SONS OF BITCHES? No Fake News here… NFL prospering amid Kneel-Gate

Theres an old saying…Good publicity, bad publicity is all Good Publicity.

Last year NFL fans posted in droves how they were “DONE” with the NFL, “Ill never watch football again” as fans accused NFL players of disrespecting the military; even though the NFL gives more to military than anyone can imagine. Just about every stadium has a Military Appreciation day, the Bucs do it in September usually.

“NFL Players disrespect the military, who risked their lives for the flag”


Not one person in the military ever risked his life for a piece of cloth. They risked it for what the Flag represents, mainly, my right to say this.

You know who disrespected people? Rosa Parks.

If you just looked up who Rosa Parks is, shame on you. Only Rosa Parks actually violated CITY and COUNTY ordinances; Rosa broke the law and was arrested. But of course today we know he actions were just.

So who cares about my opinions.. whats really going on? Is the NFL in danger?

Well, no. Not that it doesn’t matter, theres not much more UN American than to PUNISH someone and their employer for peacefully protesting. What happened to “I may not like what you have to say but Ill defend to the death your right to say it??”  Not today. If we dont like, we’ll protest!

No American should be proud that Colin Cappernick has been blacklisted.

“So what gives with the NFL ratings? They are down right? How much? who’s at fault?”

The NFL ratings are down 10%.   So are TV shows across the board! IN fact, 6 of the top 7 most watched TV shows last year were NFL games. The NFL gave out a RECORD 8 Billion dollars to players last year, and MADE a RECORD 14 Billion dollars in revenue.

“Son of a Bitch”!

Word of Warning to the Glazer-House owners: Dont let history repeat itself

He wanted to win…but didn’t pay the player most responsible.

There are a large group of people out there to whom the name Tampa Bay Buccaneers is synonymous with LOSING.0-26 start, 14 straight years of losing from 1983 to 1996, No playoffs since 2007 (11 years), only 2 winning seasons in last decade; it would lead a superstitious person to think we were cursed.

Oh there was talk of a Curse, put on us by the first Franchise QB to be run out of town by the Tampa Bay fans and ownership. Its hard for fans to understand today, so much has changed with race in the NFL. In 1978-82 the NFL finally got its first full-time black starting QB, and that was Doug Williams. But Bucs fans gave him a rude welcome party. A rotten Watermelon awaited him once after a poor day against the Cowboys, fans constantly wanted someone else at QB even though Williams won, and his numbers improved each year.

The Bucs spent 2 Top 5 picks to try to replace Doug Williams, Like Jack Thompson. It was a pick better off spent on Defense, which fell apart in 85.

Dont run to pro football focus, his numbers were nothing to look at; then again neither were Terry Bradshaw’s. Williams didn’t play for stats, he played to win, and the Bucs did under him. All he wanted was to be paid like the winning QB he was. Archie Manning (Eli and Peyton’s dad) had great numbers, but his team never had a winning season under him. Doug Williams didn’t have the numbers, but the Bucs went from 0-26 to the NFC Championship game, just one full season later.

Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse couldn’t pay Williams what he was asking, and Williams couldn’t play for what Bucs owners wanted to pay him.

To be fair, the Glazers had no choice, they could not put Jameis Winstons picture up on the Stadium after what happened. Yes it happened 2 and a half years ago, forever when your 24 years old, but it still happened, and to put his image up would be a slap in the face to women. But I hope the Glazers plan to do something with winston moving forward, because some will suspect this signifies the end for the Winston regime here in Tampa.

If it is the Glazers had better take a hard look at this franchises history.  So sad is the offensive history in Tampa Bay, many team records on office are about to be broken by a 4th year QB and 5th year WR. Because this franchise has never once signed a drafted QB to a 2nd contract.


If the Glazers want to listen to public opinion, thats their right. But use some common sense too; the Bucs needed a franchise QB at the end of 2008, and here we are ten years later with one. If anyone remotely thinks the Bucs aren’t going to be one of the top teams in the NFL this year, they need to look closer.

The Bucs are going to use this suspension as a rallying point. They will rally behind Fitzpatrick, who may end up handing the ball over to Jameis with a winning record. Mike Smith FINALLY has his pass rush he’s needed, as the Bucs year after year top draft picks on offense has amassed one of the most potent collection of Targets ever.

Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Adam Humphries and Chris Godwin, Cameron Brate and OJ Howard… and RB Charles Sims. Expect the Bucs to win, because  no one is.

TROLL or IDIOT? Lets Play! How Tampa Bay Buccaneer website comments are a continuing reminder that our GOOBERVILLE nickname still applies to some

WAKE UP GOODELL!! Take some PEDs or something.

I find it funny how people are so unforgiving toward people they dont like, and are forgiving if they like the person or if they require it. Its a constant reminder that we see what we want to, and hear what we want to hear.

