Negativity with Jameis Winston further supports Tampa Bay as “Gooberville”

round-gerald-mccoy-klement-vresize-1200-675-high-56Its bad enough we have fans who called for Dirk Koetter’s job because of a failed 4th and 1 running play, the second in a row. These same fans pounded their fists later when the Bucs dominated the line of scrimmage and enacted their will two weeks in a row in the run game.

For years, Bucs fans called Gerald McCoy a bust, and even several years of probowl honors have done little to persuade them McCoy is one of the elite Defensive Tackles in the game, not just “Good”. McCoy has squandered his career on a team that has not had a double digit imagessacker in a decade, these fans do not understand the nature of the 3 technique D Lineman, or why its even called a 3 technique to begin with (See Below).

Its a perceived lack of Football IQ down here that has gotten us the name “Gooberville” by many outside callers into sports radio. What can you expect…the fans in the stadium yell and scream….when the offense has the ball. remember watching Peyton Manning QB the Colts, you could hear every word he said to his team, because the fans are Football Smart, they are silent when the offense is on the field, and boisterous when the other offense is up.

Now its Jameis Winston, the QB who cannot complete a 20 yard pass to a WR if you were to believe some Bucs fans lately. Never mind 635752720536493946-usp-nfl-preseason-tampa-bay-buccaneers-at-minneso-75165348Winston is now 7th on the ALL TIME Bucs QB lists for Touchdowns, all at the ripe young age of 22! Winston by the way is suffering from one thing, accuracy, something that is completely fixable with training and practice. Intagables like heart, will to win, ability to forget a bad play, those things you can’t teach. You either have it or you dont.

Lets forget Doug Williams for a bit, because he was hands down the greatest franchise QB Tampa Bay has ever drafted. He started as a rookie, took the Bucs to the NFC Championship game in year 2, playoffs 3 of 4 years, and then when the cheap ownership wouldn’t pay to keep him, the franchise spent the last 32 years trying to replace him. He doesnt have flashy numbers, neither did Terry Bradshaw; but Will his team to victory, that was No. 12.  The closest thing was Josh Freeman; he came in a youngster too, 21 and throwing footballs around with the best of them. In year two he had one of the greatest passing seasons ever in  Bucs history, and no one knows where he would be now if the Bucs had put Free Agents on the team around him. Freeman had the bad luck to be an introvert in an extrovert QB league, and Greg Schiano saw it as a weakness. It wasn’t. No one will mistake Winston for the same, he has pizzaz, mojo, all the things that made Bucs fan love him while he was a rookie. But now due to over inflated expectations, also a result of low football IQ, Bucs fans are feeling the pressure of a playoff push where none exists.

Do  you think New Orleans is a playoff team this year? Cleveland? How about Miami? Saints and Dolphins have the same record as the Bucs. Saints and Cleveland has as bad of a defense. In the playoffs teams take it to a new level; I dont want to see Bucs clips in the future of some team putting a 50 burger on us in the playoffs. Get to 8-8, that is a big deal, you would have ended the losing streak of seasons, finish out of the cellar, thats how teams make the move from pretenders to becoming great.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to blame everyone at RayJay or in Tampa Bay; quite the contrary. Bucs fans are some of the most loyal and best fans ever. When the team was in the middle of a 14 year double digit losing streak, the Bucs still put 30,000 in the stands. When the Colts were in Baltimore, they were pulling single digits with crowds of 8,000. The Arizona Cardinals came from St. Louis where fans put 4500 to 7000 fans in Busch Stadium before both of the franchises moved. Faced with losing the Bucs in 1994/1995, the Bucs fans and residents pulled together, passed local ordinances, and raised the money to support the Glazers. In return the Glazers brought in one of the best coaches in Tampa Sports history, Tony Dungy, and combined with Jon Gruden; left us with Malcolm Glazers’ greatest possible sports legacy for us fans; a Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Championship in 2002.

