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How To Paint a Closet In 6 Easy Steps



Paint a Closet

Over time, furniture such as cabinets can deteriorate and become outdated. One of the cheapest alternatives to improve their appearance and adapt to the decoration of our home is to paint them. You won’t need to get rid of them and buy new ones!

With good painting and following this step-by-step on how to paint a wardrobe, you will achieve a perfect finish.

Step by step to paint a closet

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is remove or cover the hardware and hinges of the cabinets. If we want to paint them the same color as the cabinet, this step will not be necessary.

Step 2

Next, we paper the floor and the wall with cardboard or newspaper, and the areas that we do not want to paint with masking tape.

Step 3

Before painting the cabinets, we must strip them to remove traces of old paint or varnish that can prevent the new paint from adhering correctly. To do this, we will sand the surface or apply a good stripper and remove the layers of paint or varnish with a spatula.

Step 4

After stripping the furniture, we clean the surface, and once dry, apply the primer with a foam roller in two directions to avoid marks. We recommend using a light wood primer to avoid using more coats of paint later.

Step 5

Next, we paint the cabinets with a foam roller. We must apply the layers recommended by the manufacturer. Between layer and layer, we have to let the paint dry.

Light paints have less coverage than other colors, so we must apply more layers than when using other darker colors.

Keep in mind that when using a roller, the layer is thinner than when using a brush. If a brush is used, we will most likely need fewer coats to cover the cabinet but the finish may be uneven.

Step 6

Finally, we put the fittings and hinges back on. We already have our closet renewed!

Tips when painting the closet

The surface should not be painted when it is wet, we have to wait until it is dry. The paint has to be of quality for a good finish. If the furniture has damage, we can repair it with putty before starting to paint it. Normally, the cabinets are usually made of wood. This material is usually protected with varnish. To achieve a perfect finish, we must remove it by stripping the furniture. On the edges or edges, it is recommended to apply the paint with a brush to impregnate it well.

We must apply thin layers of paint; otherwise, unsightly drops may remain on the finish due to excess paint.

Removing the cabinet doors will make our job easier. The drying times of the paint must be respected before giving it a new coat.

Paint melamine cabinet

Melamine is the second most used material for cabinets. To paint the melamine furniture and leave a good finish, we will follow another process. Before starting to paint the cabinet, we must prepare the surface. To do this, we will send the furniture to open the pore and eliminate irregularities.

After sanding, we will thoroughly clean the cabinet with a cloth and alcohol to remove any dust. Once dry, we will apply a primer with a roller. Finally, we will paint the cabinet with special paint and apply a protective varnish.

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Renting vs Buying an Apartment in Dubai




Renting vs Buying an Apartment in Dubai

Are you moving to Dubai anytime soon but couldn’t decide to rent or buy a home? There’s no denying that renting in Dubai can be overwhelmingly hard, particularly for newcomers. And why wouldn’t it be? The decision will impact your lifestyle, your budget and overall expenses. If you’re unsure about which way to opt for, apartment rental in Dubai arrives with both pros and cons., so it’s imperative to reach a sound decision before stepping on your feet in the city. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to do so.

Renting vs Buying: Financial Backup is Necessary  

The main perk of renting is that it’s more affordable. Unlike buying a property you won’t be stressing over spending money on a down payment or security deposit. If you’re tight on budget or don’t have valuable funds for the purchase, renting makes a praiseworthy choice. 

Renting vs Buying: Enjoy the perks of a Residential Visa 

While renting requires no financial backup, ownership can pave the way to developing residency in the country. If you purchase an apartment worth at least AED 1 million, you become eligible for the UAE visa. However, remember that living comes with an expiry date of five or three years. Once the term ends, you will have to renew it. On the other hand, if you haven’t planned to stay in the city for a long time, it’s wise to go for rent.

Renting vs Buying: Ideal for a temporary Stay 

Renting an apartment is workable for those searching for a temporary residence while overlooking the sapphire-blue islands of Dubai. Regarding residential properties, Dubai offers an extensive range, implying that you can easily find something suitable for your lifestyle. Yet, you can enjoy the property as it is and can’t make changes per your preferences. On the other hand, ownership grants you complete freedom to personalise the apartment per your taste. 

Renting vs Buying: Furnished and Unfurnished apartments

Do you know what makes renting an impressive option for expats? It’s the furnished flats that attract them. Regardless of your budget, lifestyle and personal taste, you’ll undoubtedly find an apartment perfect for you. So, if you’re unable to gather belongings right now, Dubai offers an arrangement of luxurious and fully-furnished apartments. In contrast, owners usually have to make all the fittings themselves without any financial benefits.