Anyone who says the apology was half ass, have you ever listened to anything else Winston has spoken; actually heard the words coming out of his mouth? If you did you would know the man preaches accountability, and rarely if ever puts praise on himself, but on his teammates and coaches around him.

Its almost an admission of self guilt when I read posters (maybe short for Imposters? ) create lists of his infractions, and knowing that its not really they create even more things to add to the list, each one sillier than the last.

This is from HONEY BEAR, a poster on, possibly one of the best features of any blog or newspaper piece about the Bucs by Scott Reynolds.

Reynolds pens an 1800 word article on how its best to not react out of emotionalism but rather contemplation. So after days of self-reflecting he decided to put himself in Jameis Winson’s corner and take the side the Winston will pull himself and the Bucs out of this funk and return Tampa Bay to the Playoffs and winning ways.

Of course for Honey Bear, SR put down about 1792 words too many, focusing only on past events and the negative ones, none of the positive.

What exactly are the 2 strikes? The way I see it, he has at least 3, and that’s just with the Bucs alone. Even if you don’t count each incident as a “strike”, it’s an embarrassing pattern that the Bucs keep enabling.

1. Telling girls to be “silent”, after already having a history of sexual abusing women.
2. Poking Marshon Lattimore
3. Eating “W’s”
4. Groping the Uber driver.
5. Lying about it.
6. A half-assed apology.

Of course the poster left out a number of other transgressions we know about Jameis since his becoming a Buc;

7.Caused it to rain on Thursday

8.Missed a Brush n Floss session during training camp in 2015

9..Did knowingly rip the tag off of his Sealy Posturepedic mattress

10. Didn’t deflect ENOUGH praise to his offensive line and wide receivers for having the #2 passing attack in the NFL last year.

Im NOT blessed when it comes to comments sections!

Ok.. my silliness matches the absurdity of the argument…but in all seriousness; One of the most important things to consider (something all judges do) is making the punishment fit the transgression.

You have to compare what he did to what others did.  Pittsburgh

Good Job guys! I had THIS finger up her &#^$% and THIS finger up her %$$!

Steelers QB  Ben Roethlisberger trapped a girl in a bathroom stall and had his goons block off the doorway so he could have his way with her (IE  rape). He got 6 games, reduced down to 4.
In just one example of many, Victor Bolden was suspended 4 games for testing positive (1st time) for Performance Enhancing Drugs or PEDs. If you get performance enhancing drugs violation, you get 4 games; Winston got 3 games.

Here is all that matters, Not the College crap, not opinions…This is all that should really matter:

*He may not even remember what he did because he drank too much.
*He’s made the decision to quit drinking alcohol
*By doing so he has shown regret and willingness to take steps to prevent alcohol from causing problems like this or anything else from occurring.

anything else, is people hearing what they want to hear. If you dont think the apology was heartfelt enough, or if you think he lied, maybe you should listen to the clips again. He said he didn’t remember doing any such thing, and he apologized if he acted inappropriately.

He then officially apologized when you know damn well he could contest the ruling and fight this. He could appeal this if he wanted to.

Does no one see that he’s not appealing because he probably can’t? He probably was given 3 games as part of an agreement, which means the NFL already felt working with both parties was the best course of action.

*She releases a statement saying she’s ok with the ruling.
*He doesn’t appeal and issues a public apology.

“Path of Least Resistance”- Why it’s easy to be ‘ANTI’ Jameis Winston

When I was growing up I heard the ‘older folk’ say that we lived in a Microwave society where we can’t get anything fast enough. Today that microwave society has been replaced with an even faster one; a 100GB/s download 18 core ‘process my life faster’ I-need-it-now life where its damn  tomorrow, what can I enjoy now?

We wake, work, play, work, and at least a few times a week say there aren’t enough hours in the day. So I dont blame people for not taking the time to think things through. Thats what blogs are for.

Buc Country is divided… but all thats required is some fact searching. And forgiveness

Jameis Winston is one of two things to us now; either Villian, scumbag, sex addict, subhuman, sociopath; or he’s a damn good football player and were willing to look the other way/make an excuse (or give a reason) for his behavior so we can move on with week 4 in the NFL with a (hopefully) 1-2 record and a date in Chicago. After all, I’ve got 4 things to do this hour, what else can there be? Ive got to move forward people.

I’ll tell you what else there is. Ill tell you exactly what Jameis Winston is, but brace yourself, you may not want to read this, it may force you to take an hour to think deep.

Jameis Winston is a 24 year old human being, who made another mistake 2 and a half years ago after making a bunch of other mistakes 4 years ago when he was 19 and 20.

Before you add Winston to the list of “me too” scoundrels, ask yourself 3 important questions.

Jameis Winston has been exemplary as a Buccaneer, save this one incident almost 3 years ago.

1. What has Jameis Winston done since he’s been both a Buccaneer, and since his suspension vs Clemson game.  Answer: This Uber ride incident. I understand he did stuff before at Florida State, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will make decisions based on his tenure with their organization; not while a college student.

