Kill PBS and NPR? So THATS how we’ll pay for the 54 billion dollar defense budget!

The Trump 2017 defense plan?

Picture this..a lifelong enemy is threatening your boarder, but you don’t care, you are protected. Because you have invested money in defense, the smart thing to do when you have enemies. Your defense is solid, impenetrable, and the world agrees, your protected.

And so France was sure that Nazi Germany would not be able to get through its Maginot Line, an impenetrable defense line of bunkers, Gun turrets and other well thought out ideas. After fighting a war in trenches, the French set up underground bunkers, their troops would rest in comfort while the Germans would be outside in the rain and weather.   Just one problem…


The French were trying to fight WWII with WWI tech. The German Blitzkrieg made the Maginot line worthless, bombing it from above.

Fast forward to 2017 and Donald Trump is trying to Rah Rah America into spending 54 Billion dollars on defense, the same amount that Russia spends on its ENTIRE DEFENSE BUDGET!

More planes, more ship. More French military mistakes.

You cannot fight ISIS with Air Craft Carriers. An Air Craft Carrier is a great peacetime tool or weapon when your dealing with a third world country without the ability to really fight back. Anyone today can see an air craft carrier coming from a week away. A cruise missile is all it would take to wipe out an carrier. This isn’t WWII, there were no Satellites in space in World War TWO.

To fight a war against an enemy that has no border, no government, you have to be able to  fight an ideal, and idealism.

The 54 billion dollar “Magiot” defense budget, is just another way we are falling behind the times.


1 thought on “Kill PBS and NPR? So THATS how we’ll pay for the 54 billion dollar defense budget!”

  1. Nobody gives a damn about your political beliefs, Nick, which is why nobody gives a damn about your pathetic website. Cruised by of late to see what Bucs are doing in free agency but clear to me you don’t have a clue.

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