Do .com Domain Name Still Matter, Why Businesses Buy it?

Do .com Domain Name Still Matter, Why Businesses Buy it

There is no denying that Domain Names are very important for branding any business website. .com Domain Name is the oldest extension and it has a reputation or power to improve brands’ online image. There are a lot of other types of domain names available in the market but businesses still prefer to Buy a .com Domain Name.

Yes, all the domain extensions work the same but reputation & trust also matter. When you compare the .com extension with other domains like .Net, .org, .edu, .us, .in, .cn, or any other extension. You find that all the big companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, or any Giant companies use the .com Domain. This clearly indicates that the .com extension is very popular in big companies.

But this is not the only reason businesses consider it over other domains there are other multiple reasons too. Yes, there are chances that you have to pay a high amount to acquire but we will suggest the best domain registrar that offers the cheapest .com Domain. You can Buy a .com Domain at the lowest Price from Hostbillo Hosting Solution.

Before deep diving into the reason for Buying a .com Domain Name let’s understand what are the points that you need to keep in mind before selecting any domain name for your business. 

Tips That Help You to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is pretty tough. It’s not easy to get your desired domain name at the price you want. But there are a few steps you need to keep in mind while brainstorming for Domain Name that suits your business and defines it. 

  1. Domain Name should be easy to search. Choosing a domain name which hard to remember and Keywords are not included in this. It will affect your SEO strategy.
  2. Your Domain Name should be easy to memorize, type & pronunciation. It will help you to promote your domain name easily.
  3. Choose a domain name that attracts visitors. A unique & catchy domain name helps users to memorize it.

Now let’s understand some of the guidelines you should follow.


  1. Keep Your .com Domain Name short. It makes it easier for users to remind it easily.
  2. Before selecting any domain name always do good research. Look for if anyone is using it or not or if it’s copyrighted by someone. It saves you in the future from facing legal complications.
  3. Choose a domain name that is available on social media also. Using the same name everywhere improves your brand image.


  1. Never use numbers in your domain name. User suspect websites that have numbers in the domain name. It is hard for them to remember your domain name as well as it also reduces authority also.
  2. Do not use Slang or short form. Using a trending name can hurt your brand reach in the future.
  3. Never use Hyphones, symbols, underlines, or any special character. Maybe it is looking good or makes your domain name unique but it is hard to remember and the user won’t be able to suggest it to other persons.

These are some of the tips you need to follow. It will help you to choose the best .com Domain name for your business. 

Do .com Domain Name Still Matters?

Do .com Domain Name Still Matters?

Probably you understand how can you choose the perfect domain name for your business. But you must be thinking about why Businesses still Buy a .com Domain Name. whereas there are many options available. Let’s find out the reasons behind it. 

  • Google Prefer .com Domain 

Yes, it’s controversial. Some people say .com doesn’t matter but some peoples believe that it is preferred by Google. As you know google only always suggests the best and trusted results to the users. .com domain is the trusted and oldest domain name in the world. That’s why businesses Buy a .com Domain because it gets preference from Google.

  • .com is Always Better than New TLDs

 As you know google always prefers authorized and trusted websites. Google algorithm always shows the best result. If you use a new TLD there are very less chances that google would prefer it over the .com domain. Maybe you find your desired domain name at a very cheap price. But it will be very difficult to beat the .com domain in terms of reputation and trust.

  • Provides World Wide Access

.com Domain is not associated with any country or union. This means anyone in the world can Buy a .com domain. When you use a ccTLD it helps you to rank higher in Local search results but using the .com extension helps you rank worldwide. 


There is numerous Domain name option you can buy. But if you analyze all the big companies websites you notice one thing that all use the .com extension. It offers great value to your business. Business Buy a .com Domain Name for improving brand image & gaining the trust of the users.

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