2. Is Jameis showing improvement since the beginning of his bad judgements at Florida State? Answer: based on answer to Question 1, we have to say yes. (SEE article posted today 8AM )

3) Are there positives besides his football play that counter his bad behavior? Yes, in fact there are many, and listed below.

You can also ask yourself what was event that happened, is there a clear story being told of what happened? Or is there doubt?

And finally, the all important point that only a few are considering: it’s incredibly easy to put Jameis Winston in our shoes, it’s a lot harder to try to put ourselves in his. Anyone who has ever done anything wrong in the eyes

When you’ve done something wrong, you’re made out to be a monster

of the law, knows that if the story makes the newspaper, it will make you look like a monster. Thats because the only thing they’re talking about is the bad stuff, thats why its important to take a moment from your busy life…. and think.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and people who dont believe that, the one and done group, I’ve got something for you. In today’s Opiate epidemic world, the odds are someone close to you will be arrested soon enough and you’ll be forced to come to grips with this conclusion: People CAN change, its just that they usually dont because they lack the life changing experience that is the catalyst for it. For Jameis, that seemed to be having football taken away. Remember the suspension vs Clemson?  The Uber incident is the only thing that has happened since his first real punishment that took away something he loves.

Look at these dates, look at the pattern, and remember the concept of making a change;

2012  BB Gun Incidents; shooting at Squirel, then at each other causing damage (paid for).  

Dec. 2012-  Student accuses  Winston of rape. She reports to Police that dvice drop the investigation contending the woman has refused to cooperate. 9 months later its sent to state attorneys who do not purse the case citing lack of evidence to prosecute. US Dept of Education investigates Fl.States handling under title IX. in 2014 school investigates under Student Code of CONDUCT. Cleared all three times but not without scrutiny.

July 2013 Takes Soda from Burger King after getting a water cup and tossing water.

April 2014 Accused of stealing Crab Legs from Publix in Tallahassee. Said he forgot to pay. Later came out that players received free food from this Publix on a normal basis, but Manager on duty that day knew nothing about the deal. 

May 2014 Fails to show up for Code of Conduct hearing. Says he was told he didn’t have to show up. Unclear on this, but university later admits students do not have to show.

Sept. 2014  Winston jumps up on table in  school library and shouts out a sexually, expletive laced phrase made popular on the internet from a meme. 

It was at this stage FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher suspended Winston for the Clemson game, Winston has commented this was worst thing ever to happen to him. 

March 2016- Gropes female Uber driver in crotch area. Will be suspended 3 games during the 2018 season.

Look, Im not trying to make an excuse for the guy, I happen to be someone who has had a past, so second and maybe third chances are an important subject. But my mistakes are from 20 years ago, so no one should judge me on that now. Jameis too has made mistakes but they too are in the past, just not as far back as he, or we, would like.


Undecided on Jameis Winston? Read a complete list of off-field actions by the Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB


When you’ve done something wrong, the newspapers make you out to be a monster

Ask anyone who has ever been on the wrong side of the law and had it written about in the paper or talked about in the media; they can make a monster out of you. Thats because one thing they do NOT do is list all of the (or usually ANY OF THE) positives. So lets do that here… but lets be fair. Were not talking about taking away his Florida State diploma or anything from College life; this is about what he has done since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Jameis to Bucs.. “You know you want this” Bucs to Jameis “yeah we do”

The Buccaneers vetted him with a fine tooth comb, so lets see exactly what they got; and not On field accomplishments as they do not count. This is about moral character, is it not? So before anyone else calls him a thug, rapist, immoral, or other descriptive words, lets dig in and look at both sides of the coin.

