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Hensat: PKS Loses If ‘Refer’ to Coalition with Gerindra



Jakarta – Sempat beredar wacana Partai Gerindra dan PKS akan bersatu kembali untuk Pilpres 2024. Pendiri lembaga survei KedaiKOPI, Hendri Satrio atau Hensat, menilai munculnya wacana ini berpeluang membawa kerugian elektoral bagi PKS.
“Begini, kalau hanya isu, kita susah menilainya, tapi menurut saya akan sulit bagi Gerindra dan PKS untuk berdamai,” kata Hensat mengawali analisanya, Senin (5/12/2022).

Hensat menilai wacana ‘rekonsiliasi’ sulit terwujud karena faktor sejarah baik dalam kontestasi pilkada maupun pilpres sebelumnya. “Sulit, karena beberapa hal, terutama bagaimana perseteruan antara Gerindra dan PKS di Pilkada DKI Jakarta dan Pilpres 2019 menempatkan kader Gerindra sebagai capres Pak Prabowo saat itu,” ujarnya.

Baca artikel detiknews, “Hensat: PKS Kalah Jika ‘Rujukan’ Berkoalisi dengan Gerindra”

Baca artikel detiknews, “Hensat: PKS Kalah Jika ‘Rujuk’ Koalisi dengan Gerindra” selengkapnya -gerindra.




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Get Assignment Help Support from Experts to Complete the Academic Assignment




assignment help

Assignment writing is an important task at each academic level. Students are assigned numerous assignments whether they study in school or college. Each academic assignment comes with specific guidelines provided by the teachers or professors. They need to invest lots of time in research and gathering relevant information on the assignment topic. They should have good skills in writing and solving problems in the subject. But, due to the lack of such things students face problems to write the assignment.  

However, students seek guidance from experts of assignment help service. They have good knowledge to draft assignments as per the student’s requirements. Professional experts provide the top-quality assignment to students. It helps students to submit well-written assignments within the scheduled time and score excellent grades.          


How do Professional Experts Prepare The Assignment Of Students? 

When you get assignment help from professional experts, they will assist students by following the given steps:  

Read the Assignment Instruction Filled By Students  

In the first step, experts of the service read the instruction of the assignment given by the students. If you want to get a top-quality assignment it is necessary to provide all instructions carefully to the experts. The experts of the service prepare the assignment according to the provided instructions.   

Plan about How They Will Process the Work  

After reading the instruction, they start the assignment with good planning. With the planning of the assignment, they divide the time for each step of the assignment. It helps them to get the sufficient time for research and writing. It ensures the assignment will be ready within the scheduled time.      

Collect Information  

Before writing the assignment, the experts conduct good research on the topic. They are well aware of authentic or reliable sources. They can provide the best content for the assignment topic. They include relevant and factual information about the assignment topic. It helps students to get top-quality content for the assignment.    

Start Writing  

Now they come to the writing part of the assignment. Professional writers have excellent skills in writing and they know all kinds of academic writing styles. They start the assignment writing process using a proper format. The format helps them to maintain a proper sequence of information in the assignment that can easily grab the attention of readers. They use simple language while writing their academic paper. It helps you to easily understand the assignment.    

Proofread the Assignment  

When they complete the writing part of the assignment they transfer the assignment to the proofreading team of service. The proofreading team read the entire assignment thoroughly and find out errors. They also use the proofreading and editing tools and software for checking the errors in assignments. They correct all those errors in the assignment that the writer has done unintentionally. It ensures that the assignment has no errors in grammar, spelling, etc.     

Deliver the Work on The Due Date  

After checking the assignment thoroughly and making corrections they deliver your work within the due date. Thus students can check the assignment and submit well complete project within the submission deadline.    

However, the steps followed by the writers to write assignments help students to get well-written assignments according to their university instructions.  

 Other important features offered by the assignment help service 

  • Top quality assignment in a proper format 
  • No effect of plagiarism in the assignment  
  • Round-the-clock support to students  
  • Guidance from highly qualified and experienced writers  
  • Extensively researched material  
  • Affordable prices 


Assignment writing is not a cup of cake as one can think. The above-explained information helps to complete the assignment effectively. Taking assignment helper from experts, the student can get top-quality work.    

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All About Natural Mineral Water + Its Benefits & Risks




All About Natural Mineral Water + Its Benefits & Risks

There’s no denying that water is Mother Nature’s purest gift to all living beings. After all, in addition to quenching your thirst, water has numerous other benefits.

In fact, water is essential for the survival and function of almost every function in your body. Since water makes up about 60% of your body weight, it’s not surprising what adequate hydration can do for you.

