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lotus flower

If you are feeling lost and confused, frustrated or insecure, come back to yourself, back to what you’re doing today when you arrive, you will find yourself, just like the lotus flower that is in full bloom even in a murky lake, stunning and sturdy.” -Masaru Emoto. Masaru Emoto

Affixed to a card by an individual whose husband and father of their four year old son was suffering from stroke My yoga instructor Susan graciously opened the class. The card read: “No Mud, No Lotus”.

The remainder of class we practiced yoga poses of strength in surrender–like the lotus flower that emerges victoriously clean above murky waters–representative of how each of us can overcome life’s painful challenges. In many cultures the lotus flower is a symbol of cleansing of the mind, body and speech; of waking up and surrendering. It is a symbol of strength in the way that rain from dark clouds flows effortlessly off its petals before it is open to the sun which is followed. Each pose we practiced by observing with a keen eye and coming to peace with the dark under the lotus, our sadness, fear or anger as well as other uncomfortable emotions to release these. We felt the visceral arousal inside our bodies.

The muddy, murky waters of failure, loss and disappointment, as well as other negative emotions that each person experiences is not as easy as it sounds. How can we nurture our own symbolic lotus flowers to emerge triumphantly from your darkness? think? While I was contemplating the lotus and the lotus, it brought me back to the tasks I perform with my clients who I coach.

The key to managing negative emotions is to first observe

Instead of judging, stuffing and shaming, refusing to acknowledge the situation, yelling at or avoiding the unpleasant moment that has awaited us We can develop the ability to handle difficulties in a more effective way. An easy way to describe mindfulness is to be an “objective observer” of the present. It shifts us rapidly from the primitive, fear-focused portion of the brain, to the advanced higher-level brain, from which the solutions are created. This is crucial, as fear can rob us of vital clarity and energy to tackle our problems. It is possible to learn to concentrate instead on our strengths to solve problems which boosts our energy and resilience.

Being mindful can lead to truthful real life. It’s the first step towards transforming our negative thoughts in order to create a more positive life. When we face our emotions honestly our feelings, we are able to be compassionate towards us. Self-compassion is about adopting a mindful, balanced approach to negative emotions, so that they aren’t ignored or overemphasized. It is from this point that growth and learning take place.

Being aware of a negative feeling isn’t a reason to not like, expect or seek to achieve the possibility of a better outcome. It’s not a passive attitude to life. Rather, being mindful allows us to experience hard moments such as conflict, stress or failure–to learn and grow from these experiences–rendering them less acute and more manageable. Additionally, it assists us overcome our struggles in order to see the fullness of living in a much more positive way.

The “Undoing” Effects of Positive Emotions

Negative emotions are an integral part of the human experience. Some of them I consider “authentic”–because they can bring positive change and contribute to improvement. Certain I refer to as “counterfeit” which can be debilitating and causing unnecessary tension and misery. Once you’ve established the difference between genuine and fake the next step to “undoing” the negative emotion is to deliberately cultivate a positive one to replace it. Studies about”the “undoing impact” that positive feelings bring suggest that people can boost their health by invoking positive emotions in the right moments to manage negative emotions. Evoking a positive mood can help to release the grip the negative emotion has accumulated over a person’s body and mind. For instance, if you feel dejected after finding out that someone else won the job you wanted to get, you can develop the feeling (and strength of character) of gratitude while you choose to focus on other good things in your existence. This helps us learn to self-regulate and to bring our best selves to the forefront–strengthening our emotional health, our relationships with others, and making us more productive and content.

We can gain strength from people who triumphantly emerged from dark waters of loss and focused their attention on the things they “have” instead of the things they “lost.” One inspiring example is the blind designer Chris Downey. He began losing his vision after two days of the removal of a tumor in his brain after which, on the third day the tumor was gone completely. But, despite the numbing difficulties that followed, Downey claims he never ever thought of quitting his profession of architecture. According to Downey at the age of 45, awakening blind and with none of the smell sense (also dislocated in the surgery) was “quite honestly, it was really frightening.” However when asked about the development that resulted from his ability to create buildings that offer accessibility for blind people the architect replied “I’m 100% convinced that I’m a better architect now than I was when I was blind.” When asked if he was able to see again tomorrow could he continue to utilize his newfound ability to “feel” the designs he makes in his work? He replied “There’d–be some sort of logistical freedom to it. But would it enhance my life? I don’t know.”

