Whose the No.1 Bucs WR? Who cares.. With a top 5 offense,4tits fun to have these kind of conversations!

Forget ’84, 2000, 2003, those offenses were one year wonders that came in top 10. This offense in 2018 is NO.1

You have to scratch your head, wipe your eyes to get a better look. Only 5 teams have passing yards in the 300s, the top team however is passing for 400 yards a game. The Bucs, YOUR Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are the Number 1  passing offense, and the number one offense overall, towering over the next best teams, Pittsburgh and New Oreans.

Are you kidding me?  How did this happen, when the Best the Bucs have ever been on these NFL charts is 10 and 5, and the #5 was under Dirk Kotter too.

The Bucs are about to travel to CHICAGO, and play against a ferocious young new defense. Most Bucs fans are not in the slightest big worried; and why should they be. Its not an aberration, its not crazy stats.

Its also NOT about any one person; Jameis Winston will have sick numbers this year too. For all the minuses Winston has, he has as PLUSES TOO. Fitzpatrick has all the passing weapons, at WR, at TE, and the RBs havn’t really gotten into the game yet.

Tampa Bay has had NO.1 defenses several times going back as far as 1979, and the Gruden era too…2001, 2005. Created by Dungy, those Bucs were top 3 in 1997, 1999, spent basically 7-8 years at the top. But offense? NO OFFENSE.. Bucs have only flirted with 10th ranked offense a couple times, and the next year was back to 21 or worse.

Bucs players are shattering franchise records, even NFL records. Give credit where its due; Dirk Koetter is a QBs coach, and Winston has broken NFL records, and Fitzpatrick has SET an NFL record for throwing for more than 400 yards in the first three games.

But before this season is over, Bucs fans will have to settle for the   harsh reality of change: Mike Evans is no longer the only stud WR on this team. Not only has Godwin passed DeSean Jackson, but he is probably right on par with Evans as the perfect compliment. Fitzpatrick is lacking one main fortitude Jameis Winston has: you can’t get into Winston’s head. The Steelers got to Fitz, and he crumbles in the first half. NO doubt the Bears will try the same thing.

But when you play with fire…

EXTRA TOPIC: What About The D?

The defense will get better, they infused young talent in the secondary, and they will get the action right away by default. Before you dismiss rookie DBs, there was a pretty good offense once that could score points, but get outscored because the secondary went through 30 players that year. So they drafted 3 DBs, no matter how old you are, you’ll recognize the names;

  • Ronnie Lott
  • Eric Wright

& two others…instant secondary. That was the 1981 San Francisco 49ers, after two 2-14 seasons, then 6-10, 1981 was the first Super Bowl Championship for Bill Walsh’s dynasty and 13-3.

Can history repeat itself?

For all the wrongs, and there were many, there were an awful lot of ‘RIGHTS’ for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 3 point loss to Steelers

Its well Documented how Ryan Fitzpatrick can have some MAGIC days, and

It’s been a LONG time since Bucs fans were excited about a Bucs player, Season, and Game. So far, team is doing its part.

some TRAGIC ones mixed in too. Rarely do you see the two converge like they did Monday Night at Raymond James Stadium.

Under throwing receivers, holding onto the ball too long, poor decision making in the first half, all cleaned up in the second half with long balls to Evans and CO., a MAJOR tuck and run from the Bucs 40 to the Steeler 40 which helped set up a TD and a return to the game for the Bucs.

Remember though, fighting for the win, never giving up, it wasn’t enough to save a coach according to Bucs fans last year (or past years), so don’t use it now.  Instead, concentrate on what the Bucs actually DID do good in the game Monday night; something to hang our hats on.


Maybe its not enough to excercize the curse of Matt Bryant, but Chandler Catanzaro was dead on perfect on all of his kicks. While Steelers kicker clanged two off the right upright, Catanzaro’s kicks were a contest to see if they would fall down DIRECTLY behind the middle post, thats how straight and true they were. Would have liked one more kick though!