List of Jameis Winston acts of poor judgement
  • March 2016- Groped an Uber driver in the crotch.
List of positive Jameis Winston acts: in the community
  •  One of the team’s most active community members, regularly donating his offseason time to supporting causes in Tampa Bay, Tallahassee, and the Birmingham communities.
  •  Serves as the spokesperson and “Quarterback” for the team’s Buccaneers Academy initiative, which impacts over 14,000 youth and 2,100 teachers at 24 public schools in Tampa Bay.
  •  In June 2016 and 2017, hosted the Jameis Winston ProCamp in Tampa and the Dream Forever Football Camp in Fairfield, Alabama for hundreds of youth football participants. In June 2017, also hosted the Elite Championship Camp for youth in Tallahassee.
  • Makes annual visits to Birmingham-area libraries, summer programs, hospitals and schools to share positive messages and lift the spirits of children throughout his hometown community.
  •  Leads the Buccaneers’ efforts in the annual “Special Olympics Day” at Training Camp, engaging with athletes through football drills and activities every year.
  • Hosted the “Dream Big Day” graduation celebration for fifth graders at Egypt Lake Elementary School, a Buccaneers Academy, in May 2017.
  •  Has participated in the Buccaneers 2015, 2016 and 2017 Cut for a Cure, having his head shaved by pediatric cancer patients to raise funds and awareness for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.
  •  Along with Glazer Family Foundation Co-President Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, hosted the Buccaneers Academy Educational Huddle in downtown Tampa in December 2016.
  •  In June 2016, visited victims of the Pulse night club shooting at Orlando Regional Medical Center
  •  In June 2016, participated in a surprise visit to the West Tampa Boys & Girls Club with WWE star Titus O’Neill and teammate Donovan Smith to share positive messages with the members and surprise kids with tickets to WWE Monday Night RAW.
  •  In April 2016 and 2017, served as the celebrity starter for the “One Walk to Cure Diabetes” in downtown Tampa to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In 2017, finished in First Place out of thousands of participants.
  •  In December 2015, visited patients battling injury and illness at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.
  •  In November 2015, congratulated students at Pinellas Park Middle School for winning the Fuel Up To Play 60 “Defend Your Turf Challenge” through a special assembly and P.E. class.
  •  In October 2015, participated in games, arts and crafts, and activities with children at Metropolitan Ministries annual Fall Festival.
  •  In September 2015, served lunch to more than 250 hungry and homeless men and women at Trinity Café.
  •  In September 2015 and 2016, participated in the Back to Football luncheon to speak to local business leaders about the excitement for the season.
  •  In July 2015, went bowling with rookie or first-year firefighters and paramedics.
  •  In June 2015, traveled to Jackson South Community Hospital in Miami, FL to visit Dwayne Mitchell, a high school student battling a rare heart disease, to spend time with Mitchell and show support for the Mitchell family.
  •  In May 2015, served as a celebrity guest at the Dick Vitale Gala in Sarasota FL to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.
  •  In May 2015, visited wounded warriors recovering from injury and illness at James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa.

You will notice specific dates stop around offseason 2015, thats because this is taken from the latest Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media Guide available, 2017. For anyone who feels I’ve discredited this entry by leaving out the Florida State headlines, Im not going to include college antics that happened 5 and 6 years ago, and in fact they would probably prove my point that Jameis Winston is on a positive curve away from immature behavior.

IT STOPS RIGHT HERE… This Uber incident is the only peep we’ve heard since the suspension vs Clemson. Its not good, but it shows change on the part of Jameis.

See future article “Why It’s Easy to be ANTI Jameis Winston- Path of Least Resistance”.. later today at 5PM



The eerie COMMON PATH between Bucs QBs Jameis Winston and Doug Williams careers continues

The Bucs grew behind Williams, and may continue to grow behind Winston too.

Doug Williams was drafted to be the Bucs answer at QB, and even though he was a controversial figure at the time, he was that answer. Doug Williams was controversial for a reason few could understand in todays world: he was a Black QB in a time when there were no Black Quarterbacks. Sadly, the thought process was that a Black man was not capable of the intelligence required to be quarterback; sadly this was only 41 years ago.

Before Williams, Tampa Bay was a losing franchise, finishing a 2-14 season with a pathetic offense. While he was not perfect Williams proved to be the leader the Bucs needed, and was capable of throwing a TD pass from anywhere on the field.

Jameis Winston was also drafted in the first round when the Bucs finished

If the Bucs do win under Jameis, people will forget

2-14 the year before with a pathetic offense.  Winston came with major scrutiny as he faced rape allegations at Florida State to which he was acquitted of three times, had other college level incidences happen which stopped once he was suspended a game during his senior year.

You can’t compare his numbers to todays qbs, but he improved each year, could throw a TD on any pass, and team just won with him under center. Sound like NO.3?

Doug Williams showed glimpses of potential during his rookie year, especially after he had his first pass of his career returned for a ‘pick 6’.

Winston threw for 4000 yards in his rookie year, as he too started out slow with his first pass as a pro ran back for a TD the other way.

It was Doug Williams second year that made the difference, as the Bucs developed a team around Williams; an offensive line that opened holes for the Bucs first ever 1,000+ yard runner, and a playoff season for the first time ever on the heels of a 10-6 season. Williams was a strong QB, he only went down 7 times in all of 1979.

Two 4,000 yard seasons in his first two not big enough? Jameis may pass 5,000 yards passing in his 3rd.

Winston surprised Bucs fans with a 9-7 winning record, the first in 6 seasons in Tampa Bay. Winston threw for 4000 yards again in his 2nd season, and like Williams, his accuracy improved. Most important was the leadership void that existed on the Bucs, had gone away. Winston was unlike the last franchise QBs that came to the Bucs, Josh Freeman.  Winston is first one in to practice, and the last one to leave. He’s an inspiration.

Williams underwent tons of criticism in spite of winning; in his 3rd year things regressed. There was no Free Agency back then, and new passing rules exposed the Bucs old scheme on passing downs. Tampa’s defense gave up yardage in droves, even with experienced Defensive coordinator calling the shots. When his 4th season came, Williams completion % was up for the 4th consecutive year and with a string of 60+ yard  TDs including one in the final game of the season giving Tampa another division championship.

