So somehow, my timer on the new website here did not work due to an error on my part, so I wasn’t able to get this weeks DFS corner out in time! Definitely apologize, as I went over last week’s picks and had some good picks for this week 9.

So Week 8 I recommended the following, lets see how they did!

  • Alex Smith- Had 9.9 points when he got hurt and left game! Grade INCOMPLETE
  • Ty Montgomery- Sickle Cell- Out of game INCOMPLETE
  • WR Justin Hunter  1.7 Points  Grade F  – Woods played
  • TE Cameron Brate  11.20  Grade B
  • K Dan Baily  12Pts  Grade B+/A-
  • D Atlanta   2Pts  Grade D-  Allowed 32 Points to Packers, got 3 sacks, no INTs or fumbles.
  • CONT. Player of the Week T. Pryor   21.10 Pts  Grade A

So we hit on 3 of 5 qualifying predictions, failed on Hunter because Woods played and got 9 points along with seldom used Walter Powell with 8.3. Also Green Bay was able to use their lack of running game against Atlanta with WRs as RBs.

Remember these are contrarian picks, so you should be using a couple of these with your CANT MISS picks to differentiate yourself from the crowd!!

Look at this weeks..


Our picks are on the left, on the right are the winners of this pot; 4,000 dollar first prize.

Using Chalky or can’t miss players like Gordon, Beckham and Hilton, we cleaned up with Gordon’s 34 point career day. Barnidge was supposed to do better, and I’m done with him! If he couldnt score 10 on the Cowboy’s 31st ranked Points against to Tight Ends, he never will!

One of our Contrarian plays was Mike Wallace who came on big time!  The Ravens pick scared me, this was my only Ravens D lineup I used..and it did well. The best play however was Latavius Murray, who scored 3 Touchdowns.

Going into the night game this game was not even cashing (in the make money zone), but I knew once he scored his first TD and Jumped from 20,000 spot to 3500, I knew there was a chance for good things. By being only 1.6% owned, Murray would move us up faster against the field (all other opponents).

This is an excellent opportunity to understand the difference between having some low owned players. Your better off having Mariota at only 22 points than you would be having Rogers at 27.8 but almost 22% ownership. Each Point I was getting for Murray was moving me up hundreds of spots at a time. This was a LARGE FIELD Tournament, which means you can’t afford a single digit player, and thats what I got from Barnidge.

Two other Tight Ends were on my teams, Rudolph from Minnesota, and Witten from Dallas, whom the NO.1 player had. This is the luck part of Tournaments. I have had every player from every no.1 team, but always in different lineups! Had I chosen Witten instead of Barnidge on this one, my 189 points would have won me a few hundred dollars. But like all sports, Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda!

See you later in the week for the WEEK 10 DFS Corner! Good Hunting!

BONUS- Mon-Thur lineup maker advice!

Since I missed last week, here are some picks for tonights Mon-TR lineups:

QB FLACCO TR Night-  Something is wrong with Russel, besides everyone will be on him. Buffalos Defense is good, will shut down his best WR. Cleveland Defense is horrible.

RB- T. West- C.Michael

WR- Steve Smith Jr, , T. Pryor, Lockett-  Thats right…Dont play Baldwin, he will be covered well by Buffalo’s Nickell Robey-Coleman. Take Lockett instead who is getting health again. Flacco will be passing up and down the field when Cleveland is not running the ball too.

TE Jimmy Graham-  Pitta is close, but Buffalo has a weakness, and Graham will fill it.

K- If your playing Fan Duel, Seattle kicker Hauschka is perfect: Home team, low vegas total, under 6 points favorite. Kicker is the variable in DFS that is hard to plan for. Same with….

DEFENSE: Remember its not scoring…every team will score at least 14-20 points, its sacks, INTS, etc. Buffalo is consistent at getting those. so is Baltimore. Baltimore is home. Buffalo is on 8 days rest, Baltimore will be 4. Go with Buffalo, lower owned.

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