Building Resilience

Resilience is the ability to find the meaning and significance in life’s “losses” and your life’s “successes.” It’s the capacity to bounce back and quickly recover from challenges or difficulties. It’s crucial to remember that it’s possible to build the habit of gratitude as well as other good feelings in the moments of tragic events.

The most important ingredient to build resilience is to place our self-concept into the core strengths of our personality that define our individuality. Positive psychology has identified 24 strengths as the fundamental elements that define our uniqueness, psychologically speaking. Each of us has each of them in different levels and combinations. These strengths, which are widely admired all over the world, can be classified as positive qualities that benefit oneself as well as others. They can lead us to happier feelings, relationships and to fulfilling and meaningful activities in our lives that allow us to flourish.

Recognizing your strengths as a person will increase your confidence to face any challenge you face. Nobody can anticipate the future, and we frequently cause stress by focused on and worry about the possibility of what “might occur.” Although we can’t forecast our future events, we are able to be grateful for our strengths, which will increase our confidence and capacity to handle whatever challenges the future may bring.

The self-concept you create around your strengths helps build your capacity to stay strong no matter where you go, regardless of the circumstances that affect you. Individuals like Chris Downey are examples of not just the ability to overcome challenges, but post-traumatic growth. Research shows that post-traumatic growth and resilience have the following characteristics:

  • Better relations ( kindness, love)
  • The willingness to explore the possibilities of new ideas ( curiosity, imagination, love of learning)
  • Appreciation of the present ( appreciation of beauty, gratitude, zest)
  • Personal strength (bravery, honesty, perseverance)
  • Spiritual development (spirituality)

Additional research on the development of resilience indicates that bravery is among the traits that are which is strongly linked to resilience. It was discovered that courage was associated with the recovery of satisfaction with life after physical ailments, and also to post-traumatic growth. Resilience also requires the development of bravery, which can be described as the ability to take action in situations where you are feeling fear or trepidation (i.e. bravery). People who are brave don’t shy away from danger or challenge or suffering, and can face difficult situations with more ability to withstand the pressures of life with greater.

Connect, Care, Create

Everybody experiences difficulties and disappointmentsTherefore, negative emotions are a normal aspect of life. In my book, Authentic Strengths, I have synthesized evidence-based techniques to manage negative emotions into an easy to remember, three-step tool that I call: “Connect-Care-Create.” This tool can help you process common negative emotions associated with personal and professional disappointments, losses or failures.

In the first place, since our brains tend to overstate the significance of a single incident and become stuck in a never-ending cycle of doubt The three-step procedure of the Connect-Care-Create tool starts with focusing mindfully on our body, and then observing the emotions, which can help end the rumination by providing our brain something fresh and objective to concentrate on. It also encourages the self-care and self-compassion, by helping us recognize that emotions that are negative are normal part of life and that we aren’t “singled to death”. Thirdly, this process aids us in dissolving the negative emotion making use of our strengths as a lens through which to tackle the issue, thereby creating a positive outlook or emotion to reverse the negative effect that the negativity has on us. It is known that memory and emotions that are attached to them are able to alter[8] shortly after being recalling them, and especially in the next hour.

In short this is the method:

Connect Locate a peaceful secure and safe area, then get into a comfortable sitting place. Take a moment to relax and breathe a couple of peaceful breaths. While closing your eyes “connect” by taking a moment of silence and looking at a negative emotion that you feel or experienced in the past, you are comfortable to explore at this moment. Pay attention to every aspect of the feeling without being judgmental, shameful or trying to avoid it. Let yourself observe the emotion objectively while being gentle and understanding towards yourself. Be honest about the emotion, without blame anyone or anything like, “I feel anxious and scared.” Which part of your body are you feeling the emotion the most (your shoulders, stomach, back, chest or back, etc. )?

