Are you at least seventeen years of age and itching to

Are you at least seventeen years of age and itching to do physical hands
on work and to do it outdoors Are you strong (able to repeatedly lift 100 pounds), good with tools and numbers, and willing to work hard in a team environment? Do you have good hand-eye coordination and a steady attention to detail and accuracy?

 Have you been trying to pursue a career in brickwork or to possibly learn skills

That will help you improve your bricklaying skills? Are eric emanuel shorts you in school learning basic masonry and interested in trying out some of the skills you are learning in a real world job situation? Then you are the perfect person to offer your services as an assistant to a bricklayer! Nationally, about 25% of bricklayers are self-employed and you could soon be counted among them!  Damp Proofing Contractor & Dry Rot Treatment London

In much of the United States as well as the international community

There is a marked increase in construction activity. There are also many new openings appearing as current workers retire or change jobs. Many sources state that there is currently a “skills shortage” and they state that there is a sore lack of experienced tradesman labor available to hire and they complain about the time they spend simply waiting to find someone who is available to work on a project! Construction companies of every size are looking to hire experienced bricklayers and masons. Bricklaying contractors are also looking for persons to take on subcontracting work.

Bricklayers build and repair fireplaces, chimneys, smoke stacks

archways, foundations, walls, and other structures using any number of materials such as brick, terra cotta, cinder blocks, concrete, marble, and others. Most bricklayers work in teams with one assistant for every two or three bricklayers. In most cases, a bricklayers assistant’s main tasks are considered the “heavy work” and their jobs are usually include the picking up and transporting of bricks, working with scaffolding, as well as mixing and transporting mortar to the bricklayers. These helpers are known as “brickies laborers or hoddies or “hod carriers” (a brick hod is a three sided box used to carry bricks, mortar, or other construction materials). Most bricklayers attempt to lay a minimum of 1000 bricks a day so the assistant would be moving at least 2000 bricks a day to help the bricklayers maintain a steady work rate.

Since most brick masons, block masons, and stonemasons pick up their skills informally

Observing and learning from experienced workers, this type of assistant job would definitely put you in a good position to expand your knowledge of this profession. Many professional bricklayers started out as helpers, laborers, or mason tenders. These workers carry materials, move scaffolds, and mix mortar. When the opportunity arises, they teach from experienced craft workers how to spread mortar, lay brick and block, or set stone.

 As they gain experience

they make the transition to full-fledged craft workers. Having job experience as a brick layer’s assistant can also help you to get an apprenticeship in the field and put you on your way getting a card of certification as a journeyman and making even more money!

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