On a night when Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Booger, Ronde Barber, were on the sideline, Bucs D linemen gave Big Ben enough hassle to make                him uncomfortable most times. And Steeler  RB Collins, although no L. Bell, was held to nothing 95% of the game. …..this is WITHOUT no.1 draft pick Vita Vea. Can you say FUNNEL defense? Jean Pierre Paul has gotten over his ailment and put serious pressure on Ben last night. This will only get better as the year goes on barring injury.


Cameron Brate got back into the act Monday night and the Ivy League connection IS BACK.


Forget the debate, there is no debate. Ryan Fitzpatrick has no future with the Buccaneers other than retirement. And I have news for you, the offense is not ALL Fitz; its a combination of great pass blocking, 4 dominant Wide Receivers, 2 likewise Tight Ends, and players most of which are in the third year of the same offense. Thats what happens when you stop firing head coaches.

Jameis Winston is the future of this team, just get over it. What he did was over 2 and half years ago,  by all accounts he’s a humble pie model citizen in the community. If your not looking up what he’s done with that work, put down the keyboard and stop criticizing a man for what he did when he was 20 and 21. If he does it again, he’s gone. IN the meantime, see you NFL week 6 after the Bye week Jameis.

Fitzpatrick should continue to QB the team as the Bucs are one day short of a practice week heading up to Chicago which is suddenly a defensive powerhouse. Winston has been practicing and doing his best, but he’s rusty, so a Bye Week gives him 3  weeks to practice to get ready to take over the Bucs Offense, which shouldn’t miss a beat. Remember, this is a QB that is setting records too, just like Fitz.


And.. the loss last night was to an AFC team so it hurts the least. Bucs are still 1-0 in the division and 2-0 in the conference. This is a team that is in the Playoff hunt again. Hats off the Ryan Fitzpatrick who should get a Don Strock award for this season, if there is such a thing!

Loss to Steelers wasn’t accomplished in last 2 minutes, Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost the game during first half.

Give this man the Don Strock award. If there isn’t one, make it!

Sure the offense can’t go three and out when your needed the most; this is where Jameis Winston is more valuable than Fitzpatrick, his comeback ability. While many will give Fitz credit for the furious second half comeback, (and he does deserve it) the truth is he wouldn’t need a furious comeback if he didn’t dig a hole for TAMPA BAY to begin with.

TO be fair, Fitzpatrick had help: Chris Godwin was a multiple offender. His fumble set up a Steeler TD that made it 16 to 7. It could have been worse from there. A tipped Fitzpatrick pass in the RedZone was picked off to end a scoring attempt, but Pittsburgh could not capitalize there, or the next break when ‘FitzMagic’ started to shed his luster as a blatant overthrow was returned to the Buc 3o before the Bucs defense came to the party with back to back sacks to end another  scoring threat and keep the game at 16-7, but not for long.

  1. Throwing from his own end zone, another Fitzpatrick overthrow was picked off for a Pick 6 by the Steelers who have seen both versions of this journeyman QB who made 6 teams realize he was NOT the future of their franchise.
  2. After a long bomb to Evans who had a killer day, the Bucs could not capitalize in the Red Zone and settled for the first of two straight FGs after avoiding another interception.
  • You have to have the breaks go your way. Monday night, the breaks did not. Chris Godwin’s foot grazes the shoulder pads of a DB and is ruled down  when he caught a pass over the middle and had the presence to get up and run to the end zone after realizing he wasn’t touched. Play was reversed.
  • Down by three, DeSean Jackson fielded a punt and raced to the end zone showing off his speed which is STILL world class. A penalty nullified the play and the Bucs went 3 and out with their last possession.
  • At the end of the 3rd quarter,Ben Roethisburger is sacked and fumbles but Bucs DL Vinny Curry missteps and overshoots the ball which is recovered by Steeler OLineman.


After Mike Evans catches a TD to make it a game again, down by 3 with over 5 min to go in the game, the Bucs defense allows a 25 yard run to Steeler RB Connor. What do they do next? Allow another run; two first down runs by Steeler RB when you’ve shut down the Pittsburgh running game all night.

With last possession, 3:00 to go, 2 timeouts plus two minute warning,   Fitzpatrick throws three passes, and only one of them even touches a Bucs player. Long deep pass down right sideline with double coverage on Mike Evans, pass over the middle dropped by Steeler linebacker all alone,  and rifle shot Cam Brate was playing DB on rather than Steeler.

