Buccaneers are stuck with him now, but is Dirk Koetter really that much better than Lovie Smith?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are tired of the Head Coach that presides over the same old stories for losing:

  • Bucs keep it close on the road, but FG kickers misses makable key kicks
  • Bucs face a scrub QB, but defense can’t stop him from having a career day until its too late.
  • Bucs overcome a deficit to tie the game, but turn the ball over so other team wins.
Two 4,000 yard seasons in his first two not big enough? Jameis may pass 5,000 yards passing in his 3rd.

No folks, Im not talking about this current coach… these may sound familiar under Koetter too, but this is Love Smiths tenure Im referring to. SUPRISE! Not much has changed.

Whether its Brinza kicking (or missing) vs Houston in 2015, or Aguayo in ’16/17.  No matter if the backup is Langford, or Keenum (pick a Keenum win, any win), the defense is still losing to the Noobs. And no matter if its A.S.J. fumbling in OT, or sure handed Adam Humphries…its still getting done.

So I ask you Bucs fans or NFL fans, whats REALLY the difference? Why have the Bucs really become competative in 2016 and 2017? The answer is painfully obvious and  two fold;

1) Theres more talent on the offense and players have experience in the system.

2)For the first time in 35 years, the Bucs have a leader on the team who is not only on offense, but is the QB. Thats right folks, Im saying it. Its not Dirk Koetter who turned this team around, its Jameis Winston.

Maybe its time for Scott Reyolds of Pewter Report and his cronies to admit- They jumped the gun with the Fire Lovie garbage. Thats not to say Lovie Smith would be doing any better right now, but we wouldn’t be doing any worse. Does anyone think Dirk Koetter is going to ever be considered coach of the year candidate? How.. his boss is his Defensive Coordinator up in the Box.

Ill say it again.. Dirk Koetter isn’t responsible for the turn around, the increase in talent on offense is, and the drafting of a true leader who puts the whole team on his shoulders… Jameis Winston.

Most Bucs fans dont know the ORANGE Bucs weren’t always losers. They started 0-26 as a new franchise, and then only 16 games later, went 10-6 and birth in NFC Championship game where they were a TD and FG away from a Super Bowl vs Steelers. Those Bucs started a 3 out of 4 year playoff run with two postseasons ending in Dallas where many a seasons have. Whats this have to do with anything? That was the last time the OFFENSE had the real leader on the team. Dungy/Gruden Bucs had Sapp/Brooks/Nickerson, but thats defense. You have to score points to win

You can’t compare his numbers to todays qbs, but he improved each year, could throw a TD on any pass, and team just won with him under center. Sound like NO.3?

games. Those Orange Bucs were led by a QB, Doug Williams, undisputed leader of the team. AFTER Doug Williams was allowed to leave to USFL, Bucs had BACK TO BACK 2-14 seasons, and 14 years of Double Digit Losing. All the coaches hired couldn’t change a thing, but get a born leader at QB and Bucs are in every game.
Dirk Koetter still doesn’t have game management down yet, and Defense can’t stop anyone when it has to. Sound Familiar? Now defensive players are speaking out about not getting enough playing time, something that would kill past Bucs lorckerrooms, but not Jameis’s.

I hope everyone lets ANYONE have it when the “Fire Koetter” posts goes up over there.

Winston blamers need to get real

As if it weren’t enough Jameis Winston has become a phenom by passing for 4000 yards in his first two seasons, it looks like he’s going to join the elite passers in the NFL, by possibly throwing 5000 yards this year. Its not out of the realm of possibilities. How do you stop him now that he officially has two stud Tight Ends to throw to. O.J. Howard had his first multi- TD game, and Cameron Brate is just Stud  City.


At least we can make fun of Atlanta…

I saw a cool sign driving through Atlanta . It said “US HWY 19, Atlanta 3 F

Seriously, Matt Ryan got locked out of his house last night after the game. Could not get into his own house! Someone painted an end zone in front of it

Atlanta Radio: ” Will the parents of the 11 children left at Gillette Stadium last night please pick them up at North End zone Gate 4, They are beating the Falcons 7-2 !”

6 thoughts on “Buccaneers are stuck with him now, but is Dirk Koetter really that much better than Lovie Smith?”

  1. Can you stop the comparing.It doesnt matter.What is going on now is now,and not what lovie or anybody else for that matter has or will do.There are corrections that need to be addressed for all the coaches for this team and not the team of years past.Different personel.So stop bringing up small talk just for something to put on paper.I am and will be a loyal bucs fan (since 1976).seen all aspects of buc ball.This team right now is the best ive seen since the team of 2002.They just need to tightend the bolts,so the electric charge gets to the engine.SOME TIMING ISSUES.Then all systems go.

    1. Diana, the nature of football is that we talk about the past, there is no escaping it. We comπare QBs were comparing PAST stats. When we talk about the game, its the one in the PAST that just happened. So weather you look back 1 week, 1 year, or one decade, thats what football is all about.
      Secondly, if you look at my blog, it pretty obvious Im a busy guy and dont post like I used to. So I dont think Im just trying to find something to put on ‘paper’ . Im talking from experience.
      If you truly have been a die hard Bucs fan from 76, which no offense, just by numbers alone I have to doubt scientifically, the number of actual fans from back then, given the amount of time gone by, people leaving the region, becoming fans of other teams, passing away, etc.. there are far too many “Bucs fans since 1976” on the internet than can be reasonably explained. In other words, 72,000 people saw the Bucs beat the Eagles in the first playoff game ever in 1979. a couple years later there were 120,000 people who say they were at the game. Today there are a million probably. However, if you are a. true Bucs fan from 76, and I wasn’t..I did not become a Bucs fan until week 2 of 1979 when I was 14.. im sure you’ll remember what happened to Jerry Eckwood in the famous 1979 battle in week 16 with the score tied 0-0?…
      so then it shouldn’t be hard to test your memory to only a few years ago, when everyone was saying how Lovies defense has no talent, that Conte is the second coming of Sabby Piscetelli, blah blah blah…and were hearing it again about how the Bucs defense is a sieve, and that players are starting to quit. Hopefully JAMEIS, the real leader on this team, will keep them in line. Thanks for your post

  2. Lovie’s not doing a hell of a lot for the fighting Illini so far. I think Koetter is a good coach and man.
    According to my son he’s a straight shooter and calls it the way he sees it. I think players need to execute and on D that’s not happening.

    1. I dont think they should fire Koetter, and I dont think Lovie is better. But I think both were lazy picks, and I dont think the Glazers really explored their options well enough, and it shows.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and I’m glad to see you are back to writing about the Bucs. I wholeheartedly agree with everything here. I understood why the Buccaneers fired Lovie Smith but I thought it was unfair. The organization should not have held 2-14 against him especially when the offensive coordinator left right before the season started. That would have been disastrous for any team. When Lovie was fired the plan for the organization remained the same. The only thing that changed was the head coach.

    Now we’re hearing complaints from fans that Mike Smith “isn’t making adjustments” and the defense “looks predictable”. Those complaints sound awfully familiar which is humorous to me. When Mike Smith was hired many fans couldn’t wait to say things like, “His scheme is going to be so dynamic” or “Good riddance to the Tampa 2. Bring on the hybrid 3-4.”

    1. Great point. Its starting to look like GM Licht isn’t going to survive this, and rightly so. took too many risks that were unnecessary.

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