Of course we dont know what’s in store for Jameis: like Williams the Bucs have invested in players around him. Drafting a running back to compliment the workhorse, drafting a defensive star to go with present one,  the Bucs would go to the playoffs 3 times in 4 years. But Williams saw himself as an up and coming star, and the Bucs management did not want to pay  Williams the same money as other top tier QBs.

In an era of NFL players jumping to a new league, Doug Williams left Tampa Bay for the USFL which would fold a few years later. Williams joined his former offensive coordinator in Washington where turn of good luck landed him a chance to shine, in the Super Bowl; and he did, nailing MVP honors for his 4 TD 2nd Quarter, still a Super Bowl record.

Will the Bucs repeat their mistakes of the past? The Glazers have not acted like the Culverhouse regime and allowed money and profit to ruin a franchise that started out with such promise. The Bucs couldnt see the intangibles of Williams, how he was a leader the team rallied behind. Tampa Bay won a total of only 12 games without him over the next 4 years, the start of 14 straight double digit losing seasons.

In 2018, the Bucs have 7 of 9 seasons with more losses than wins, and going on 16 years without a playoff win.

Tony Dungy,  the architect of the turnaround that finally ended  the post Doug Williams losing streak in 1997, when the 10-6 Bucs ended an 18 year playoff drought.

Time to address the COMMENTS about Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay Times

Down Jameis

My reply to comments for TBTimes’ “What to do about Jameis Winston”.

The Question posed was what do you do if you have a Winston Jersey, and 40% (the largest segment) said wear it with pride, 34% won’t wear it any more and 26% aren’t sure.

Im going to address each comment left, but I can’t help but wonder how

Up Jameis

many of these anti-Jameis comments are from NFL fans who have cheered one of the many NFL players who have been accused of much worse than what Jameis did. Like the fact that Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger locked himself in a bathroom with a female while his ‘boys’ played lookout as he forced himself on her. This is from a police report, you know, that thing you get from Police when an actual crime has been committed.

Let me say for the record, a woman should be treated with respect; and when a woman is at work, you dont hit on her.. she’s working. But if men didn’t touch  women as an initiation of sex, many of us wouldn’t even be running around. Lets be honest, how many of you men who are reading this  have ever gotten the wrong (or right) signal from a woman, so you made your move? When the woman gives you a look like you better take that hand off me, you better do just that, because anything more is wrong. But making a move, is NOT the same as a sexual attack. Do you want to live in a world where you have to hand a contract to your date between the appetizer and Main course; ” I would like to touch you tonight at some point, please acknowledge permission for fondling this evening”. No one likes being  hit on at work, or at the wrong time; but guys get the wrong signal sometimes. And if Jameis pulled away or said “oh my bad, I must have misread your signals”, he did not do anything wrong enough to justify a suspension of even one game, although perhaps should use some better judgment.   So…


HERE WE GO… Comments from Greg Auman’s “What to do with Jameis Winston”…

‘We should have drafted the other kid’

I’ve been an original season ticket holder since 1972. It says so on my tix. At that time there was talk of  Tampa getting an NFL franchise, and one could sign up for tickets, so I did. Been a season ticket holder since. My tickets say “member since 1972.”

“Me and another ticket holder had a little ceremony, complete with steaks and beer, because we needed an open fire to burn our (very expensive) #3 jerseys. Good riddance. We should have drafted the other kid. He’s already taken his team to the playoffs.”

— Bil Sidwell, 75, Dade City

BUCSTOP's take: Really? Since 1972? Sure you weren't watching Morris, Czonka and Greise guide the Dolphins to a perfect 17-0 Super Bowl championship? Yes...there is history BEFORE 1976, the Tampa Area was awarded an NFL franchise in 1974, and during 74 and 75 it went through the process of Picking a uniform, a name, and the addition of 27K seats to fill in the end zones and form the now famous low levels of what would be known as the BIG SOMBRERO. and yes there was a Tampa Sports Authority since the 60s... but the tale tale is the long time bucs fans who are suing the Bucs for canceling their season tickets because they've been found to be selling them to fans of the other team.... they talked about one from the first year, and a LONG TIME ticket holder from 1979, and one from 1995. Those are theslong ones!                                                                                                                                                             SOs, you may be legit, I just know if I had a dollar for everyone who claimed to be a Bucs fan since the first season, Id be rich. Teqhere were only about 38K season ticket holders, and thats from 44 years ago. The odds that every time something bad happens, I see a NEW name appear from someone who claims to be a Season Ticket holder from the Original season...WEll MAYBE!! So ill give you benefit of the doubt, because if thats true about your ticket saying that, its pretty cool.  but being a Bucs fan 4 years before there were BUCS,before the team was even named.... You sure it wasn't the Orange Bowl??