Not going to be hard on the defense today, they played lights out down to rookie corners who were flying around making plays. But the run D was successful all game until the last part of the 4th Quarter. If the long pass to Ju Ju didn’t Ice the game, another Connor run did.


Daily Fantasy is all about YOUR fantasy, no one elses.

NOTE:  the following is my post in Rotogrinders forum this morning-

If you’ve listened to any of the good DFS advice, either on here, or from other personalities like Silva, 4 for 4 guys, or others, you know its important to go with what you feel. The idea that someone else can sway you may seem foreign to others, but sometimes we let other people into our minds when we have a moment of unSureness.

Two times this year, its happened to me, and I vow it never to happen again! BE YOURSELF… because the truth is, every expert out there is just as capable of being wrong, or right.

I should have learned Week One when I wanted to play Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes, by my name you can see Im a Bucs fan, but Ive been a Bucs fan for 40 years, Ive learned to separate the fan-voice from the non-fan voice. I had ten lineups with Ryan Fitzpatrick week one in GPPs because I saw this Bucs offense in the preseason look better than I’ve ever seen them look in a while. My logic was wrong, I thought they’d run the ball more often setting up good play-action. I felt that he had the Pass Protecting Oline, weapons at WR, and it would be a recreation of his best Buffalo and Jets days, plus his body of work last year without Winston. My Fitz lineups were mostly single entry, but some big ones. By 1pm, I had one left, and worst situation than that, I forgot I changed so many. While Im hooting and hollering about my pick, I realized soon I only had one lineup with him. Thank You draftings for those 4 dollars you deposited in account.

Yesterday, after all week of doing the research, I saw that Minnesota was not the great defense everyone thinks they are. Very Good, yes. Great? Elite? no.
Also, that Buffalo was suffering from a hangover from the Tyrod era. The Bills go out and eliminate the longest non playoff drought and you get rid of the QB? Players quitting at halftime. But what some call a distraction, others call a rallying point. I felt with a new QB, the team would eventually get behind their new leader, and perform. After the first game with him, the second game would be when the team would have his back and move on from last year.

Yesterday, I had Buffalo QB Josh Allen in my GPP entries, and Matt Ryan in my Cash Games. I decided to watch the morning Wood, which is a great show on here. TonyT made a comment about Matt Ryan, laughing at the prospect of playing Ryan. Now let me be clear, this is not an ANTI TONYT message. Contrary, I respect his opinion a lot, but between him and Crane, who should I have listened to?
the answer is ME. Crane however is acceptable as the dude has won 2 MilliMakers.
I changed my DK and FD Cash Games off of Ryan after I went back and looked at last years Fantasy numbers, but I lost track of the thought process that got me to Matt Ryan in the first place. SO he always gets 19 points, SO? HE ALWAYS GETS 19 POINTS, thats definition of a cash game play. Mans floor is like a Hospital’s; all shiny. Plus, this game was expected to go higher than normal. All of that escaped at a time when I was trying to get any last minute information I could, as if the INFO INPUT command in my brain went all wrong and I was putting my lineups together late this week as other things got in the way during the late week. ANOTHER ERROR.

Now, no one talked me off Allen, thats just poor tournament playing on my part: if you don’t have the testicular fortitude to go in on your hunch, well, figure out how.

Thank You hunch for the 9.00 the Josh Allen idea brought in. Here are two of the 4 lineups, the top one at one time was no.4. 79K Sunday NFL Snap (Niko521mac)

Be YOURSELF, play YOUR picks, and learn to laugh back at the Wood crew when they say something YOU think is silly, because they sure will!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers with No.1 Offense in the NFL. … and the Cubs won the World Series the other year? This is a Sim Life right?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had the No.1 ranked defense many times in their 40+ year history. Twice in this franchises past, the Bucs were known for dominating defense.

The John McKay Bucs brought a 3-4 defense to fame with Lee Roy Selmon (a Hall of Fame player) and the Bucs were the No.1 defense in 1979 and had a top D many years from 77-82.

Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks, two hall of fame players the Bucs picked in the first two rounds in 1995, made the Pewter Bucs into a defense for the ages. Not as famous as the 85 Bears or 2000 Ravens, the Bucs were a top 5 D from 1997-2005. In 1999, and 2005, the Bucs were NO.1, and a top D in 2002 as well.  But Never a Bucs team in the top 10 in offense, until Dirk Koetter comes along and Lovie Smith’s 2 year stretch as Bucs HC drafting all Offense players (instead of all OFFENSIVE players like 40+ years past). Because of the Licht/Lovie drafting in 2014-15, Tampa Bay sits at NO.1 in offense for the first time EVER after two weeks of football in the NFL.

Consider this; The Bucs 4th string Wide Receiver Adam Humphries, How many NFL teams would he be a no.2 on? For over a decade and a half, Defenses that faced the Bucs did not really have to prepare for anyone. Even under the Dungy/Gruden Bucs, not really one Buc on offense made you game plan to stop them. Maybe FB Mike Alstott.

How would you like to face the Bucs now? Mike Evans catches everything, Deshawn Jackson can take a 15 yard pass 100 yards, and odds are your team can’t catch him.  Then you have the young Godwin who is right up there as a  NO.2 WR, who gets major yards after the catch and blocks. And then there is the no.4 Humphries, when and if a Bucs WR goes down, the offense will still click.

Maybe, if you can come up with a plan to cover these guys… OJ Howard is out there running routes. And some dude who scored 10   TDs for the Bucs a couple years ago, hasn’t even caught 20 yards of passes yet! Cameron Brate is WAY overdue for his TD. Safe to say your Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the deepest offense in the league, and if the cards are played right, could be remembered up there with the Buffalo Bills of the 80s, San Diego Chargers of the 70s.  Imagine that; Air Koetter.

Meanwhile the Bucs are doing this with a QB who lit the NFL on fire a few years ago with the Jets, only to watch his weapons taken away and his ‘magic’ go at the same time. Imagine how that happens. We also have the smart drafting of the left side of the O line along with QB Jameis Winston. Along with some good pickups in free agency this year, the O line is pass protecting with a purpose.

As the Bucs have the magic this year, Bucs fans need to thank their lucky stars; consider the Packers, offensive firehouse for decades now… and last year when their QB went down, the Packers offense was in shambles.

Credit Bucs GM Licht for bringing in Fitzgerald and recognizing he hadn’t lost his ability, just his no.1 and no.2 WRs,  FitzMagic is having a perfect couple of games and it won’t surprise anyone if that stretches to 3 or 4.

But don’t get used to it. Fitzmagic had a 6 TD game for the Texans, he is in the perfect situation at the perfect time. But he has his down games, you can bet that at some point, Bucs fans running out to get #14 Jerseys, will be cheering Jameis in a couple of weeks.

Winston is the future for the Bucs, Fitz is the present and the past. IN TWO YEARS, FITZ WILL RETIRE. With no Winston, BUCS fans will have a team that searches the waiver wire each year for castoff QBs, Matt Cassells, Sam Bradfords, settling for less than stellar QBs each year, because the rest of the team will be ready for a potential dynasty.

Hmm, sound like the Denver Broncos?

To everyone besides diehard Tampa Bay Bucs fans: “TOLD YA”

#1  Dont say stupid things. Don’t think that Fitzpatrick should start the rest of the season over Jameis Winston.  Fitz is a proven veteran, and Fitz is also on GOOD WEEK. eventually, you’ll see BAD WEEK from Fitz. See Jets at Bucs last year.

Instead of saying a 14 year veteran should replace a 4 year starter who lost 1 game in his college career and has broken. Bucs and NFL records already, before he turned 24.

Instead, be happy! Remember last week when you thought the Bucs would be 0-3? Be thankful the Bucs can be no worse that 1-2, and did you see the opener of Philadelphia? Are you afraid of Pittsburgh without Bell?

We were without our no.1 draft pick, and our best corner. Yet our rookie DBs and other youngsters learned a lot out there, and made plays when they needed to.

But this Bucs team is all about offense. Lovie Smith drafted two years in a row all offense. He paid for it with his job, as the defense is just now starting to stack up in talent.