Renting vs Buying: No Commitments 

Another reason to consider renting is the liberty to reside in different areas without being answerable to anyone. On the contrary, buying an apartment might kill your freedom. Let’s say you own a flat in Downtown Dubai, But after a couple of years, you realise that living in Business Bay is better, so the moving process can be complicated with all the paperwork. 

Ending Thoughts 

Whether you want to purchase an apartment or rent it in Dubai, you no longer have to face any hassle. On the one hand, owning a flat makes you financially stronger, in the long run, renting one allows you to relish the city’s luxurious life on a budget. However, we hope that the difference mentioned above will come in handy when making the life-changing decision. 

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In 2022, Hobby Lobby will host Thanksgiving.




In 2022, Hobby Lobby will host Thanksgiving.

Hobby Lobby ongoing 50% off sales on arts and crafts materials only add to the store already competitive pricing.

It would be impossible to describe Hobby Lobby Black Friday in a few words. Everyone is guaranteed to fall in love with something from the store’s wide selection. Everything from everyday necessities to specialty fabrics and notions can be found at Hobby Lobby, making it a haven for creative types of all stripes. It has all the amenities necessary to host a spectacular wedding or party.

In terms of holiday shopping, Hobby Lobby is a must-visit. During Hobby Lobby’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, customers can save 50% on select home decor items like mirrors and candles. In addition, we have 50% off both Christmas trees and holiday lights this year. 

Black Friday deals at Home Depot for this year

Does anyone know whether Home Depot has any Black Friday specials this year?

Black Friday deals at The Home Depot last for a full four weeks. On Friday, November 14, Home Depot will launch their Black Friday sale, which will last through Monday, December 1. Everything from holiday decorations to outdoor power tools to high-end kitchen appliances may be found here.

In what time frame do the Home Depot’s Black Friday deals begin?

The Black Friday deal at Home Depot will begin on November 14 and run until December 1. Stores for Home Depot will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will reopen at 6 a.m. on Black Friday. Inquire whether Home Depot has any Black Friday specials planned.

Can I find any Home Depot Black Friday specials on your site?

Black Friday specials at Home Depot start at midnight on November 14. You can choose between having it shipped to your house or picking it up in person. Black Friday at Home Depot means incredible savings.

For the Home Depot’s Black Friday sale, how do I get the most value for my money?

You’ll need your Black Friday receipts to get the citywide deals and discounts that are available. If you need longer time to pay off major purchases, the Home Depot credit card’s financing terms of 12 to 24 months may be a good fit. You can save up to $100 on your first purchase when you use your new Home Depot credit card. Do not forget to enter your Home Depot coupon or promotional code to obtain your discount! Swagbucks helps you save money while you shop online.

When will the Black Friday sale at Home Depot begin, and what well-known brands will be on sale?

At your nearby Home Depot, you may get huge discounts on power tools like Dewalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Ridgid, Husky, and HDX, among others. Popular manufacturers including LG, Samsung, GE, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Bosch, and Frigidaire are marked down significantly.

In what ways will Home Depot be lowering prices for Black Friday?

You cannot use The Home Depot’s Price Match Guarantee on any products purchased during Black Friday or any other holiday deals.

Any idea when Home Depot’s in-store and curbside pickup options will be available?

Pickup options for online orders include both in-store and curbside. Simply choose the “curbside delivery” option during checkout to have your purchase brought right up to your front door.

You can learn more about Hobby Lobby here.

Hobby Lobby already has low prices, and they offer regular deals like free shipping and coupons that save you even more money. Free shipping and a 40% discount apply to orders of $50 or more. Supplies for hobbies and home decor are best purchased when sales like these appear.

On hbo max black friday  Craftsman’s Warehouse offers some of the most competitive prices of the year. Listed below are some of the most impressive price cuts we’ve ever seen:

  • Sale on Decorative Table Accessories, up to 50% off (seasonal and Spring Shop categories are not included)
  • Bouquets, wreaths, garlands, and more in the Fall Home, Floral, and Crafts Department are all 80% off!
  • 50% off all Christmas trees, decorations, and handmade gifts all winter long.
  • Discounts of 40-50% on Best-Sellers
  • Discounts of up to 50% on all items for making jewellery
  • Shears, pillowcases, and harvest fabric are all up to 50% off.