From Pro Football focus: Definition of the 3 Technique :

The 3-technique is the most glamorous of all the interior alignments. By definition a 3-tech (or under tackle) is any player aligned on the outside shoulder of a guard. What makes it such a coveted position? He generally has free rein to get upfield and create disruption. Unlike a 0- or 1-, the 3-tech is tougher to double team simply by alignment and therefore can make more plays on ball carriers in the running game and get to the quarterback faster on pass plays.

The reason they face fewer double teams is that in a typical under front, the 3-technique aligns to the weak side with a defensive end outside of the weakside tackle. This means the tackle can’t double down and the center has a long way to go to try and execute a double team.

The one quality most associated with the 3-technique position is quickness. Defensive coordinators want their 3-techniques playing in the offensive backfield and there is no better way to do this than with a swift first step.

EDITORS NOTES: Unlike this ideal format, McCoy DOES in fact get double teamed, because no one else on the D Line is considered “double team worthy” to quote a Seinfeldism. McCoy is one of only a handful of these guys who can get off the ball lightning quick, appearing in the backfield. Wonder why the  Bucs have been good against the run for so many years in a row? Just for fun, go national with your rants and see what fans in other areas think of Gerald McCoy.

Current Jameis Winston Stats:

16th Yards Passing 1776 in 7 games, on pace for another 4k yard season, and thats with no higher than 20th in 20Yard completions, and 26th in 40 yarders. He’s getting the yardage per pass.

T9th with 14 TDs w/ Mariota

11th is Sacks, Tied with Case Keenum, Osweiler, and Cam Newton


8 thoughts on “Negativity with Jameis Winston further supports Tampa Bay as “Gooberville””

  1. I wouldn’t say Tampa Bay is known as Gooberville Mr. Editor. That’s an insult to the people, fans and this great city intelligents. The fans of the Bucs aren’t stupid and people in the south are very passionate of their football down here and their teams and they don’t accept losing and mediocrity and yes it’s going to take time to get the Bucs on the same level as the Patriots, Broncos and other teams on that elite level of being a Championship caliper team and the Bucs Organization are steering this Franchise in the right direction. But the organization has got to have consistently and continuity and the patients to stay the course and stop changing coaches and GMs every other year, look at the Browns Organization which is run very poorly. The fans are very eager to have a winner on the field and want a team that they can be proud of. It’s only natural when a team either on the college level or on the pro level loses constantly fans are going to voice their displeasure and want changes and they have that right to because they pay good money to watch the Bucs play and expect them to play well and win, they don’t go and watch them lose at home all the time, they have not won a home game this year and won what maybe what a total of three it four games in four years. My point is the fans deserve a better product then what they are getting now. The Bucs organization can go learn from the Lightning Organization on how to build a championship winning team who contends for the Stanley cup every year. The Tampa Bay Area and the fans don’t deserve you questioning and insulting their intelligents and definitely don’t deserve being call Gooberville. I think you owes the Tampa Bay Area an apology sir!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    1. You did notice this is a TAMPA BAY BUCCANEER FAN BLOG right? I live in the Tampa Bay area and have been a Bucs fan since 1979, so I would be calling myself these things if you were correct. The truth sir is never an insult, to the area’s INTELLIGENCE . Im left to wonder if you read the entire article, or if you are just responding to the Headline?
      The point of the article, is too many people Incorrectly criticizing McCoy and Winston, having no PATIENCE, calling on Coaches to be fired in their second, now their FIRST years, MAKE US look stupid. US, sir, as in YOU AND ME who both live in the south where Im well aware football is no.1.

      The amount of money Gerald McCoy is paid is irrelevant to the conversation, because its not your money, nor is it mine. The Bucs pay Mr. McCoy, and are happy with his work. But you continue to prove my point completely… you admit its the changing of coaches that has set us behind. So then you should agree with me its the football Illiterate who are making us look like “gooberville”. As for the home losses, you should read my article in the morning precisely on that subject. A couple years ago Bucs fans were sick of going to games there werent even competitive. This season, the Bucs played three home games, lost one to the Rams with 4 seconds left and inside the 10 yard line. They lost the second game in OT with 2 chances to win the game. Thats pretty competitive to me dont you think? seems like were on the right path? another draft and the close losses become wins?

