pass. The attack will be diverse, you’ll see 5 WRs on one play with double TE and Double RBs the next, keeping opposing defense guessing.

New Center and former Packer Evan Dietrick-Smith is a very vocal leader, ala Warren Sapp type in some ways (not the bad ones). All indications are that Carl Nicks will be ready to go for this season at left guard. Jamon Meredith put on some weight and will be the Right Guard. Right Tackle is Demar Dotson and he is solid there. Left Tackle is new Buc Anthony Collins. Our backups and depth is decent with Jace Daniels, Jason Foster and Emmett Cleary.

Tight End went from a disaster last year to relatively positive  collection of last years Tim Wright and Tom Crabtree along with traded for Brandon Myers. Tampa Bay  has better receiving Tight Ends than blockers, which is probably good considering that our Receiving Corp is not that good at it! After Vincent Jackson there is a major drop off in talent and you can be sure the Bucs know this and will address this in the draft, probably the very first round.

DRAFT PREDICTION- IMO you can bet money the Bucs will not be taking a Quarterback with the first draft pick. According to what Scott Reynolds of PR observed, the QB position for Tampa Bay requires 4 things:

  • Accuracy
  • Intelligence
  • Anticipation
  • Mobility

Fresno State’s Derek Carr, Johnny Manziel, EI’s Jimmy Garappolo and SMU’s Garrett Gilbert fit the mold of these prerequisites and apparently, so does Josh McCown these days. Maybe McCown is going to have another Rich Gannon-like career; sometimes the lights click on later for some than others. This is why a QB will be taken in the second round or later in the first if the Bucs manage to get trade in the works.

This draft packs more intrigue than any in recent memory, and the paths of so many teams’ futures is in the hands of chance, GMs, and draft day deals. Where Clowny, Mack, Sammy and more end up will have repercussions for teams for many years to come. This holds true for the Bucs as well, and IMO the Bucs will be targeting one of the top Wide Receivers first. Then with a top 40 pick, getting the best of those 4 QBs available and grooming him under McCown will be the project. Don’t be surprised if another WR is taken with the next pick, which could be the 3rd round pick the Bucs will hope to get for Mike Glennon.

I think it’s doubtful Carr is left when round 1 is over. Garappolo maybe, Gilbert Probably. Lovie Smith is no fool, he realized he may not get the chance to get a QB in another draft.


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