HDMI, and why an HDMI CONVERTER may NOT be for you.

HDMI has been around a long time in the HD TV industry, and even with computers its been a favorite for sometime. Its a one size fits all cable, and audio comes along for the ride.

Thats the reason why it MAY not be for you, especially if you have to use an adapter on one end of the other.

Lets say you have a computer with a DVI-D output. You buy a DVI-D to HDMI adapter, and you plug the other end into your monitor or TV. You turn it all on and OOOPS…no sound!

Wait, HDMI has sound right? thats because while the HDMI cable is CAPABLE of transmitting the sound, the DVI-D is NOT an audio port, its VIDEO ONLY!

In a set up like this, you will need to run the audio cables to listen to sound; either analog cables coming from the headphones jack, or digital audio cable like a  TOSLINK, or look into a DVI & Audio to HDMI conversion box like this one below.


Why iMac? No reason..if you have a 7 foot long desk thats 5 feet deep!

SPACE! The final….no, you thought I was going to say frontier! I was going to, its the inner TREK in me. But instead lets say…the final  square inch. Because thats what putting a Windows PC on your desk does..when compared to the small footprint of an iMac…even a 27″!

Lets take a look..  on the right, a Dell 23″ Monitor, a Dell “MINI” case houses the computer, and with the included full  sized wired Keyboard and Mouse. All together that is taking up 5 square feet of real estate on that desk. Look at the Monitor landing pad!

Then on the left, a 27″ iMac, with its 27″ monitor, bigger than the DELL, the mini bluetooth wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse. The mouse does several things the PC mouse cannot do, the Keyboard, while giving you full number keys on the right, few people use those. If you do, they’re available as an extension. The Magic trackpad not pictured is an option too.

Sure your going to pay a lot more for the computer on the left, the Dell will save you money, but not      SPACE! The FINAL..square foot on your desk, should be YOURs, not your Dell’s


 27″ 5K Retina Pre-owned

An even better 27″ iMac pre-owned with 3.5GHz Quad Core and Fusion Drive!

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