Current Tampa Bay Bucs winning streak is unlike any in 41 year history

temp161127_seahawks_bucs_25-nfl_mezz_1280_1024Lost in the fact that the Bucs have accomplished a 4 game winning streak, something the Bucs franchise has done before several times, is how they’ve done it, and more importantly who they’ve done it against.

In fact, its safe to say as a fan of the Bucs for 38 of those years, Tampa Bay Bucs fans have never seen such an impressive win streak. You hear about the Bucs lacking a “Signature Win”. Something non-fluke; but more important was to stop losing to teams with backup quarterbacks!

In 1994, after a 2-9 start with 5 games to go the Bucs started winning when they rode the legs of Errictt Rhett to the tune of 4 straight wins, including two over Washington (Not that they were that good). But when they played the up and coming Packers, Green Bay carved them up.

Even in 1997 to start the season, with a Bucs team we know is good…didnt beat anyone all that. Sure a win over the 49ers on opening day was, but Steve Young and Jerry Rice were knocked out of the game (By Sapp). Tampa Bay Beat fellow division rivals Detroit and Minnesota on the road, which was no small task, but pales in comparison to what they’ve done this year. Even the home win over a Dan Marino led Dolphins team was to a Jimmy Johnson coached team.

But this current streak, is over teams with rock solid resumes at Quarterback.

Chicago was no big deal, but at Kansas City? Where¬†the Chiefs won 10 games at home, and over a Seattle team that was red hot? If that weren’t enough, the Bucs go to San Diego and beat Phillip Rivers in his back yard, the second win this year in California!

The Bucs went from 1980 to 1996 without a win in California, now they win twice in that state! Against far worse San Francisco 49 teams, the Bucs laid an egg from 1980 to 2010! Yet the Bucs go out there and use the 9ers as a warm up for San Diego, whom they havnt beaten out there since that 1996 game!

Its a great time to be a Bucs fan!

2 thoughts on “Current Tampa Bay Bucs winning streak is unlike any in 41 year history”

  1. Good Morning Nick!

    I hadn’t thought about this, but you Sir, are “Spot On”! That 97 Season was semi-expected, and when the Bucs (most especially Sapp-Daddy!) spanked Steve Young, Jerry Rice and the Niners at the old Sombrero, it set the standard, (And our Expectations!) for the next decade!

    This recent four game run was not expected…Many of us, including me, believed that we were on the right track, but we were still lacking some talent and that “It” factor, with the team jelling; the confidence level; comradeship, etc. wasn’t there yet…That we would improve over last year’s record, but we were still a year away from making a legitimate run.

    I don’t feel that way this week! Whether it was the “Next Man Up” factor, or the FameisJameis: “We Are Family” speech; something has caused this Bucs team to click, and I genuinely believe that the Bucs have a shot at the dance this year! Let’s just hope and pray that they can keep up this level of play and mental attitude, and not get over confident!

    Great column!

    1. Personally, and I think a lot of people agree with this, and without taking anything away from coach Koetter, the biggest factor has been Jameis. This is why Raheem Morris went nuts over Freeman (because he thought Freeman had that “IT” factor), why Lovie and Licht made their move with this kid. And I chuckle every Monday when I hear Scott Reynolds on WDAE remind us how he was the only one to call for Lovie’s job; its Jameis Winston that is leading this resurgence. ss

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