Jameis fan from the ‘other side of the pond’

We Brits support our team regardless. Some are not Jameis fans, but still support him. Whatever the eventual outcome of the current mess that he is in, we will still support him and the team. I personally do some voluntary work within the British judicial system. Whilst punishment is paramount, so is reform and rehabilitation.

Someone who works to stamp out the trigger for their mistakes will have their sentence mitigated. My take on the Jameis situation was that it was caused by alcohol. … If he truly has “eliminated alcohol from his life,” he deserves a lot of credit for that. Jameis, admit your faults, take your medicine, move on with your life, and win us a Super Bowl. Will we be getting rid of our Winston jerseys? Not on this side of the pond.

— Gary Botteley, 62, Hinckley, England

Sounds like most of the Bucs UK members I've met. Die hards.

No longer part of the fan base

We all have daughters and granddaughters. We all have young sons and grandsons. It is our responsibility to teach our children their conduct is always to be held in the highest esteem. There is no duality. There is no double standard. Therefore, we have decided that as long as the ownership of the Bucs do not live up to a level of ethical standards we espouse and wish to instill in our children, we will no longer be part of the fan base.”

— Al Bartolo, retired, Seminole

Three words for you. Glazer Childrens Museum. Thats the ethics of the ownership. Possibly not firing someone when there is no arrest report, no civil lawsuit, nothing. Ill take ethics of innocent until proven guilty. Ill also take the stand of making a move on a girl as not being a sexual assault.

No history of ‘bad behavior around Tampa Bay’

No matter how much of a diehard fan someone is, his actions are indefensible on so many levels. My son is a Winston fan and my wife and I have taken him to his football camp every year he has had it. So when a kid sees his favorite player suspended and as a parent you have to explain why, it’s very embarrassing and disappointing.

As Jameis does not have a history of bad behavior around Tampa Bay, I am willing to give him another chance, as we all make mistakes. I hope that he takes this as a learning opportunity and not let all his good work in the community be in vain for any more bad personal decisions.

— Reickah L. Collins, 39, Wesley Chapel

Why is it embarrassing to explain to your son? Explain how the NFL has a conduct policy, and how you do not need to be found guilty in court of law to be found violating that policy; and other companies have such policies.  explain how touching a woman should never be done without consent, and that sometimes men take a woman smiles and hair flips as consent when they are not. ...and that if you do make a move, you better be prepared to apologize if your wrong. Reickah makes a good point about Winstons good work in the community.

My fault for buying in

I am at a complete loss as to what to do with my Jameis jersey. It’s been a fixture every Sunday since (his) draft day. … Everything I saw from both Winston and the team made me think he had grown up from the idiot who made the news in every possible wrong way while in Tallahassee.

I’m profoundly disappointed in the organization’s response to the allegations, the lack of response to the suspension, and the general lack of dialogue with fans about everything to do with Winston. I’m profoundly disgusted with Winston and, honestly, I feel like it’s my fault for buying in at all.

I hope from here that the team can make the correct decision and let the option lapse and draft a replacement this year. I don’t even particularly care if he ends up somewhere and excels as a starting quarterback in the league. I just don’t want to have to make the decision to support him.

— Brent McCue, 29, Denver

Well Brent you get the MORON of the day award. GROWN UP FROM THE IDIOT HE WAS IN TALLAHASEE?  Um.. he has... Since the suspension vs Clemson, Winston has done nothing up until two years ago. Im not going to bring up what a college kid does in college. he got his wake up call, and answered it. Remember, this is from 2.5 years ago, and it was obviously not serious enough to cause this woman to sue Jameis, call the police on him, or anything. Brent, if you tell me you've never made a move on a woman, I will... well, I will probably not be surprised.

Work with children is window dressing

I say get rid of him and the sooner, the better. I’m tired of his antics and not owning up to his responsibilities. His minimal work with children is nothing but window dressing. Buc fans deserve better.

—Bill Zaremba, 62, South Tampa

Winston will not and cannot change

Winston, like most athletes, has been coddled and given the benefit of the doubt his entire life. He will not and cannot change. He has never been held accountable and has a complete disrespect for women. As a married man of 25 years and father of a young woman, I can no longer support such a person. I will still root for the Buccaneers, but they need to realize that when a person has had this attitude ingrained in him for years, they will not change.

— Dan Weber, 54, St. Petersburg

Dan Weber everyone... take a look, because people like this will soon be extinct. NO Dan, its not true at all that people cannot or Will not change, its just that people DONT change.. Most that is. It takes a major life changing event to get people to change, for Jameis that was the suspension against Clemson.  To say people cannot change is ignorant. To suggest you know he WILL NOT change                                                                                 is just double ignorant. Change your name to Archie Bunker.

Just a hand slap

It’s becoming more and more obvious the NFL does not care about women. It appears professional athletes are above the law. It’s the only profession that allows sexual abuse of women with just a hand slap.

