How To Draw an Abstract Self Portrait Coloring Page

abstract art portraits

With the help of this simple step-by-step tutorial, learn how to draw an abstract self-portrait. There will be a tonne of options for coloring it in if you draw closed shapes! Do your students need more practice drawing faces, but you detest the tendency for them to overthink the eyes? Or do they typically come out on the small side if they are drawn?

As it has a sort of formula for drawing extra-large eyes, this straightforward tutorial will help you avoid all that. However, there are still many areas where they can add their own personal touches. In fact, to aid them in getting started, my PDF includes some examples of how to draw various types of hair.

When the drawing is finished, it will contain a lot of closed shapes that beg to be filled with a variety of vivid colors. See what kind of abstract art portraits magic results by asking students to prevent any color from interacting with itself.

Using Drawing Guides

Showing students how to use guides as a reference is the best way to get them started on any drawing project well.

You may have noticed that each step in every tutorial on this page has a dashed line running through it, both horizontally and vertically. Before drawing, students can have an easy reference by making their own centered lines on their own paper.

For instance, the top left corner of the paper is where the first step of this abstract face begins. The line then turns upward again to the center of the right quarter after descending to the bottom.

Does that imply that before beginning, students must draw a big, fat line down the middle of their paper? Oh my goodness, don’t! That would probably be challenging to remove without detracting from any finished artwork. No, just fold it in half on both sides, make a crease, and then unfold.

Materials needed to Draw an Abstract Self-Portrait

  • Sketching Paper. This excellent stuff is available in large quantities and at a discount.
  • Spending your money on the cheapest brand is a waste. Such dark lines look good.
  • Marker, black. You can get a nice, deep black color using a permanent marker.
  • The most useful packs are those that include a variety of colors.
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The Top 10 Abstract Works Ever Created

Late 19th-century abstract art was a highly adaptable artistic movement that encompassed a wide range of genres.

The desire of artists to produce works that were totally unrelated to and unconstrained by visual references that occurred in everyday life gave rise to abstract art. As a result, works of art represented the numerous changes that were occurring at the time in society, technology, and science.

An Introduction to Abstract Painting

As a non-representational art movement, abstraction in art has grown immensely over the years as a result of the many artists who have chosen to experiment in this field. Supposed to have started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Traditional figurative art opposed abstract art, which aimed to resemble nothing vaguely recognizable in nature.

As society started to experience depression, food shortages, and war, abstraction became firmly established as a major force within the art world.

Through symbolic and non-realistic artworks, artists started to represent these societal concepts, which showed a significant departure from conventional and traditional artistic creation. The emergence of abstract art provided artists with the freedom to assemble their conceptual compositions within limitless boundaries and claim them as works of “art.”



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