BUCCANEER VIDEO MEMORIES! THE BLOCK, & The Thursday Burning of Atlanta, er, Bucs…IN Atlanta!

Each week we’ll do BUCCANEER VIDEO MEMORIES that come directly from the Bucstop.com VIDEO VAULT!

Since this is a special week, we’ll do  TWO Bucs vs Atlanta games! One Memory of a Great ATLANTA AT TAMPA BAY game, and THURSDAY Night game to forget!


  • Setting it up: The Bucs had two straight losing seasons after winning the Super Bowl in 2002, and the team was OLD. But in came a bunch of youth…Rookie Running back Cadillac Williams, Chris Simms at QB (after injury to Brian Griese), Left OG Dan Buenning, LT Anthony Davis, two newcomers to the left side of the line.
  • The scene: Bucs were 9-5, the Falcons 8-6 and needing a win BADLY. A loss would eliminate Atlanta from the playoffs. Carolina was 9-4 at home playing Dallas.
  • The Action: Bucs were down in the 4th Quarter 17-14, then the fireworks started!
  1. Matt Bryant (who was with the BUCS in 2005) nails a 50 yarder to tie the game with 9:01 left in the game.
  2. Falcons Duckett runs the ball in from 2 yards out to seemingly break the Bucs hearts with 4 minutes left in the game; 24-17 Falcons!
  3. The Bucs begin a last minute drive, and with 25 seconds left, 4th and inches from the 5….

Bucs go into overtime and the unbelievable, crazy disaster happens…And HERES THE KICKOFF in OT….

Atlanta runs three plays and lines up for the easy chip shot Field Goal…..

…hmm wonder why Atlanta pounced on Matt Bryant as soon as he was available huh? Speaking of Matt Bryant..Bucs took advantage of the missed kick, drove down to Falcon territory, and the ever so accurate Bryant kicked the FG…

…wide and NO GOOD! OT Continued!

Back and forth it went, finally with 2 minute warning and Atlanta facing elimination if it lost, this was the moment Falcons Head Coach Jim Mora picked to find out if a TIE would eliminate his team or advance it! No seriously, here is how he decided to find out…


And we thought the rush on Google to look up “Brexit” AFTER the vote on Brexit occurred was bad!   Mora would be fined for this cell phone call as NFL Players and Coaches are not allowed to have cell  phones on them when they coach or play! Forget Bryant, now we know why Atlanta scooted on past Mora too when that time came!

The Bucs stop Atlanta on 3rd down and will get the ball back with under 2 minutes, would the Bucs be able to drive the field in time to get into FG range?  Wouldnt have to drive far once this happened….

The Great return by Mark Jones set up…. wait for it…The REAL MATT BRYANT….

Bucs won to  go to 10-5, and then beat the Hurricane Katrina raveged New Orleans Saints to capture First Place with an 11-5 record after a 7-9 and 4-12 season. The Saints would fire their coach and hire Sean Payton, get Drew Brees in Free Agency and be a thorn in Bucs side for years to come. Atlanta would go 7-9 the next year and fire their coach for Bobby Petrino, a guy who could get the most our of Mike Vick.  Umm..yeah..we know how that went, led to Mike Smith who did nothing but win for Atlanta, only to get rewarded by getting fired.

The Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator of those Atlanta Falcons would be Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter responsible for one of the greatest disasters in Bucs history….THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL AND A 56-0 HALF TIME LEAD.

And yes..it really did happen! Look!






And here is how it felt….


Lets hope MEMORY No.1 is how it turns out Thursday!  Enjoy the Memories Bucs Fans! (except the last part)!


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