Monday Night Football’s Happy Birthday Dungy, and “goodbye to you” as Buccaneers LEAP out of playoff run.

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If the just passed Super Bowl LI taught us anything, its that its never over till its over. But far too many times the team with the insurmountable lead proves, the lead really was insurmountable!

The Patriots deserve as much credit for the WIN as Falcons deserve credit for choking it away. Monday Morning QBs be damned, the Falcons misplayed their hands twice in the 4th quarter, and new HC Shannahan wont let that happen to him again if he ever returns.

But the Pats took a whole quarter to get back into that game. What if I told you another iconic QB, Peyton Manning, did the same thing in only 4 minutes?

If you dont believe it, you’ve never seen it, because I was there at that game, and the feeling of losing a “Cant Lose game” where even the most die hard fan is thinking of leaving early to beat the a sickening one I hope Bucs fans will never have to deal with again.

The Bucs spent most of the day dismantling the Indianapolis Colts on Tony Dungy’s Birthday, even though it was  Dungy’s day, the ball fell the way of the Bucs. An interception of Brad Johnson’s overthrown pass was fumbled right in front of a streaking Bucs WR Keenan McCardell who darted in for a TD and his 2nd in the first 9:00 of the game.

Its Must see, no really, you must see it!!

It was 21-0 early in the 2nd Quarter, and at Halftime. But the Bucs let the Colts score early in the 3rd quarter to cut the lead, which the Bucs didn’t expand again until almost the end of the 3rd quarter. Indi scored again and seemed to be making a comeback down 28-14 early in the 4th quarter.

That seemed to bring the game to an end, as Ronde Barber picked off a Manning pass and ran it back for what everyone thought was the clinching TouchDown with 6:42 left in the game, down 35-14.

Against the Super Bowl Champions.

Against the Best Defense of the past 8 seasons.

Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy had rightfully conceded the game. Payton was about to sit out the last 6 minutes after throwing a pick six to Ronde Barber and an insurmountable 35-14 lead.

But Colts kick returner Brad Pyatt got loose on the kickoff and took it down to the 15 yard line, and coach Dungy let Payton change his mind and stay in the game.

3 Touchdowns in 3 minutes tied the game and sent it into Overtime, where Colts kicker Vanderjagt missed an overtime FG but  Bucs Simeon Rice was incorrectly called for LEAPING. Vanderjagt rekicked and HIT THE CROSSBAR, but it went in, and completed the greatest comeback in MNF history.

Dont take my word for it..see it yourself!

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