Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be Winners in 2014

newlogoThe biggest reason the Bucs will be winners in 2014 is that they really weren’t that far away in some aspects in 2012/2013.

Consider this…with no QB to speak of, The Bucs lost 3 of their first 4 games by 6 total points. While they surprised them, Tampa Bay still put it to Seattle on the road before succumbing to the Seahawks in the second half. That spurred a Bucs revival in which they won 4 of 5 games including wiping out the Atlanta Falcons via total domination.

Last year we saw what a new coaching staff can do to a team that is teetering on the edge like Kansas City was. In 2014 Lovie Smith will Bring a winning attitude and fundamental football back to Sundays. Too often last year the Bucs were undisciplined and not focused on the tasks at hand. They committed penalties at the worst times and generally speaking did not play like a tight knit cohesive unit. That will change this year as over 20 new players will take the field for the first time as Buccaneers including new draft picks and free agents.

It will take time for the Bucs to establish a new core set of players like the Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, and Barber on this new team. But the addition of hungry young players who were good enough to be starters but just not on their respective teams behind the men already there. In  Tampa, The Offensive and Defensive Line will be the foundation for years to come, as Lovie instructs his new team all the while learning from the mistakes of his own past, for a better future with both.


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