How to remove the bad smell from home: 7 quick and effective tricks

remove the bad smell from home

To get rid of the bad smell in the house caused by humidity, traffic jams, tobacco, or pets, you can use the deodorizing properties of natural products such as baking soda, vinegar, or coffee.

In this article, we tell you how to get rid of the bad smell in your house forever. Take good note!

Have you just bought or rented a home and notice an unpleasant odor inside? It is very common for houses or apartments that have been closed for a long time (or that have not been cleaned frequently) to acquire very unpleasant odors.

Sometimes, the bad smell is so pervasive that it can make a home uninhabitable, the main problem being the proliferation of humidity, broken pipes, clogged and/or dirty siphons and drains, electrical appliances, and filters that have never been cleaned among other common situations that cause a bad smell at home

In most cases, thorough ventilation and cleaning will get rid of foul odors. However, for a deeper, faster, and more efficient cleaning, you should resort to remedies and products such as baking soda, cinnamon, or charcoal.

Seven tricks to eliminate bad odors from home

Next, we share with you seven home remedies that are hand in hand to eliminate unpleasant odors in your home:

  1. Use vinegar for bad odors in environments and fabrics

White cleaning vinegar and even apple cider vinegar are natural products that will help us eliminate the bad smell of a house, especially if there are rooms that smell of tobacco and fabrics that have mold and, therefore, humidity. This is due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Vinegar is cheap, eco-friendly, and very effective at removing odors caused by mold, mildew, and rot.

How to use vinegar to eliminate bad odors?

To eliminate the bad smell of the house with vinegar, pour vinegar and warm water in equal parts into a spray bottle. Afterward, he shakes the mixture and sprays it around the closed spaces that smell bad.

Another solution is to add vinegar in small containers and spread them over the areas that have a bad smell.

Vinegar smells quite strong, but it will be worth it, as it is a very effective remedy. You can even use it to remove the bad smell of clothes and the musty smell of towels.

Combined with vinegar, it will become a very effective cleaning product to clean and remove the bad smell of the washing machine.

  1. Use baking soda for the bad smell of furniture and carpets

One of the most effective remedies to eliminate bad odors that occur at home is baking soda. This is due to its antibacterial and deodorizing properties that directly combat odor caused by mold, mildew, and decomposing food scraps that can cause unpleasant odors in the garbage can, for example.

How to use baking soda to eliminate bad odors? It’s very simple, you just have to put baking soda in a container and add lemon juice or water until you get a paste. Next, rub all the surfaces and furniture that have bad odors with the paste obtained. Finally, let the bicarbonate paste act for 5 or 10 minutes and remove the remains with a soft bristle brush.

  1. Use charcoal to prevent and eliminate the musty smell

Did you know that charcoal is one of the best remedies to prevent humidity in cabinets and dressing rooms? It turns out that a Binchotan-activated charcoal stick is capable of absorbing toxins and bad odors in a very effective way.

How to use charcoal to eliminate bad odors? You just have to place the charcoal stick in a container and leave it in a place that has bad odors or humidity. Charcoal is also an element widely used to make water drinkable.

  1. Use vanilla essence for very strong odors in the environment

Did you know that vanilla essence is used to create backgrounds from other essences? This is because its molecular structure is very strong, so it stays on the skin for longer.

That is why the essence of vanilla will become one of your best allies to put an end to heavy and smelly environments at home. It is perfect, for example, for places that have been closed for a long time or homes with pets, since its essence will be easily dispersed.

How to use vanilla essence for bad odors? Sprinkle some vanilla essence on a clean cloth and rub it on the places and objects you want to deodorize. If you want its scent to linger longer, put a couple of tablespoons in a small container and place it on the bad-smelling site.

  1. Use whole bean (or ground) coffee for tobacco-smelling environments

Coffee is a natural product known worldwide for giving off an exquisite aroma. Not only that, coffee grounds are also known to nourish and improve the appearance of plants and create painted canvases.

How to use coffee for bad smells? It is important to place whole, roasted coffee beans in a bowl and place the container inside cupboards or smelly places.

You can also use this trick to eliminate the smell of tobacco that usually remains in a smoking room. On the other hand, if you choose to reuse the leftover coffee grounds, pour them into a small cloth bag or on a plate and follow the same procedure.

Cinnamon and tree essential oil is also an excellent natural flavoring agent to eliminate odors from environments and closed places.

  1. Use lemon juice for the bad smell of the floors

Lemon is one of the best natural agents to clean the house, eliminate unpleasant odors, and create cheap and very effective home air fresheners. In addition, it is also a bactericide and natural bleach, as it is capable of removing yellow stains from white clothes.

Now, how to use lemon to get rid of bad odors? To aromatize smelly environments, pour natural lemon juice into a bowl and take it to the microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power. Carefully remove the bowl and place it in a place that has a bad smell. You will immediately notice how the fresh smell fills the house!

Another option is to boil water with several pieces of lemon and scrub the floors with this mixture. The effect is double because on the one hand we aromatize the house with the steam of the lemon and we disinfect the floors with its water.

  1. Use cloves to repel pests and prevent their bad smell

Did you know that cloves are one of the best products to eliminate annoying odors from poorly ventilated places? Its pronounced and fresh smell also works as a natural inhibitor of bacterial growth, one of the most common causes of bad odors in the home.

Not only that, but clove also has medicinal properties: it is said to naturally relieve toothaches, reduce inflammation and eliminate bad breath, among other conditions.

How to use clove to remove bad smell from home? Place a handful of clove sticks in a container and place the container inside furniture, closets, dressers, or rooms that have not been aired for a long time. You will notice its fresh smell right away!

Tips to avoid bad smell at home

Once we eliminate bad odors, it is important to know how to preserve a clean and healthy environment. Therefore, below we list a series of tips to prevent bad odors from taking over your home:

Ventilate your house daily and always first thing in the morning. You can also do it at night, at the last minute. Daily ventilation prevents -to a great extent- a house from acquiring humidity.

Scrub tile floors every day or every other day with water and bleach. If you don’t have bleach, you can use white vinegar and lemon.

Frequently clean the furniture, whatever the material. For fabrics (sofas, armchairs, armchairs, etc.) we recommend steam cleaning.

Air out and clean your shoes. Shoes tend to create bad odors in the home, so it is advisable to wash them from time to time and air them after each use.

Avoid storing damp or wet clothes. The reason is very simple, by storing wet clothes we are promoting the proliferation of mold and fungus on clothes, something that will make them smell bad and spoil. Therefore, you should only store your clothes when they are completely dry.

Regularly clean the bathroom, since it is the room in the home that most tends to generate bacteria and bad odors. For example, after every shower, open the window and let the environment dry. If, on the other hand, you have your kitten’s litter box in the bathroom, clean it with water and bleach at least twice a week. This applies even if you use clumping litter since the smell of our pets tends to permeate the surroundings and the litter box itself.

Do a thorough cleaning of appliances once a month or every two months. In this way, we will avoid the proliferation of mold in the filters or inside the appliances.

As you can see, it is very easy to get rid of bad smells at home, especially from environments that have been closed for a long time or have not been cleaned. If you liked these tricks, we will teach you how to remove mildew stains from clothes.


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