Care: Practice self-care. Relax the place where you hold an emotion that is negative. It may be beneficial to put your hands on the area of your emotional reaction with a healing intent. Each time you exhale, think of it dissolving in the area of your body. It will dissolve as a ice cube warm water. Give yourself a hug by reminding you that everyone goes through tough moments, losses or failure, as well as mistakes. Remind yourself that everything will be well, and that you’ll provide yourself with the help you need to make it through this difficult time and you’ll make the necessary changes to improve the situation. It’s also beneficial to engage in a positive routine that helps release the emotions like talking to a friend who is compassionate to you, going for a walk or doing yoga, praying and meditation and listening to upbeat music or reading something inspirational and writing the emotion down and putting the paper away and taking a shower etc.–whatever helps to boost your spirits.

Creator: Recognize that you can choose and are able to handle this difficult emotion in a new and creative way. Find a strength in your character like hope, forgiveness perspectives, courage and creativity as well as self-kindness and others, gratitude and more. To aid you in changing the negative emotion and bring about a positive change in your outlook that will benefit you. What can you gain and develop from this incident? What are the new positive emotions you feeling right now? Watch the negative emotion slowly disappear and then lose its influence over you as new positive emotions develop to replace it. Feel free to celebrate this by taking a break and enjoying a relaxing exercise.


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How To Paint a Closet In 6 Easy Steps




Paint a Closet

Over time, furniture such as cabinets can deteriorate and become outdated. One of the cheapest alternatives to improve their appearance and adapt to the decoration of our home is to paint them. You won’t need to get rid of them and buy new ones!

With good painting and following this step-by-step on how to paint a wardrobe, you will achieve a perfect finish.

Step by step to paint a closet

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is remove or cover the hardware and hinges of the cabinets. If we want to paint them the same color as the cabinet, this step will not be necessary.

Step 2

Next, we paper the floor and the wall with cardboard or newspaper, and the areas that we do not want to paint with masking tape.

Step 3

Before painting the cabinets, we must strip them to remove traces of old paint or varnish that can prevent the new paint from adhering correctly. To do this, we will sand the surface or apply a good stripper and remove the layers of paint or varnish with a spatula.

Step 4

After stripping the furniture, we clean the surface, and once dry, apply the primer with a foam roller in two directions to avoid marks. We recommend using a light wood primer to avoid using more coats of paint later.

Step 5

Next, we paint the cabinets with a foam roller. We must apply the layers recommended by the manufacturer. Between layer and layer, we have to let the paint dry.

Light paints have less coverage than other colors, so we must apply more layers than when using other darker colors.

Keep in mind that when using a roller, the layer is thinner than when using a brush. If a brush is used, we will most likely need fewer coats to cover the cabinet but the finish may be uneven.

Step 6

Finally, we put the fittings and hinges back on. We already have our closet renewed!

Tips when painting the closet

The surface should not be painted when it is wet, we have to wait until it is dry. The paint has to be of quality for a good finish. If the furniture has damage, we can repair it with putty before starting to paint it. Normally, the cabinets are usually made of wood. This material is usually protected with varnish. To achieve a perfect finish, we must remove it by stripping the furniture. On the edges or edges, it is recommended to apply the paint with a brush to impregnate it well.

We must apply thin layers of paint; otherwise, unsightly drops may remain on the finish due to excess paint.

Removing the cabinet doors will make our job easier. The drying times of the paint must be respected before giving it a new coat.

Paint melamine cabinet

Melamine is the second most used material for cabinets. To paint the melamine furniture and leave a good finish, we will follow another process. Before starting to paint the cabinet, we must prepare the surface. To do this, we will send the furniture to open the pore and eliminate irregularities.

After sanding, we will thoroughly clean the cabinet with a cloth and alcohol to remove any dust. Once dry, we will apply a primer with a roller. Finally, we will paint the cabinet with special paint and apply a protective varnish.

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Self-Care Products Available At Amazon




Amazon Promo Codes 20 off anything

We don’t want to appear biased, but we are completely enamored with the enormous selection of products Amazon has available to us. The leading, all-inclusive online retailer, Amazon, has consistently expanded its categories and overloaded its customers with options.

One of the most popular Google searches is for an Amazon Promo Codes 20 off anything. They give us a positive buying experience conclusion. Amazon has given special consideration to the personal care sector, from imported goods in the supermarket section to the greatest gadget collection.

Nothing is missing from Amazon’s inventory. Be it scented products from Paris or aromatic skincare from Korea. It’s time to purge your vanities and order a few highly rated, in-demand items on the web.