BTW.. played Fitz today in DFS, but wasn’t enough you have to play the DFS game, thats 50% of it.

More tomorrow.

2018 NFL Predictions by Bucstop.com’s Nick

Here we go, the tabulations are all in, all preseason battles have been won and lost, so lets put it in ink! To add a little seasoning, uproxx.com sports features funny  NFL Logos, if FOOD were the source of the LOGO on NFL helmets!!

American Football Conference

  • New England  10-6
  • NY Jets 8-8
  • Miami Dolphins 8-8
  • Buffalo Bills 6-10

  • Baltimore 10-6
  • Cincinnati 10-6
  • Pittsburgh 10-6
  • Cleveland 7-9

  • Houston  10-6
  • Tennessee 9-7
  • Jacksonville 7-9
  • Indianapolis 5-11

  • Los Angeles Chargers  12-4
  • Denver Broncos 11-5
  • Kansas City Chiefs 8-8
  • Oakland Raiders 6-10





Los Angeles Chargers AFC Champions

National Football Conference

  • Dallas Cowboys 10-6
  • New York Giants 10-6
  • Washington Redskins 9-7
  • Philadelphia Eagles 9-7    

  • Minnesota Vikings 12-4
  • Green Bay Packers   11-5
  • Chicago Bears  6-10
  • Detroit Lions 4-12


  • Atlanta Falcons 12-4
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6
  • New Orleans Saints 9-7
  • Carolina Panthers 6-10

  • Los Angeles Rams 9-7
  • San Francisco 49ers 9-7
  • Arizona Cardinals 7-9
  • Seattle Seahawks 5-11





Minnesota Vikings  NFC Champions

Super Bowl:      Minnesota Vikings vs Los Angeles Chargers

Variance- Detroit Lions  how the team responds to new coach, could go 9-7

Thanks to UPROXX.com/sports for awesome NFL Logos, if logos were inspired by local foods!

When Orange was the new Pewter; Glazers honor Bucco Bruce Postseason success

Truth be told, Ive always known the Glazers have respect for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers past; this new event just proves that point even more.

On the walls of One Buc Place, there are huge framed photos of Bucs players from years gone by… one that always meant a lot to me was seeing #42 churn the grass up at the old sombrero, before it was even called that!

Bell was the Bucs first 1000 yard rusher at a time when that meant something; but it wasn’t instant success for him. Drafted with the first overall pick in 1977, Bucs fans were irked at coach John McKay for not drafting Pittsburgh tailback Tony Dorsett. Bell knew McKay’s i-formation offense, which was considered a college offense back at that time. McKay wanted to implement it in the NFL, to which he did along with the 3-4 defense when everyone was running a 4-3.

By 1979 the Bucs rose to the upper ranks with their WORST to FIRST slogan, a 10-6 season, and hosted an NFC Championship game, finishing 10 points away from a Super Bowl, as just a 4 year old franchise.

Bell struggled the next year which renewed criticism over his pick, and by 1981 was a shadow of his former self. He would be found to have a rare muscular disease, and passed away during the 1984 season, which the Bucs wore #42 on their helmets. (events shown in the Mario Van Peebles TV movie “A triumph of the Heart”.)

14 straight losing seasons, and now 8 of the last ten, its easy to think the Dungy/Sapp/Brooks/Alstott Bucs were the only Bucs who made the playoffs, but back in the day, the Creamsicle Bucs were showing the league how its done with defense, hard nosed running, and a QB who could throw 80 yard bombs.

The 1979 and 1981 Central division championship banners are on display in the Bucs new INDOOR FACILITY opened this year.

Why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win 10 or 11 games in 2018

No… you can’t have the name of my drug dealer. Not that I’m on any for making this prediction, which isn’t much of a stretch for me for the people who know me; a winning season is an annual ritual prediction for me even before running this site. But this time, I’m going to tell you why its really going to happen..so when it does, the word FLUKE wont be used.

