It ALL ADDS UP to Irony- Jason Licht: “This franchise needs a new face”, yes…for yours.

You can add it up, and you can figure it out, its not hard.

This team was supposed to make the playoffs, it was supposed to grow from last years 9-7 Bucs team that came very close to failing if not for Jameis Winston grabbing the Bucs by the horns and pulling them up for a win.

At the heart of the Bucs Jameis Winston led franchise, the coaching of Dirk Koetter. Anyone who knows me, knows that I support continuity.
No, not the Apple feature on newer Macs, the kind the Packers have with Mike McCarthy at coach, or the Steelers with 3 coaches since 1969. But the great Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp and John Lynch all taught us… The Tape doesn’t lie. “the eye in the sky, does NOT lie!”

This team needs a change to shake things up, but it needs change to correct mistakes. Bucs GM Jason Licht was looked at like a great improvement over former GM Mark Dominik who was fired because his draft picks didn’t pan out, and his free agents panned out worse.

So lets take an HONEST look at Jason Licht, because unless the Glazers shock us all and renew him.. Light’s 4-year contract is done, and I would not like to be his manager trying to talk his owner into rehiring him for more years. Everyone lauds Licht for great drafting when he started; Picking Mike Evans. Now name someone else from that draft. I can;Austin Seferian Jenkins. GONE!  and dont be surprised to see him score a TD vs Bucs next week.  Charles Sims, barely used RB in a backfield that features a terrible running back o begin with in Doug Martin, whom Licht brought back for 7 million dollars? Kevin Pamphile… OK.  Theres two players.

2015 – The Jackpot that everyone remembers Licht for, Jameis, Donovan Smith, Ali Marpet, Kwon Alexander. All four great pics, but why do you move Marpet to Center, a position he’s never played in his life; not college, not even high school!  The mistakes start to pile up then, after 2016 and after the Bucs have a winning record.

Everyone is down on Bucs Defensive coordinator Mike Smith, he is not the problem, any more than  Koetter is, this is a team with all the talent on one side of the field; the offense…and one part of it; the passing game. Bucs are 3rd in passing…but 28th in rushing. Ali Marpet was moved away from his natural position so Mr. Nasty J.R. Sweezy would play guard and you’d have a smash-face running attack even better than 2015. The Bucs were 26th last year, so we’re going in the wrong direction.

In 2015 Tampa Bay had no. 5 rushing attack in Martin’s contract year.    Martin should never have been brought back after last year’s numbers, rehab or not. Now Peyton Barber is the running back for the Bucs and the Bucs are looking toward the draft after one more loss. And wouldn’t it be ironic losing to the NY Jets with Josh McCown at QB, ASJ catching TD passes, and a defense that improved once Defensive ‘Guru’ Rex Ryan left. (oh wait, that’s Buffalo too!..Rex improved two teams by leaving!)

The Bucs defense looked like it ‘Got It’ last year, but did they? Or did Jameis Winston pull this together and put them on his shoulders? We saw Jon Gruden fire up the Bucs defense better than their mentors Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin the past few years of their run. The 2002 superbowl was as much about the defense as it was the offense.

Mike Smith knows how to all defenses, but you have to have the talent. New Orleans finally has talent, as do the Jaguars, and these teams are winning.  After the Lovie/Light regime spent two seasons collecting draft picks on the offense, and only Kwon Alexander to show for the D.

2016 comes and in Koetter’s first draft, you pick another undersized corner, to match up with your OTHER undersized corner… to what? replace him one day? In case the NFL mandates a mandatory small corner on each team? Noah Spence had all the makings of a stud pick, but so far it’s injuries that describes him. McCoy had similar bad luck, so perhaps it will all work out; but then, here comes the elephant in the room ..

Roberto Aguayo.

Traded up, to get a kicker. Really, I supported it when it happened. We all assumed he knew what he was doing being most accurate kicker, and a great kicker would put a team in a great spot. But it’s a risk. Of course, Vonn Bell was there, and that would have taken Bell AWAY from New Orleans. Would the Bucs need a safety?? hmm. Bill Belichick is supposed to be Licht’s ‘person to look up to’, so can you see him doing this?  Or bringing in a NY Jets troubled kicker to add competition to Aguayo, but it backfires and you have to get rid of both?

The Glazers will take a good look at all things Bucs related with Jason Licht, but if you ask me, the decision has already been made. There is no contract for Licht in his 4th year of a 4 -year contract. Sure the Bucs have a 5th year option, but what do you need to see in a 5th year? Another Swaggy Baker whose done nothing to help a Defensive line that has not had a double digit sacker in 12 seasons?

12 years…. whole class of children who went to kindergarten and are headed to college, and the Bucs haven’t rushed the passer yet. But we needed that second Tight End in O.J. Howard.  Of course there is no use crying over spilled Orange Juice because soon the Cameron Brate/OJ Howard show will be awesome.

There is just too much at stake, and the drafting of Mike Evans, Jameis Winston, yeah they are great. . . But those guys could have been picked by the guys on Facebook; without Russian influences to select them!

5 thoughts on “It ALL ADDS UP to Irony- Jason Licht: “This franchise needs a new face”, yes…for yours.”

  1. I say Mike Alstot for Gm.Derrick Brooks for Defensive coordinator,John Gruden or How about Tony romo for Head Coach,Or Tim Tebow

    1. Yes and Special Teams we can hire Martin Gramatica, Sabby Piscatelli can be our quality control coach, and Kenyatta Walker can have head of officiating to keep our team from false starting, as he knows it so well from experience. I got a better Idea, lets let the Pros do the job

    1. My particular brand of optimism ( I was after all “The Optimist” on for a couple years) wasn’t really needed around here, with Bucs going 9-7 and all. but I see what happens when I fall off the map, the team goes to Schiano!

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