—Jim Wright, 55, Ponte Vedra

NFL doesn't care about women everyone. The full month of Pink items for sale for breast cancer, Suspending STAR players for acts against women. What do you want the NFL to do Jim? Castrate him for making a move on a woman? Watch out for this one folks, people with the strictest punishments are the ones who use higher moral authority on everyone but themselves.
Worst $100 I have ever spent

I have had Bucs season tickets since 1978. I had concerns about Winston’s accuracy and ability to stay out of trouble when he was drafted. After two seasons, he was headed in the right direction, so I shelled out $100 for a No. 3 jersey. Worst $100 I have ever spent.

I am benching my No. 3 jersey and bringing No. 47 (John Lynch) out of retirement. Once again, it is time for the Bucs to admit they made a mistake and move on. Don’t waste any more time trying to fix something that can’t be trusted.

— Jim Arntz, 66, Palm Harbor

Jim Sees immature player in college. Jim sees his team draft former immature player. Jim buys jersey of former immature player. Jim sees former immature player mature over last two years since incident was reported to have happened. Jim puts more stock in report than maturing from first and last few years.

Time to cut ties

As a longtime Bucs fan and charter season-ticket holder, I believe the Bucs should cut ties with Winston. And this is coming from someone who has been divorced four times, I am ashamed to say. One thing I never did or would ever do is violate a woman’s rights. He shows a behavioral pattern which likely will not change.

Hiding behind alcohol is no excuse, and not being totally honest about the whole situation is terrible. … I believe the time has come for the NFL commissioner to not be judge and jury. A conduct commission needs to be implemented to  fairly administer discipinary action.

— Vince Gabel, 65, Clearwater

Vince, if a woman touches you, are you going to go for it, or complain. If you complain, its ok, lets say your married. But do you feel you were sexually assaulted? or just hit on?
Let me be clear, I don’t condone the action, and Jameis Winston should have been minding his Ps and Qs. But as someone who has messed up with regards to the side of the law, I can tell you most people are forgiving when it comes to my story because of what they hear when I tell them my side of the story. They dont hear excuses, they dont hear me blame anyone other than myself. I take responsibility, and you can hear it in my voice.
Jameis has quit drinking, so he must have been willing to give that fun thing up because he realized when you do that, you dont know what can happen to you.
Seems to me that is taking responsibility, lets not forget that while its nice for someone to come out and issue a statement of apology, he may be told by lawyers what to and what NOT TO say to avoid any issues.
Personally, I am tired of self-righteous people that attack without looking in the mirror.  If you’ve ever cheered on Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Irvin, Warren Moon, Ezekiel Elliot, Julian Edelman, Mark Sanchez, Richie Incognito, Adam “Pacmacn” Jones, Adriane Peterson, Brandon Marshall, and Johnny Manziel (some of those with multiple infractions), then you should not tell me the Bucs need to clean house with Winston.
This is more than just about one persons job at QB, this is about a Head Coach and a GM who are on the hot seat this year. This is about rookies and veterans and free agents, about players with no time on the clock of life who need to win now to avoid disappointment.
Ill be the first one to sound the alarms if anything happens again, short of outright manipulation. Jameis needs to not be alone with any non family member. When UPS or FED EX comes to your house, they never enter your dwelling. There a reason for that… in the real world, “He Said She Said” is FOR REAL career ending.

Don’t feel sorry for Jameis Winston; at least he doesn’t work in Hollywood

Winston will more than likely begin the season on the sideline.

As its becoming clear Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston is going to be suspended by the NFL for the first 3 games of the season, sentiment among Bucs fans is to cry foul.

Shouts of ‘its not fair’ are being heard on facebook and twitter, and maybe it isn’t.  Winston has denied any wrong doing, although his Uber account was suspended after the incident was reported. With no court date, no evidence hearing, Winston has been branded guilty by the NFL and sentenced. It’s not something were used to in this country where our innocence is supposed to be presumed.

But this is the private sector, and even the court of public opinion has weight in this jurisdiction. A conviction isn’t necessary as scores of fans think Winston is already guilty of bad sex conduct going back to his days at Florida State where he was accused of rape.

It was a charge he was exonerated for three time, although even the greatest fan can admit the evidence was poorly handled by Tallahassee police.

Truth is it could be worse for Winston, he could work in Hollywood. No not for the LA Rams, but for Paramount, or CBS, or Bad Robot; or any other film making company who fires employees when word of impropriety arises.

Ryan Fitzpatrick went 2-1 as Bucs QB starter last year during Winstons injuries.

Winstons ‘alleged’ transgression will cost him three paychecks, but it may cost others far more than that. For over a decade the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have started out slow in NFL seasons, facing an uphill battle each year, one they usually cannot overcome. Going in his place will be NFL Journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick who has had some levels of success throwing the ball in the NFL, and who went 2-1 last year as a starter during Jameis’s injuries.

Tampa Bay’s head coach Dirk Koetter barely survived with his job last season, as expectations were high for the Bucs to win coming off a 9-7 season and instead going 5-11. A fast start is critical to having a good season as Bucs ownership is not likely to retain Koetter after another losing season.

