Get Travel Insurance While Visiting Best Tourist Places in North India

Travel Insurance

There will hardly be anyone on this earth who hates holidaying. The northern part of India is the best choice to spend your vacation, as there are many tourist places. The people are helpful and friendly as well. But, any unforeseen situations, such as an accident, losing personal belongings, or a medical emergency, can dampen your holiday spirit. Further, these unexpected situations can cost you a hefty sum. Therefore, it’s wise to buy a travel insurance plan that covers various risks associated with a trip before you start your vacation in North India.

Some reasons to buy a travel insurance plan for your upcoming trip to tourist places in North India are:

  • Coverage for loss of baggage and other personal belongings: It’s one of the most significant risks associated with a trip. The loss of baggage or travel documents often forces you to cut short your trip and return home. It not only spoils your enjoyment but also poses financial distress. The insurer will compensate you for these losses if you have travel insurance
  • Assistance during medical emergencies: A medical emergency can occur at any time during a trip, and their treatment may cost you a large sum. Further, it may force you to change your vacation plan, resulting in further financial losses. A travel insurance plan covers expenses associated with hospitalization due to illness, injury, or your listed pre-existing diseases when you’re on a trip. Several plans cover emergency OPD expenses and dental treatment expenses while holidaying.
  • Delay or curtailment of the trip: Many times, you may need to postpone or curtail your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, if you have a travel insurance plan, your insurer will reimburse you for all the non-refundable payments you made for the trip.
  • Flight cancellation: A delay or cancellation of the flight can cause you significant financial losses. Usually, travel insurance plans cover these losses.
  • Emergency roadside assistance: Suppose you’re on a road trip. Suddenly, your vehicle encounters a breakdown, and you are stuck in an unknown place. In such a situation, the insurer will provide you with roadside assistance to get your vehicle repaired. Bajaj Finserv’s Road Trip Protection plan offers 24×7 roadside assistance at more than 700 locations in India.
  • Medical evacuation: Your health conditions may worsen during the trip, resulting in a medical evacuation for better medical facilities. It may cost you a considerable sum. But if you have a travel insurance plan that covers medical evacuation, you need not worry about the financial part and, at the same time, can concentrate on more critical things.
  • Repatriation cover: In case of the sudden death of the insured person on a trip, the insurer will take care of the expenses to bring the mortal remains to their hometown.
  • Temporary smartphone replacement: Suppose you lose your smartphone while traveling solo. If your travel insurance has smartphone replacement coverage, inform your insurer about the same as soon as possible, rather than panicking. Bajaj Finserv offers a temporary smartphone replacement service with several travel insurance plans. Under this service, you’ll get a temporary smartphone on your doorstep within 24 hours of reporting the incident. You can keep this device for a maximum of one week.

Factors to consider while buying a travel insurance plan:

These days, several travel insurance plans are available in India. Hence, selecting the best one is a tiresome task.

  • While purchasing a travel insurance plan, stick with reputed players only. Or else you may find it challenging to make a claim and get the reimbursement.
  • Compare various plans and pick the one that suits your requirements. Read their inclusion and exclusion lists to avoid confusion in an emergency.
  • Pick the one that offers adequate coverage at a reasonable premium.
  • Different destinations have different risks. Therefore, choose the plan according to the place you intend to visit.
  • Select the coverage of the plan according to the activities you plan to do during your vacation. For instance, if your trip includes outdoor activities and adventure sports, select a policy that covers a broad range of activities like mountain climbing, scuba diving, water sports, etc.
  • Don’t forget to declare all your pre-existing medical conditions while buying a travel insurance plan. Otherwise, the insurer will reject your claim in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Never overlook the claim settlement ratio of the insurer. It indicates how easily the insurer settles the claim.
  • These days, user reviews are readily available on the internet. Read them before purchasing a travel plan from an insurer.

Bajaj Finserv offers many travel insurance plans to people visiting tourist places in North India, such as Winter Trek Cover, Leh Ladakh Road Trip Cover, Vaishno Devi Temple Pilgrimage Cover, etc.


They are comprehensive plans designed for the particular requirements of tourists to these places. Each plan’s premium varies with the coverage, and you can purchase them online.


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