  2. It true with a 3 tech needing to get in the backfield . His quick first step is his only strength but not consistent enough with that trait. He is easy too fool on plays and questionable team leader. Reality vs perception here. REALITY he is an overrated dt ( weak dt class right now, accept Donald) idk he has been in some terrible defenses?? That game where the Falcons was chain whipping us on prime time ( 56-14) game. Camera had him on tv more careless than Lovie .

    1. Reality vs Perception? Im afraid in your case its your opinion vs perception. The REALITY is McCoy is a top 5 DT in the NFL. Period. Dont take my word, go on some other teams sites, ask them what they think of McCOy. Go on twitter, ask anyone NOT from Tampa Bay. So please, give me more reality… are you on the team? do you know hes not considered a leader? who on the team told you that? ALL PERCEPTION, no reality. You have in fact proven my point. How many coaches has McCoy played for now? all 4 right? And none of these coaches saw him to be worthless like you and get rid of him? This is what Im talking about, this is why people outside think we are gooberville. Baseless, factless football talk that is nothing but conjecture and speculation.
      And let me guess… by seeing a few seconds of footage , out of the 3 hour game, your able to tell that GERALD MCCOY and LOVIE SMITH do not care about a football game. I think your PERCEPTION needs a dose of reality.

  3. I love the Bucs just as much as any fan of this franchise and cheer as loud when they play great and win and voice my displeasure when they play poorly and lose but I do like the direction they are going in. You mention the fans displeasure of the play of Gerald McCoy and Jameis Winston, that comes with the Territory of being a first round pick and getting paid the big money to produce and help this team win and making the playoffs. Gerald McCoy has been with the Bucs long enough to realize that, he is expected to play at a high level every time he steps on the field as for Jameis he is in his second year and he’s still learning on how to get better and needs more experience to take this team to the next level but since he was the top overall daft pick of the Bucs, the fans expect him to produce sooner then later and that come with him bring a number one overall draft pick, come with the territory and the high expectations!!!!!!

    1. You dont think McCOy plays with a high level of energy every time he is on the field?
      This is exactly what Im talking about. The entire league considers McCoy an elite DT. He is one of the top 5 DT in the game right now, but unlike the other ones in LA, MN, he has had musical chair free agents on the ends bringing pressure. the DT is NOT supposed to sack the QB. He is supposed to penetrate. Thats not a sexy stat, and the TV doesnt show penetration, they show sacks. SUH had 6 sacks and 61 tackles. McCoy will always come in around 35-40 but with 8-9 sacks. Its how they use him. Until the Bucs find an edge rusher that can make havoc with offensive lines, McCOy will continue to get double teamed and will waste his whole career here unappreciated like he is. Problem is every here in Tampa was spoiled with Warren Sapp, but no one is going to be another Sapp. He was a first year Hall of Famer. Appreciate McCoy for what he does, and be thankful he is there because let me tell you, when hes not there..the situation gets worse. And unless you pay no.93 out of your pocket, his money is his own business. I expect every player on the field to play 100% not just the big money guys. LOWER your expectations a bit, this is NOT a playoff team yet. Thank You for your posts and discussion!

  4. I have to be honest, I read the headline and It kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first. After reading the post, I have to agree. We have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball but we are missing key players to support that talent. It was mentioned that we were spoiled with Warren Sapp, but he also had Simeon Rice to complement him for a good portion of his time in Tampa. I am a die hard Bucs fan as well as an FSU fan, but truth be told Mr. Aguayo has to go! Connor Barth we need you buddy!

    1. Thank You for reading the whole article! I got a lot of headline readers ….as y ou can tell in comments section!!! I think we need to mothball aguayo as long as we are in a “playoff race” and pick up a kicker. Barth is not available, nor is he as automatic as he used to be. Chicago fans were ready to throw him in Lake Michigan!

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