Dirk Koetter Results In…Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Gets Overwhelming Support from Fans


The results may have been different than if they were taken after the Falcons game, just as in the General election may have been different before the FBI played with Politics or mysterious leaked footage of the other candidate’s audio remarks! (Whatever the decision, aren’t you glad its over? No more commercials!)

But for a change, Bucs fans are not clamoring for a new coach in the down stretch of the season after losing two games in a row at home. Only a small percentage of people voted their displeasure at the Head Coach, 3 and a half percent were so strongly against Koetter they wanted him fired, while nearly 7% thought he’s doing a poor job, but not bad enough to fire him.

An equally small group were in favor, 14% feels he took over an 8-24 team and has them 3-5 and competitive in games.  Seven More percent STRONGLY APPROVE seeing signs of offensive improvement:

Each year the Bucs improve their average points scored per game. From 2014’s 17.4 points per game, to 21 points last year, to the current 22.5 ppg with 8 games still to play. Even more impressive is the amount of 30+ points in a game, a level the Bucs are traditionally do not reach. Yet after reaching it once in 2014, and twice in 2015, The Bucs currently have 3 games, with the 8  games left to try to get more.

The Majority are conveying the message that they feel Coach Koetter needs more time to turn the Bucs around. Almost half of all voters think Koetter deserves and needs 3 years to get the job done. Another 1/5th of all voters however dont want to give that much time; they feel Koetter should be given at least a year tops to get the job done.

Here’s hoping the Bucs win more games this year to ease the minds of Bucs fans!


So how do you feel about the results? Were they what you expected? Was it a bigger shock than when you turned on CNN this morning? !!?  Chime in the comment section!

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