Long Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan not complaining; Today’s Bucs are downright OFFENSIVE!!

Who was last Buc to wear it as part of uniform? Only one wore it after all the rest took it off. A: Hardy Nickerson, In ProBowl 1996 season, Jan 97.

These are not your grandfather’s Buccaneers! They dominated teams on Defense with their Orange Crush (I dont care what Denver fans think, the 78-82 Bucs Defense was the REAL Orange Crush)! With Lee Roy Selmon and The Batman (Richard Wood), Mark Cotney at Safety and Mike Washington, Scott Brantley the Florida Gator and Neil Colzie, the first Bucs team fans cheered for could hit, tackle and pick off passes with the best of them. But try to name any offensive players, and youll be stuck after Doug Williams, Ricky Bell, James Wilder, Jimmy Giles and Kevin House. In Fact, add in Paul Gruber, Mark Carrier  and Reggie Cobb (all Late 80s), those are the only names youll see spread throughout the Bucs media guide of RECORDS! Eight guys in 20 years of Orange!

1997-2013 Bucs Helmet

These are also not your Father’s Buccaneers! They may have had a few more offensive names donated into the Record books, men like Mike Alstott, Warrick Dunn, Brad Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Pittman, Dave Moore, Joey Galloway, and even Josh Freeman & Jeff Garcia.. but the Pewter Pirates are known for Defense. Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio has been getting an influx of Buccaneers lately (yes its an influx when you get

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Joey Galloway shows off his muscles after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter of a football game against the New Orleans Saints Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007,  in Tampa, Florida. (AP Photo/Scott Audette)
If you saw this pose, the cannons were a firin’!


one guy in 3 and a half decades), men like Sapp, Brooks, and even the architect Dungy himself. These Bucs won games 15-9, Warren Sapp once said “Give me 17 points and Ill give you a W”!

Before the dawning of this new decade, the Bucs best offensive rankings in HISTORY were:

  • 1984 (No.10 with 332 Yards per game; Miami was 1 (433 pg) and Indianapolis was the worst (258 ypg) in their first year after leaving Baltimore.
  • 2003 (No.10 with 340 yards per game, No.1 was Minnesota with 393ypg and last was Detroit with 266ypg)

Thats it…TWICE, in almost 3.5 decades, the Bucs offense was ranked in the top 10, AT 10!! The only thing worth mentioning is in 2000, Tampa Bay was tied for 6th with SF49ers for Points scored that season (388), but then again, the Bucs defense that year had the most sacks in a season (Sapp 2000), and 5th place was also that year, Marcus Jones DE (see how a DT and DE play off each other Mr and Mrs McCoy haters). Ronde Barber’s 2 TDs didn’t hurt.

TAMPA BAY’s AGE OF OFFENSE! 2012,2015,2016..

whatever happened, Freeman was electric in 2010 and early 2012
after slinging’ for Vikings and Redskins, Bucs got Johnson, who got them a Trophy!

40Bucs cracked the top 10 with 363 yards per game, good for 9th place behind 1454 yards of 5th ranked rusher Doug Martin. But the Bucs have had rushers before.. now it could throw the ball too! Josh Freeman in his 4th year broke Brad Johnson’s 9 year old record for most TD passes in 2012 with 27; New Bucs Free Agent WR Vincent Jackson broke the Bucs ‘Most Rec Yards in a Game’ record, passing Mark Carriers 25 year old record of 212 yards by catching 216s worth. Jackson narrowly came up short of the all time Bucs season Receiving mark of 1422 by Carrier, who had a career year in 1989 catching passes from a 3rd year Vinny Testaverde. Jackson had 1384 in 2012, but this one year flash would be just that..as Josh Freeman would be gone from the Bucs after just 3 games in 2013 in the most bizarre soap opera scenario ever scene at One Buc.

It’s safe to say, the Bucs offensive records are all in jeopardy now… as in only 3 season, Mike Evans has begun to leave his mark in the record books.