We have compiled a list of personal care items that you may purchase with an Amazon coupon to save you time.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair By Amazon

Many people have hair because of our genes. And pay the salon hundreds of dollars each month to get rid of them. Among the dangers is the intense agony that waxing produces or the razor cuts which persist for weeks.

There are alternative approaches to obtaining clear, supple skin, though. Using dependable equipment and goods is one. We can find a variety of treatments on Amazon for our unwanted hair issues. All of the choices have been tried and tested, and several come highly recommended.

A dependable and transportable instrument is the Finishing Touch Pain-free hair removal, which sold on Amazon. It suggested by dermatologists and is suitable for all skin types. It is simple to use on a moistened face to remove grime and detangle hair.

Another tried-and-true facial razor set is the Schick Hydro Touch-Up, which also functions as an exfoliate and a hair removal tool. Utilize the discount coupon to use Braun Silk-expert IPL to permanently remove undesired hair. It is a portable gadget for permanent hair removal. It has excellent ratings on TikTok when trending.

Take Care of Yourself at Home

Have you ever thought, “This too expensive,” as you were having your nails done at a salon? It almost seems like you could do everything yourself and that would be far superior, save from the quick massage. However, the inexpensive local kits always have bothered your nails or ripped off the skin around your cuticles.

The tool sets offered on Amazon are outstanding. Electric sets as well as simple 5-piece nail-trimming kits offered. There are 18 pieces in the Professional Manicure Kit from ZIZZON, from a nail trimmer to a cuticle cleaner & nail buffers.

The Beurer 14-piece professional nail drill kit is another option; it comes with ten accessories and is cordless. Each piece’s speed may adjusted, or the LED light improved visibility while being used. It is one of our top-rated goods and comes in a beautiful casing. For a quick fix on your nails, you can also purchase A Final Touch electronic nail filer.

Amazon Muscle Relaxing Portable Massagers

Are you a worn-out workaholic or a tired mom? The massagers you may buy on Amazon are a gift from God. They have a rechargeable battery and are handheld and portable.

On Amazon, the HoMedics Body Massager is a best-seller. It is a warm comfort device with a tissue-focused massager that targets our interior tissues. It is excellent for sore muscles and aids in easing shoulder tightness.

One of Amazon’s suggested products is the Basic Neck & Back Massager. The circular motion of the kneading notes massages the back and neck, regulating blood flow and relieving stress. It only requires that you set it down on your bed or chair and lean back.

Shiatsu is an option for muscle relaxation. You can also obtain Weleda massage oils, which renowned for their organic oil extracts which have powerful therapeutic properties. Amazon also sells the uncommon Majestic Pure Sore Muscle Oil.

Gift Sets for Personal Care

You pay more for a product when you purchase it alone than when you purchase it in a bundle. It is preferable to purchase a collection of items for your skincare routine that have various functions. The gift baskets listed that under the personal care category on Amazon are a selection of gorgeous goods that are well worth purchasing.

One of Amazon’s biggest sellers is the whisker basket, which contains goods like almond milk and honey. This self-care set not only exquisitely constructed, but it also includes high-quality cosmetics with substances that promote skin healing. The kit is complete, including essential oils and cleansers. also makes a beautiful gift for women. By purchasing it for yourself using Amazon’s discount codes, you may treat yourself.

Additionally offered on Amazon, the Aveeno Essential Care bundle is regularly restocked. And the Glow Up facial sheet mask is the best at making you glow. With the Amazon discount code, you can buy a package of 6 or 12.

Self-care is crucial, but because of the daily grind, we often forget to pamper ourselves. Make your needs a top priority because Amazon will treat you right.

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5 Speedy Ways to Carry Spring into Your Living Room




area rugs

The days are getting longer, and the weather is starting to warm up – it must be springtime! If you’re researching ways to brighten up your living room and welcome in the new season, there’s no compulsion to wait for the official start of spring to get your home ready for the season. You can bring some fresh new feeling into your living room with just a few quick changes. Your living room is a separate space where you can let your personality shine. So why not use the season of spring to give it a little refresh? Here are five easy-to-carry ways to do just that!

