For a Change, Tampa Bay Buccaneers would have been a better Playoff entry than several of those that got in

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Every year the playoffs come, a few teams sneak in that dont really belong, and at the cost of better teams who didn’t make the cut by the slimmest of margins; tiebreakers.  But unlike most years, the Bucs are the team who didn’t make the cut, and after watching the first round of the playoffs, Tampa Bay was more deserving of a playoff spot than 3 of the teams that played out of the 8.

The Detroit Lions were the actual spot (6th seed) that Tampa Bay was beat out for. Had the Bucs gone to Seattle, it probably would have been a much different game than the 14-5 contest played here at Ray Jay. In fact, the theme of the playoffs so far has been reversal of game progression that occurred in the regular season game played between same teams.

The Bucs probably would have lost, but there is not a doubt in my mind that Tampa Bay at Seattle would been a much better game than what the Lions mustered in their first playoff game in awhile. A better running game, better defense would have kept the game in mystery mode for a lot longer.

These are the what ifs were forced to face as the Bucs for the second time in a decade miss out on the playoffs in spite of a winning record. In 2010 the Bucs finished 10-6 and interestingly enough, the same teams were the culprit in keeping the Bucs on their sofa. Green Bay got the seed that year with tiebreakers, but it was a week 15 home game vs the Lions that did the dirty deed.

Tight End Kellen Winslow Jr was developing a reputation for offensive pass interference for pushing off DBs, but in this case, there should have been a no call.

How about YOU take a look for yourself…

It certainly furthers my opinion that if you can use INSTANT REPLAY to look back and charge a team with a “12 men on the field” call against them, you should be able to use I.R. to review ANY penalty that affects a first down or scoring play.

Lions DB makes first contact, and never looks back. Probably 75% of the time or higher this is a Touchdown called today. What do you think?

The Bucs had to settle for a FG and ended up losing the game. A TD changes the complexion of the game entirely at this point. The Bucs beat Seattle and New Orleans to finish 10-6 but the damage was done.

Of course nothing needs to be said about the Preseason, er, Playoff game between the Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders Split squad. It was circulating during the day that Matt McGloin was going to dress and would be available.

Available for what? Moral Support? McGloin had to be there as the emergency QB only, because whoever the 911 QB was before he became cleared couldnt have been any worse that what Cook was throwing up.

Speaking of Throwing Up, that had to be the reaction from Raider fans Oakland had unquestionably the best season since 2002 and was so close to getting a Bye, home playoff game and instead got shat upon by an injury to their starting QB (and his backup) killing their season.

Oakland was so bad, they made Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans look good.

You get the feeling the way the season concluded with the Bucs winning 6 of their last 8 games that the Playoffs, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers football, will be two phrases that will go together in the future instead of belonging at the end of someones punchline.

Lovie Smith had shot at Derek Carr in 2014 draft, took Mike Evans instead.

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