In order to understand why the Bucs are about to turn the corner, you have to realize this team was devoid of any talent just three to four years ago. This was a product of firing/having 4 head coaches in 7 seasons, and each coach rid the team of the previous leader’s players/talent to put in his own, only to repeat over and over. This process is the most responsible for bad franchises staying bad, and good teams like Packers, Steelers and Patriots continuing to stockpile wins and good players. (See bottom)

In 2014 the Bucs began RE-stocking this team, and they did so by drafting ALL OFFENSE.
In 2015 the Bucs drafted…ALL OFFENSE. (one defensive player was drafted here, Kwon Alexander).
Two drafts of Offensive Talent brought in the core of the offense in Mike Evans, Jameis Winston, Ali Marpet, and Donovan Smith.

Finally the Bucs drafted defense, but their defensive Head Coach was fired before he could get a defensive draft. New defensive coordinator Mike Smith couldn’t find use for 2016s top pick Vernon Hargreaves, and Noah Spence was seriously injured missing last season, and cornerback Ryan Smith is only finally starting to compete as a starter. Of course another high draft pick here was wasted on Roberto Aquayo although in hindsight it was probably worth the shot for the best kicker in NCAA History. Funny thing happened, the Bucs ran into good luck, and won 9 games behind a solid offense that balanced a powerful running game with Jameis TD throws. Hard Knocks was here…Expectations were high for 2017…

A bit Too high; Every major periodical was predicting the young Bucs to go 10-6 and make the playoffs. Problem was they didn’t know our Tampa Bay Buccaneers players were obviously too young in maturity to handle being a favorite, time and again the team looked like they were not prepared to play, as if they only needed to show up and they would be deemed the winner.

There were other other major differences between 2016’s winning season and last year:

NO LUCK: The injury bug which avoided Tampa Bay in Koetter’s rookie season, hit hard last year. Right off the back the Bucs two best players LB Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander were both out. Our best corner Brent Grimes missed 3 of 7 games, and the hopes that was hung on the Defensive line, never materialized. Noah Spence, Jaques Smith, Clinton MCDonald, William Gholston, and Robert Ayers all missed significant if not entire time from the D Line which applied virtually no pressure on Bucs opponents. As a result, the Bucs offense faced more pressure than expected, and did not produce similar results as the year before.

In 2016 the Bucs had the There was no running game, whether its the result of Ali Marpet being tried at Center (a position he never played), the play of JR Sweezy who was a shell of his former self who lost all his strength as a result of a back injury prior, All of which helped contribute to poor blocking for Winston which cost HIM several games. Of course it doesn’t fully explain the poor running effort as when Bucs lost three starters on the O line and produced better running effort from Payton Barber at the end of the season.

But while ‘not quitting’ is not the goal of a winning franchise, its the hopeful outcome of a team as opposed TO QUITTING! The Bucs simply lacked the depth to compete with the immense injury list that a more veteran team would be able to prepare against. None of which stopped Jameis Winston from setting several Bucs records, Mike Evans too.

So lets do it.. lets get into why these Bucs will win 10 or 11 games.

1) THE BUCS FINALLY HAVE DEPTH- In fact, Tampa Bay may be the single deepest team at WR than anyone else in the NFL; Adam Humphries is 4th! Those Starters at the end of 2016 on the Line, add depth to the starters. Marpet is back at Guard, and Sweezy is replaced by the ready Bennenoc. At center the Bucs have a nasty mean snapper,And Payton Barber is in a hot battle with rookie Ronald Jones. And even Winston who will miss three games is backed up by Fitzpatrick who went 2-1 last year. Thats on offense, finally the Bucs have some (SOME) depth on ….

2) DEFENSE WILL RETURN TO TAMPA BAY FINALLY- and the reason is Jason Licht used free agency to once again bolster the defensive line, nothing new to the Bucs under Licht, but rather than one or two players, the Bucs went out and got 5 of the expected 8 deep starters they now have on the Defensive line including Jason Piere Paul. Two from the Eagles just helped Philly bolster their D line to 8 deep which proved too much for Tom Brady and co.; Want an indicator how the Bucs are doing? See how many Sacks the Bucs are getting a few weeks into the season. Oh and Bucs DL coach Brentson Buckner may be more animated than Rod Marinelli.


