Falcons Fans relax: Tampa Bay Buccaneers know all about choking away a victory

For Atlanta Falcons fans, the Super Bowl was a painful memory of what could have been. The game was all but wrapped up; yet the Falcons defense, which pressured Tom Brady all day, could not lay a finger on him in the 4th quarter when it counted. And while Falcon players were struggling with “what to do”, key Patriot players were playing with familiar pressure on them, something many a Patriot are used to. Maybe none more than Tom Brady who has won more SuperBowls than Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, QBs whose 4 SuperBowl wins were supposed to be remain canon forever.

But Tampa Bay Buccaneers supporters know all too well what its like to lose a heartbreaker. It doesnt matter what generation you  belong to..the Bucs did it during yours. This week we’ll look at  some of the worst losses in painful Buccaneers history;

1987 Tampa Bay at St.Louis Cardinals

This “St.Petersburg Times” sports section cover says it all.

The Backdrop: coming off 2 consecutive 2-14 seasons Bucs ownership fired their coach and went with proven veteran coach Ray Perkins, who drafted Heisman Trophy winning QB Vinny Testaverde. Bucs won opening game 48-10 over Atlanta, and strike players gave the Bucs a 3-3 record before Bucs blew 20 point 1st qtr lead over Chicago and Beat Green Bay for a 4-4 midway point record.

The Lead: Quarterback Steve DeBerg was having a great year, Offensive player of the week for his 5TD performance on opening day, and here tossed 3 more. With a 28-3 lead after the last TD scored with 1:51 left in the 3rd quarter, the win seemed secure.

The Demise: Neil Lomax started the onslaught with a TD to Await, then Bucs self destructed with fumble recovery by Niko Noga. Two touchdown passes from Lomax gave St.Louis an improbable 31-28 lead, but left 1:01 on the clock. The Bucs got down within FG range, But Donald Iguebuike hit the crossbar, thus giving the Bucs their first drama filled collapse of their short 10 year old season.

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