How Ceramic Tint Model Y Adds to the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Tesla?

Are you a proud Tesla Model Y owner? If yes, you would certainly wish to add more to the aesthetic appeal of your wheels. Going for ceramic tint is one way to go about it. Tinting not only augments the looks and appearance of your Tesla but also provides other benefits like energy conservation, added comfort, protecting skin and the Tesla’s interior from damaging UV rays, and more. If you wish to know if ceramic tint Model Y will bring you all these benefits, continue reading.

Why You Should Go For Ceramic Tint for Your Model Y?

Many Tesla owners get tint installed on their windows for multiple reasons. The first reason behind getting a Ceramic Tint Model Y is that it blocks 99 percent of harmful and damaging ultraviolet rays, which is responsible for fading interior parts, skin cancer, and premature aging of various components of the vehicle. Going for premium-quality ceramic tint blocks infrared or IR, responsible for creating heat, as well. 

In Tesla models, there is a huge window, located in the center atop each model. This centrally-located window makes Tesla models stand apart from other Teslas. This feature is beneficial for the drivers as it helps them with improved on-road visibility. Its downside is the direct heat flowing into the cabin, heating up the interiors. This additional heat not only causes discomfort to the passengers but also reduces the efficiency of the air-conditioning system. It also results in the AC system starting automatically even in parked Teslas. This system gets activated as a precaution and ensures the battery doesn’t get overheated. 

Ceramic Tint- The Best Alternative

Tesla Model Y is designed in such a way that it doesn’t require special tinting since it uses conventional glass on all side windows. Going for ceramic tint Model Y is just like a paint protection film that keeps the original paint of the car intact and protects it from usual wear and tear. It is also proactive when it comes to rejecting unbearable solar heat. It is undoubtedly a smarter upgrade any Tesla owner can make. 

Install state-of-the-art ceramic tint which not only looks fabulous but also provide additional protection from damaging UVB and UVA rays. It reduces heat in the cabin and keeps the interiors cool and comfortable. You will also stay away from numerous skin-related issues that occur when the skin is exposed to harmful sunrays. 

Moreover, Tesla owners find reduced IR or Infrared Radiation hugely beneficial. Nothing is more frustrating than hopping in a heated Tesla on an already scorching day. Getting ceramic tinting done on Teslas is the best way to cool the interior and enjoy a hassle-free ride.


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