Rather a distraction, this Bucs team was visibly tight last season during the losing season, there is a definite team bond going on with the Bucs on both sides of the ball, nowhere is that more apparent that at the QB position. As fans, we have one of two opinions: The haters want him gone because this presents them with the excuse to, and supporters have his back because he’s the best bet for Bucs to win this season or the next few. But the players dont face this dilemma; the players are all NFL players with whom they could each fall into a situation where that uber incident could happen to them: Get too drunk, stumble around, black out and not know what you did, then have the NFL suspend them. This isn’t a BUC thing, this is an NFL thing. Anyone who thinks the Bucs will split because of this does not know or follow football. This is a fraternity of Union workers, the Pittsburgh steelers got behind Roethlisberger, the Cowboys got behind Elliot… heck Ray Rice even had support until the video came out and it became poison to do so.

The Bucs, and more importantly, Jameis Winston, will rally as a team behind EACH OTHER, IF ANYTHING, it will feed the Bucs fire, not quell it.

4) The schedule is a tough one… LAST YEAR> How many times do you need to be told, this is the NFL.. teams dont stay the same. You either move up, or you fall down. Only a small handful stay the same. Dont be shocked if the Bucs are 2-1 when Winston comes off suspension.

5) Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE… Is predicting the Bucs to tail dive. Which brings me to the best advice I can give anyone whose into NFL news, for Fantasy; dont listen to national media. Forget those experts on Sirius, you can’t trust them because there is too much information out there, these national people can’t keep up with every team, so they look at a team l ike the Bucs, and go with whats called Recency Bias; Bucs defense sucked last year, so its going to suck now. Offense sucked last year, Koetter is not a good coach, but they forget the year before last, everything clicked, and these same people picked the Bucs to  WIN last year and got it all wrong.

Follow the local beat writers on twitter, the big media only follow the big  teams, so when it comes to us, they dont know whats going on, so they just make stuff from last year seem relevant. Why Ive heard Koetter on list for in season firings, even though the Glazers dont do that. They dont know about the Bucs D line Free Agents, or their new coach. They dont know the big picture with Jameis, they hear all the negativity, so they repeat it.

Hmmm so do local Bucs fans.

1983, beginning of 14 straight double digit losing seasons.
Actually every time the Bucs had a consistent winning era, there was a dud season the year after the breakout one.
In 1979 Bucs went from 0-26 and 5-11, to 10-6. But in 1980 they returned to 5-10-1 before spending the next two seasons on top of the NFL Central. 
In 1997 Tony Dungy's Bucs went 10-6 and ended 14 years of double digit losing, but 1998 was a BLAH 8-8, the ONLY non winning season for Tony Dungy's career (other than his rookie one). Coming back in 1999, Bucs went 11-5 and several more years of dominating football.
And as we know the Bucs havnt made playoffs in 11 years now, one winning season since then in 2016 when Dirk Koetter and crew went to 9-7.

COACHING CHANGE; IN with the new, OUT with the old!

COACH: Out GRUDEN    IN Raheem Morris    PLAYERS: Out Derrick Brooks, Matt Bryant, Ike Hilliard, Joey Galloway, Jeff Garcia, Warrick Dunn, Kevin Carter, Cato June,


THE FINAL WORD: What Jameis Winston haters just don’t want to see in the NFL/Uber case

It’s like the person who stands in front of the mirror, but doesn’t make eye contact with the soul in  front of them. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‘fans’ who automatically have prosecuted and convicted Jameis Winston of sexually attacking a female Uber drive cannot look long enough to see what is so obvious to people who don’t jump to conclusions but look at the evidence.

It’s evidence that a non-biased person could come to another conclusion:

Jameis Winston doesn’t remember if he touched the girl or not, but he knows drinking is the reason he doesn’t know, and an underlying explanation for why a man who has gone on the right path from deviant to responsible for 4 year now, would momentarily stumble.  That’s not to say he doesn’t bear responsibility for his actions; we CHOOSE to take drugs or drink alcohol, but ultimately these drugs work on us by affecting what organ in the body?

  1. a) Arms
  2. b) Legs
  3. c) Torso
  4. d) Brain

Continue reading “THE FINAL WORD: What Jameis Winston haters just don’t want to see in the NFL/Uber case”