Then a new coaching staff would come in, which would make it the 6th head coach in 12 years; A recipe for even more continued losing. A new coach who will also have absoluetly no ties to Winston who was drafted by Koetter’s boss Jason Licht who could be held responsible for the vetting of Jameis in 2015. A new head coach may see another path for winning with a new QB, in what could be a preferred one besides the beleaguerd Florida State product.

Well, maybe the NFL isn’t that dis-similar from Hollywood after all.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2018 season will be far cry from Favorites they were in 2017.

Last year going into the 2017 NFL Season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the media’s darlings. That was coming off a 9-7 season and just missing the NFL playoffs by a tiebreaker. So the Bucs were chosen to be on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ program that shows the inner workings of an NFL franchise through training camp and preseason.  The NFL and its fans all watched the Bucs, and everyone predicted a winning season and playoff birth for 2017; and of course the Bucs listened to everyone tell them how great they were.

Fast forward to this year and judging by the early 2018-19 Super Bowl Odds on this site you’ll be able to hear a pin drop IF and when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are brought up in conversation. These Bucs are not only irrelevant, they 62-1 long shots to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 53.

Yet according to ProFootball Focus’ Mike Florio in this video, the Buccaneers entire coaching staff will enter the 2018 season already on the hot seat in a ‘Playoffs of Bust’ attitude that Bucs GM Jason Licht readily acknowledges.

Time to face facts, these Bucs are not only  irrelevant right now, but that’s probably a good thing for players who admittedly were listening too much to all the hype last year and fed into it. Last year’s Buccaneers were simply too young of a team to be ‘given’ another winning season without having to work for it.

That’s not to say there isn’t a buzz about the Bucs this year, its just all local. Local Tampa Bay fans are very excited about what on paper could be the best defensive line and wide receiver depth in many years. Having grabbed rookie Vita Vea early in the first round of the draft, and penning Jason Pierre-Paul & Vinny Curry and others in free agency, the defense is getting attention deserving of a unit that finished dead last in many metrics. And on offense, the Bucs are also hoping to get ahead with a running game reminiscent of when their last top 40 Running Back draft pick was taken in 2012 and 2015, the last year Tampa Bay received rushing deserving of a high draft pick.

But with all this to excite up the local fan base, why are no outsiders buying? Because Tampa Bay is the only team in the NFL that just so happens to be in the same division with not 1, not 2, but three playoff teams from 2017.

A quick look on, and they’ve finished in the cellar of same division 6 of the last 7 years; Considering this franchise fires its Head Coach every 2-3 season, its not hard to see where Jason Licht gets Idealism: 2018 is a Playoffs or Bust campaign for Bucs coaches, and training camp opens with all of them on the hot seat.


With James Winston & Mike Evan’s mention in Top 25 on PFF, true potential of Bucs offense is realized.

Vinny was given the weight of the world on his shoulders, and no supporting cast.

As I await my 40th Tampa Bay Buccaneers season as a die hard fan, I can’t help but think back to all the times the Bucs were ‘on the verge’ of great offense; drafting a top notch QB like Vinny Testaverde, or Trent Dilfer, Two Ultra high draft picks thought to be can’t

While not considered great, Dilfer’s NFL career includes a Super Bowl win, and magical 1997 Bucs turnaround season.

miss. Yet a few years later, the Bucs were right back into the same mess, muddled in with the rest of the pack at 28th or 26th ranked on offense.

With Pro Football Focus naming  two Bucs players in its Top 25 under 25, it reminds me that the recent trend toward offense the Bucs have been enjoying, is not going to come to an abrupt end.

Think about the Bucs foundation:

From the start, Evans has dominated as a Buccaneer WR, he’s a fantasy elite player.

The Bucs have tried since forever to get a real 1st class Wide Receiving threat. More often than naught they would turn out to be Alvin Harpers, or Burt Emanuels. They never dreamed they would find one like Mike Evans: for 4 years Evans has been a Buccaneer, signing his second Buccaneers contract; he has NEVER had less than a 1000 yard receiving season; and he’s under the age of 25! The future looks so bright….

…because Evans has someone to throw him the ball with even more promise. Only just turned 24, Winston is eligible for this list next year too, a testament to how young Jameis Winson truly is.

But just being young doesn’t do anything for turning the luck of a franchise around. This does:

James Winston started his career with two 4,000 yard passing

For any knock you can find against Winston, you’ll have to be reminded hes still only 24.

seasons, and even last year with Winston missing 3 games, he still finished with just over 3500 yards!

All the numbers are on the rise for Winston. He plays the game on a different level, his love for competition is only superceeded by his love for football.

With an Offensive line being built in front of him, and the Bucs drafting a serious home run threat of a running back behind him, the future is….as Jon Gruden once said in a press conference… “so Bright, you have to wear shades”.