And since water is so important to all of us, we must ensure that the water we consume is downright healthy. And that brings us to one answer, i.e., mineral water.

What Is Natural Mineral Water, And Where Does It Come From?

Mineral water (or Spring Water) is water that has been naturally filtered through rocks and minerals over time. Mineral water doesn’t go through chemical processing like other types of water, so it contains some common minerals, including sulfur, magnesium, and calcium — all good for you.

Natural mineral water is collected only from protected, natural, underground sources and bottled at the source. This indicates the water does not undergo any chemical treatment and keeps its purity and minerals. Some examples of popular naturally soured mineral water brands include Zaku natural mineral water, the Oasis Water Company, Masafi Co., and Nestle Waters, among others.

Natural Mineral Water: The Benefits And Drawbacks

Mineral water comes from underground reservoirs and is full of nutrients. It has the edge over regular tap water and can provide many health benefits. However, if you’ve just begun drinking mineral water, it’s crucial to research this new beverage’s advantages and possible health risks.

Though mineral water is generally safe, some individuals require greater caution, and there are some other factors to consider, too.

So, to make it easy for you, let’s cut through the clutter and understand the perks and drawbacks of natural mineral water in this table below.



·      Promotes bone health: Healthy bones require an adequate calcium intake. And natural mineral water is the ideal zero-caloric way to get a good amount of your daily calcium intake. ·     Toxicity of plastic: Mineral water is usually packaged in plastic bottles, and such large-scale production has serious environmental consequences. Besides that, over time, plastic can leach contaminant chemicals into the water contained in it and can have negative health impacts on the drinker. These toxins have been linked to heart problems, hormonal issues, and cancer.
·         Can help in blood pressure reduction: According to research, low levels of magnesium may increase the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and heart failure. And mineral water rich in magnesium may help lower cardiovascular disease risk.


·     Teeth damage: Carbonated mineral water can damage the enamel on your teeth. Carbonated water has a pH lower than regular water, making it slightly acidic and more harmful to tooth enamel than soft drinks.
·         Good for your skin: Mineral water is a good source of silica particles. Silica benefits the skin greatly. It triggers your skin’s collagen production, which reduces wrinkles, dark spots, and dullness on the face. ·     It’s costly: Compared to tap water, bottled water is significantly more expensive. You can fulfill your needs for drinking water with tap water for just a few cents per day. But, switching to bottled water can result in huge costs due to the product’s availability and convenience.


Ways To Increase Your Water Intake

While you don’t need a reminder of how important it is to stay hydrated, doing so can be difficult at the time. And it’s a tough habit to get into if you aren’t used to it.

Here are some quick and simple tips for drinking more water every day:

  • Always Carry A Reusable Water Bottle

Having a water bottle on you always reminds you that you have to drink more water in any setting, whether you’re in a meeting, running errands, or traveling.

  • Set Reminders

Try setting up reminders if you’re struggling to add more water to your daily routine. You can do this by utilizing the tech at your fingertips. For instance, consider setting alarms or downloading similar apps. Doing so will give you the useful reminder you need.

It’s not like you can consume water by only drinking it. While this is one possibility, one simple way to get more water is to eat more foods with high water content.

Examples of such foods include:

  • Watermelon
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Celery

These foods are also simple to incorporate into your diet, not to mention that they are loaded with nutrients that improve your general health.

  • Add A Little Flavor To Your Water

Don’t like the taste of plain water and looking for some flavor? Then consider adding a slice of cucumber or lemon to your glass or pitcher. This will give you a bit of flavor to try on, and maybe you’ll find yourself drinking more than usual.

The Bottom Line

Natural mineral water is a great way to stay hydrated and can provide some health benefits. However, it’s important to know the risks of drinking this type of water. By understanding the pros and cons of this healthy beverage choice, you can decide whether it’s right for you.


That being said, if you’d like to get your hands on quality bottled water brands, consider contacting businesses like The Swift Trading Company – an all-natural product trader. Order today!

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Aptos Token Plummets 40% After APT Airdrop for ‘Early Network Participants’




The newly-launched Aptos token (APT) is down 40.5% on its first day of trading, according to data from crypto price aggregator CoinGecko.

The native token for the so-called “Solana-killer” currently trades at $8.06, after dropping more than a third of its value since the platform captured the first trade at $13.73.

There are currently big disparities between numbers on different aggregators. CoinGecko competitor CoinMarketCap, for instance, records minor intraday losses so far of 3.5%.

The reason for the big difference is simple: CoinMarketCap captured the first trade at $8.55, nearly 40% lower than CoinGecko’s starting value.

Nomics, on the other hand, records a price increase of over 100%… Click here to read more

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