Mark Carrier was Vinny’s fav target

Coming up just behind Carrier’s 212 mark in 89, sits 3rd place Evans with a 209 yard game at Washington in 2014. Evans rookie year gave him 1051 yards, 13th place on the all time Bucs charts. He was 142 yards away from tying Michael Claytons phenomenal rookie year 8th spot. But the next season, Evans passed Claytons rookie mark of 1193 with his own 1206 in 2015; Jameis Winston rookie season.

With 811 yards after only 9 games, Evans is on pace to possibly take the no. 1, 8, and 14th Season Receiving records in only his 3rd NFL season! All fueled of course by the arrival of No.1 draft pick Winston, who is doing some damage to the ink in the books himself!

Jameis had 22 Touchdowns in his rookie campaign, a Bucs record for rookies and good for 4th place tie with Brad Johnson’s 2002 Super Bowl season. Johnson’s 2003 total of 26 TDs was the one passed by Freeman’s 27 TDs in ’12.  Winston Also joined those two gentlemen in the 4 way tie for most TDs in a game: 5 a piece for Winston at Philly last year, Freeman vs Seattle in 2010 playoff push (last one so far), Brad Johnson at home vs Minnesota in ’02 and  the start of the record, which sat for 15 years before it was passed, Steve DeBerg in the first 48 point game for the Bucs offense opening day 1987.

Winston, Evans, and Martin are all over the record books of there last couple years: But they are not the only ones! Mike Glennon has 2nd place for highest completion % in a game 87% vs Atlanta in 20-23 loss in his rookie season of 2013. He also completed 15 in a row to help his cause, good enough for 2nd place in MOST CONSECUTIVE COMPLETIONS Category, tied for 2nd place with 4 others.

But the Main guys are the core:

Evans has more TDs Rec. in a Season: 12, also good for Most TD scored in general, 2nd to James Wilders 13 back in 1984…a record going on 32 seasons…and could possibly end this year as Evans has 8 TDs already in 10 games. Evans is tied there with Martin who scored 12 TDs last year when was the No.2 rusher in the league. Most TD in a game? Martin Tied Jimmie Giles with 4 against Oakland (Giles did it at Miami), but Martin also has the 3 spot covered with 7 others when he scored 3 vs Jacksonville.

In the Media Guide, current Bucs are in Red, with Black the color of older records. COMBINED YARDAGE in a season still belongs to James Wilder who almost set the NFL record in 1984 with his 2229 (1544 rush, 685 Rec.). But Doug Martins 2012 season is 2nd for the Bucs, and Martin’s 2015 season is 3rd.  Vincent Jackson cracked the list with his 2012 season.  Combined yardage in a single game however?? Reads like this..

  1. Martin 272 2012 @ Oak
  2. Wilder 239 @ Min 1983
  3. Martin 235 @ Philly 2015
  4. Dunn 221  Vs Dallas 2000
  5. Jackson  216  vs New Orleans 2012
  6. Wilder 216  vs Green Bay 1984
  7. Martin 214  at Minnesota 2012
  8. Carrier  212  at New Orleans 1987
  9. Evans  209 @ Washington 2014
  10. Wilder  201 Vs Detroit 1986


Warrick Dunn could break any run for a TD
over 75% of Bucs offense 84 and 85
TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 1: Fullback Mike Alstott #40 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrates a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings at Raymond James Stadium on November 1, 1998 in Tampa, Florida. The Buccaneers won 27-24. (photo by Robbie Roberts/Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
4 yards and cloud of dust..or 40 and TD.



Amazing how the top three spots, are on the road!  Vincent Jackson appears to be done in his NFL Career, or at the very least his Bucs. Martin signed a new deal but lost many games this year, the 3rd time in 5 years. Playing only 2 full seasons when your backups are churning out 100 yard games, is not a recipe for breaking more records.

But With Jameis Winston and Mike Evans not even out of their wet behind the ears stage, who else will be joining the Bucs over the next two or three seasons that will help keep the Bucs in this age of OFFENSIVE BUCS FOOTBALL!!


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