Mercari: What Is Mercari? Detail Review About Mercari


Mercari is a marketplace where you can sell anything from $2 candles and used Nikes to designer handbags, arts and crafts, jewelry, and electronics.

Expected pay: NA

husl$core: $$

Commissions and fees: 10%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over 18 years old


Mercari is a retail site that allows you to sell clothing, sporting goods, toys, beauty supplies, and handmade items. The site charges a 10% commission on sales, plus a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10. There is also a $2 fee if your bank rejects a direct deposit transfer.

There are two big differences between Mercari and other sales sites:

  1. Buyers are encouraged to bargain, so they won’t necessarily walk away if they don’t like your price.
  2. And sellers don’t get paid until the buyer “qualifies” the seller and the seller qualifies the buyer. However, if the buyer does not rate the seller within three days, Mercari’s system will trigger the payment anyway.

The qualification requirement appears to be intended to reduce buyer and seller fraud by flagging bad actors. But it may delay the payment process. Also, it doesn’t really solve buyer fraud because the site will allow returns after the three-day window, after you’ve presumably given the buyer the go-ahead.

watch your thumbs

Also, sellers say it’s easy to hit the wrong button when accepting a return in the app. That could give the buyer the right to keep your product, even while receiving a refund. There is no going back if you hit the wrong key.

While Mercari commissions are not ruled out, sellers frequently complain that this site allows for scamming buyers and has little to no customer service for sellers.


If you sell used products, you can save money by selling on CraigsList, OfferUp, and Letgo.

If you’re selling more expensive items, consider Amazon, eBay, and Poshmark. Also consult our sales guide according to the type of product.

What Your Users Are Saying (From Sitejabber)

I sold an item for less than $10 and they didn’t tell me that in addition to their 10% fee, they charge $2 to transfer the money to their bank account. Nobody would help me and I would transfer it in another way. Ebay doesn’t do this. It’s just a sleazy way to get more money out of you. Please stay with eBay and do not use this app.

Buyers can repeatedly cancel without reason and still receive a refund. Your shipping cost is not refunded.

I sold a sports memorabilia that the buyer reported was damaged (the protective 8×10 plexiglass sheet was said to be torn). The buyer removed the protective triple-layer foam sheets (which was more expensive than the $1 plexiglass sheet), took photos without the protective measures, and sent them to Mercari. Mercari refunded the buyer and canceled the order while the buyer kept the merchandise.

They responded with “the merchandise was not sufficiently packaged” and it was dangerous to return it. I have shipped close to 100 (93 to be exact) of the same type of items (all in the exact same materials/sizes/packaging with no issues.

 Slow Payments And Scams

When someone buys an item you’re selling, the seller has three days to ship the item. When the item is delivered to the buyer, THEY have three full days to accept and rate the item, and then you, the seller, have to rate the buyer, THEN you get paid. Four people didn’t rate me, so I have to wait three days for the system to automatically provide the funds. Overall, I like the app and have had success, but Mercari should hold buyers accountable for not rating the sale within 24 hours of item delivery.

I sold an item on Mercari and the item was in excellent condition. This fraudulent buyer leaves me positive feedback on the item as soon as it is received, and then waits 10 days to request a return stating that the item is not as described and approved by Mercari. this return even though the policy states that you cannot return after leaving feedback. They still approved it. FRAUD

I sold a 200.00 pair of shoes that were in excellent condition for 40.00 after the lady talked me into a much higher price. She received them and said they were used shoes, which was clear. She asked for a refund and they gave it to her. Okay, but what I’m worried about is that I accidentally hit the wrong button that said do you want the buyer to return the item? I tried to fix it and they said there was nothing they could do about it. So now I just gifted a perfectly good pair of expensive shoes. I am beyond angry about this.


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