Dirk Koetter was a lazy pick for Glazers in 2016; but its time for Bucs owners to stand their ground on Coach

NO.1 Passing offense leader…
No.2 Passing offense leader.

Which franchise is more successful? The one whose had 3 NFL Coaches since 1969, or the one who may contemplate a 6th Head Coach in 11 years? Answer before the break… First, a story!

Mike the Mechanic is a great mechanical mind. He can dissect a motor and move parts around to make a magnificent engine move forward again.

But when Mike the Mechanic opened his own shop, it closed in two years, because Mike knows Mechanics, not Billing, Advertising, or management.

Kerry the Cook was a great Cooking guru. Kerry could cook up a 7 course meal that could make your  mouth water. Kerry knows food, and cooking, Baking, and quick. But Kerry opened “Kerry’s Diner” and it crashed, because Kerry didn’t know more than cooking.

Dirk Koetter is a great offensive coordinator, and the Glazers felt the ire of Bucs fans who were tired of Lovie Smith so they took the easy way out and Fired Lovie, and Hired Koetter because they didn’t want to change up Jameis Winston’s routine having had a good solid rookie season.

Answer: Not a trick question; Pittsburgh Steelers 1969 Chuck Knoll, 1992 Bill Cowher,  2007 Mike Tomlin.     Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Jon Gruden fired 2008, Raheem Morris 2009, Greg Schiano 2012, Lovie Smith 2014, Dirk Koetter 2016, ??? 2018?

  • Pittsburgh   93-51 since 2008
  • Tampa Bay 55-89 since 2008

Note: While it may feel easy to blame ownership, Bucs spent more on Free Agents than Pittsburgh who developed their draft picks more than needed Free Agents, something impossible if coaches are on carousel


But right off the bat, Dirk Koetter started doing the same things Lovie did; poor in game management, poor clock management, Poor personnel decisions.

Dirk Koetter can learn from these things, but can the Glazers?  This article will be read by many who are going to be one of the most guilty person involved in all of this: the ones calling for the Head Coaches Head! The biggest guilty party were the ones who should have been the most responsible, people who should have known better covering or following the Bucs for decades. I dont need to use names, they’ve followed the Bucs from Near and Far, from Orange, and definitely through Pewter, reporting  along the way.

Calling for Lovie Smith’s head after a defensive collapse in 2015 when

Fans called for Lovies Job, Glazers caved. Only desperate fans will call for change again. Thinking about 6 Coaches in 11 years is why the Bucs are in trouble.

anyone can see the talent on the defensive side was lacking from two straight drafts of all offense, was irresponsible at best, ignorant at the worst! I’m not saying that we should still have Lovie Smith coaching this team, what I am saying is, the Bucs STILL have a  deficiency on defense, especially on the defensive line.
So dont fire another Head Coach because the fans on Facebook want you to. Dirk Koetter will learn the coaching stuff, he should have the team behind him so please guys and girls, “look at the facts before youse reacts!”

FACT 1: Jameis Winston is the reason this team turned around last year: he has the kind of personality that makes you want to like him, want to play for him, want to win for him. That is special, and as long as you have that, you have a future as a franchise. Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland, Green Bay, Carolina, Detroit, Dallas Cowboys are the only teams in the NFL that have no desire to have A Jameis Winston on THEIR TEAM! We have him.

FACT 2: Bucs choose to address a 2nd tight end, kicker, rather than look for defensive line help. Simeon Rice was the last double digit sacker. Until we have one we will never have a top defense.

NO.1 Passing offense leader…

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