Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers really such LOSERS at Home? Lets take a closer look inside the numbers!

147dc502063e5ab129d8b55f3bc71b32You’ve seen the memes all over, pics of Bucs on a Milk carton; or Joke of the Day and Photo of RayJay with caption “We must protect this house”. The Bucs have lost 16 of 19 games at home, and that is terrible. But before you think the Bucs simply can’t play at home, you need to understand where the numbers come from.

For starters, a large sample of those numbers include the 2014 season. The Bucs were a 2-14 team, so a lot of W-L numbers will be skewed when you look at them, when a team loses 14 games out of 16, your going to get a LOT of trends go toward losing. Its like sitting in a bar at 1am and trying to figure out from the people around you how many Americans drink. Or smoke.

The results are a little SHAKY, since probably everyone in that Bar is doing both. The Bucs lost 14 games in 2014, 8 of those were at home. THIS BUCS TEAM with Jameis Winston, Donovan Smith, ALI MARPET, these guys didn’t lose 16 of 19, so its unfair to accuse them of that record. …Hear me out….

So 2014 was bad, and 2015 wasn’t all that much better; as Tampa Bay went 0-8 at home in 2014, the 2015 season saw them add another 5 home losses, but over all the record wasn’t all that bad: Think about it, Tampa Bay was 3-5 at home in 2015 in Jameis Winston’s rookie year.

3-5 doesnt sound all that bad, its not great, but it certainly doesnt sound like a hopeless situation; but then this year, the Bucs happened to lose 2 close games at home that have gone down to the wire. Against the Rams, the Bucs had the ball in the red zone with 4 seconds left. In the other game vs the Raiders, in Overtime they lost with at least two legitimate chances to win that game. Add the Denver loss which was close until it got out of control, and you’ve got another 3 home losses to add to the total.

So when you look at the over all total, 3-16 makes the Bucs seem like a joke at home, just not competitive and something needs to be done about it. But when you realize most of those losses were in 2014 before Jameis was even our QB, and we had two ridiculously close losses this year, and last years “Not as terrible” 3-5 record, all of a sudden the whole “Bucs can’t win at home” doesnt hold much water now does it?

  • 2014  2-14    Home 0-8  Away 2-6
  • 2015  6-10   Home 3-5  Away 3-5
  • 2016  3-4     Home 0-3  Away 3-1

To show how silly it is to refer to this Bucs team as a 3-16 home team when most guys were not playing on the Bucs in 2014 (28 players on todays roster were not on the team), lets look at some other “How bad are the Bucs facts”

Bucs cannot play in Domes; 3-7 since 2014 in Domed stadiums (3 from 2014 made 3-4 look worse)!

Bucs cannot play teams with ANIMALS as nicknames! With 14 losses, its easy to find things the Bucs were associated with losing. But when you group it all together, you skew the numbers.

Should we see how the Bucs do against teams with BIRDS in their names?? In Weather above 50 degrees? With Cities with an “R” in the name? Try fixing that problem as a Bucs GM!

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