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5 Speedy Ways to Carry Spring into Your Living Room




area rugs

The days are getting longer, and the weather is starting to warm up – it must be springtime! If you’re researching ways to brighten up your living room and welcome in the new season, there’s no compulsion to wait for the official start of spring to get your home ready for the season. You can bring some fresh new feeling into your living room with just a few quick changes. Your living room is a separate space where you can let your personality shine. So why not use the season of spring to give it a little refresh? Here are five easy-to-carry ways to do just that!

1. Welcome Spring with Cleaning

As the days grow up and the weather gets warmer, many people start to feel the urge to do spring cleaning. After a long winter caged up indoors, it can be refreshing to open the windows, air out your living space, and eliminate any clutter accumulated over the past few months. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be about getting rid of things. You can also use this time to make your living room look new. Swap out heavy throws, area rugs, and blankets for lighter fabrics, brighten up your walls with a layer of paint or add some new plants to inject some life into your space. With a few simple creative renovations, you can easily bring the feeling of spring into your living room.

2. Create a wall-to-wall carpet

If you have ties or hardwood floors, consider covering them with a carpet for a cozier feel. This is effective in rooms that get a lot of natural light. Nothing says spring like a fresh, colorful carpet. But if your living room is still sporting the same dreary floor covering from last year, it might be time for an update. Luckily, it’s easy to create a wall-to-wall carpet that will add a touch of springtime style to your space. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A roll of indoor/outdoor carpeting in a spring-inspired color or pattern.
  • A heavy-duty stapler and staples.
  • A utility knife.
  • A tape measure.

Unroll the carpet and cut it to fit your living room. Then, use the stapler to secure the edges of the carpet to the baseboard molding around the room’s perimeter.

3. Use throw pillows

One coolest way to give your living room a cheerful makeover is to switch out your heavy winter throw pillows for something lighter and brighter. Look for pillows in cheerful spring colors like yellow, green, and pink. You can also choose playful prints such as florals or polka dots. Mix and match natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, to add texture. And don’t forget to add a few throws in coordinating colors to keep you cozy on cooler evenings.

4. Hang curtains

Curtains can add both color and texture to your living room. These are a simple and effective way to add a touch of seasonal flair to any room. For example, hanging light-colored curtains in the living room can help create a brighter and more cheerful atmosphere. Alternatively, choosing curtains with a floral pattern can add a touch of elegance to the space. No matter what your style may be, adding curtains is an easy way to bring the spirit of spring into your home.

5. Add Colorful Rugs

Colorful rugs can instantly inject some life into your living room. Consider opting for a floral or abstract design to make a statement. Not only will they add a vivid splash of color, but they can also help to lighten up the living room and make it feel more welcoming. In addition, colorful rugs can help to hide any small imperfections in your flooring and add an extra layer of comfort. Whether you choose a vibrant floral print or a cheerful solid color, adding a rug to your living room is a way to enjoy spring’s spirit all year.

6. Swap out artwork

As the days get more tand, the weather changes, changing your home décor to reflect the season can be refreshing. If you’re planning for a quick and easy way to Spring-if your living room, consider swapping out some of your artwork. Look for pieces that feature light and fresh colors and florals, and try to find interesting textures and shapes to add visual interest. If you have a large piece of art, you may want to switch it to a smaller one to create a more airy feel. And if you have any bare walls, now is the perfect time to add some new wall art. You can even get creative and trendy and make your Spring-themed artwork using items like fabric scraps, paper flowers, or photos.

7. Add Some Greeny

As the days get time, the weather gets warmer, many start to feel the urge to freshen up their living spaces. One finest ways to do this is to add some green plants. Not only do plants add color and life to a room, but they can also help to purify the inner air and boost your mood. If you’re confused and mixed up about where to start, here are a few spring-friendly plants that are easy to care for:

  • Aloe vera succulent is known for its healing properties, making it a great choice if you have kids or pets who learn to get scrapes and bruises.
  • Peace lily’s elegant plant is perfect for anyone who wants a bit of greenery without a lot of hassle. Peace lilies are known for their capacity to thrive in low-light conditions and are practically impossible to kill.
  • Snake plant is a low-maintenance option; these are perfect for busy households. They’re very tolerant of neglect and can prosper in rooms with little natural light.


Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so it’s the perfect time to spruce up your living room with fresh new décor. Bring in some bright colors with a new piece of art or a colorful throw pillow and rugs. Add some fresh, natural look with a potted plant or a trendy terrarium. Create a focal point with an eye-catching coffee table book or a sculpture. And don’t forget the finishing touches – fresh flowers always make a room feel more inviting. You can get rugs from stores like RugKnots, which has a great living room selection. With just a few easy-to-carry changes, you can give your living room a new look for spring.


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