1. Welcome Spring with Cleaning

As the days grow up and the weather gets warmer, many people start to feel the urge to do spring cleaning. After a long winter caged up indoors, it can be refreshing to open the windows, air out your living space, and eliminate any clutter accumulated over the past few months. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be about getting rid of things. You can also use this time to make your living room look new. Swap out heavy throws, area rugs, and blankets for lighter fabrics, brighten up your walls with a layer of paint or add some new plants to inject some life into your space. With a few simple creative renovations, you can easily bring the feeling of spring into your living room.

2. Create a wall-to-wall carpet

If you have ties or hardwood floors, consider covering them with a carpet for a cozier feel. This is effective in rooms that get a lot of natural light. Nothing says spring like a fresh, colorful carpet. But if your living room is still sporting the same dreary floor covering from last year, it might be time for an update. Luckily, it’s easy to create a wall-to-wall carpet that will add a touch of springtime style to your space. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A roll of indoor/outdoor carpeting in a spring-inspired color or pattern.
  • A heavy-duty stapler and staples.
  • A utility knife.
  • A tape measure.

Unroll the carpet and cut it to fit your living room. Then, use the stapler to secure the edges of the carpet to the baseboard molding around the room’s perimeter.

3. Use throw pillows

One coolest way to give your living room a cheerful makeover is to switch out your heavy winter throw pillows for something lighter and brighter. Look for pillows in cheerful spring colors like yellow, green, and pink. You can also choose playful prints such as florals or polka dots. Mix and match natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, to add texture. And don’t forget to add a few throws in coordinating colors to keep you cozy on cooler evenings.

4. Hang curtains

Curtains can add both color and texture to your living room. These are a simple and effective way to add a touch of seasonal flair to any room. For example, hanging light-colored curtains in the living room can help create a brighter and more cheerful atmosphere. Alternatively, choosing curtains with a floral pattern can add a touch of elegance to the space. No matter what your style may be, adding curtains is an easy way to bring the spirit of spring into your home.

5. Add Colorful Rugs

Colorful rugs can instantly inject some life into your living room. Consider opting for a floral or abstract design to make a statement. Not only will they add a vivid splash of color, but they can also help to lighten up the living room and make it feel more welcoming. In addition, colorful rugs can help to hide any small imperfections in your flooring and add an extra layer of comfort. Whether you choose a vibrant floral print or a cheerful solid color, adding a rug to your living room is a way to enjoy spring’s spirit all year.

6. Swap out artwork

As the days get more tand, the weather changes, changing your home décor to reflect the season can be refreshing. If you’re planning for a quick and easy way to Spring-if your living room, consider swapping out some of your artwork. Look for pieces that feature light and fresh colors and florals, and try to find interesting textures and shapes to add visual interest. If you have a large piece of art, you may want to switch it to a smaller one to create a more airy feel. And if you have any bare walls, now is the perfect time to add some new wall art. You can even get creative and trendy and make your Spring-themed artwork using items like fabric scraps, paper flowers, or photos.

7. Add Some Greeny

As the days get time, the weather gets warmer, many start to feel the urge to freshen up their living spaces. One finest ways to do this is to add some green plants. Not only do plants add color and life to a room, but they can also help to purify the inner air and boost your mood. If you’re confused and mixed up about where to start, here are a few spring-friendly plants that are easy to care for:

  • Aloe vera succulent is known for its healing properties, making it a great choice if you have kids or pets who learn to get scrapes and bruises.
  • Peace lily’s elegant plant is perfect for anyone who wants a bit of greenery without a lot of hassle. Peace lilies are known for their capacity to thrive in low-light conditions and are practically impossible to kill.
  • Snake plant is a low-maintenance option; these are perfect for busy households. They’re very tolerant of neglect and can prosper in rooms with little natural light.


Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so it’s the perfect time to spruce up your living room with fresh new décor. Bring in some bright colors with a new piece of art or a colorful throw pillow and rugs. Add some fresh, natural look with a potted plant or a trendy terrarium. Create a focal point with an eye-catching coffee table book or a sculpture. And don’t forget the finishing touches – fresh flowers always make a room feel more inviting. You can get rugs from stores like RugKnots, which has a great living room selection. With just a few easy-to-carry changes, you can give your living room a new look for spring.


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