Mercari:A Safe And Secure Market

Through the systems we use, our dedicated customer support, coordination with authorities, and artificial intelligence technology, Mercari is committed to ensuring that our marketplace is a safe place for our users to buy and sell.

A Safe System To Buy And Sell

Mercari provides its users with an environment in which they can operate safely. Mercari also uses an escrow payment system to ensure a safe and reliable transaction service for everyone. Additionally, buyers and sellers rate each other, so users can rest easy by reviewing each other’s past reviews before deciding to make a transaction. In addition, we have a dedicated customer support system that responds to customer inquiries and monitors the service.

AI Breach etection

Mercari uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically detect transactions that violate the terms of use. By combining this technology with a wealth of transaction data and item information, the company aims to improve the accuracy of detection systems and use them for a broader range of applications to provide an even safer environment for all users. .

* Examples of items that violate the terms of use: game accounts, counterfeits, medicines, etc.

Cooperating With Authorities

Mercari strives to provide a safe and secure service for all users through cooperation with public institutions and law enforcement. The goal is to work to make not only Mercari, but the industry as a whole, safer by participating in organizations such as the Council for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CIPP), the EC Business Association and the National Organization for Shoplifting Prevention (NSPO). The company also takes a proactive role in exchanging views and developing guidelines.

 Dedicated Customer Service Team

Mercari’s customer support system operates 24/7, ensuring that users can enjoy a secure experience. Mercari monitors listings/transactions both manually and with automated detection systems to identify items that violate the terms of use, doing everything possible to promptly remove any counterfeit/stolen items.

These systems are based on rich data of item information and transactions, as well as AI technology. We strive to improve its accuracy and expand its reach in an effort to create a safe environment for users.

Product Safety

Mercari Product Safety Support Program

The Mercari Product Safety Support Program is intended to provide product safety information issued by manufacturers/importers directly to Mercari users who own the products in question (users who have posted or purchased the item in Mercari). We believe that identifying affected product owners and ensuring they receive the safety information they need will increase the percentage of items successfully returned to the manufacturer, help prevent accidents, and contribute to manufacturer/importer product safety initiatives.


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