NINE and SEVEN ! Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Losers NO MORE!

Keith Tandy has made a case for starting at Safety

Gerald McCoy took Cam Newton who dared to run the ball on the Bucs defense, and unleashed his 6 years of frustration by slamming him to the ground. McCoy was a rookie the last time the Bucs were considered ‘Winners’.

Lavante David was blitzing, he was tapping balls down, he was tackling and hitting, like he did as a rookie in 2012. That was also the last, and only time a Bucs QB other than Jameis Winston threw for over 4,000 yards. Winston has done it twice, and broke Freeman’s record with most yards passing in a season ever in Bucs history.

There are a LOT of names of QBs who tried for the Bucs. Doug Williams, Steve Deberg, Steve Young, Vinny Testaverde, Trent Dilfer, Shawn King, Chris Simms, Jeff Garcia, Brad Johnson, Brian Griese and Mike Glennon.

None of them have thrown for 4000 yards, much less twice, or for that matter, in their first and second years before they turned 23.

Sure you saw a Bucs offense struggle today, but dont knock that offense too

Imagine the Bucs offense next year with Evans, a true no.2 WR, and Humphries as No. 3….and Brate at Tight End

much. From the team Tampa Bay took into Atlanta in week one, the Bucs have lost Both of their starting Running Backs, Their Starting and Backup Tight Ends, the second string and third string Wide Receivers. Center, Right Tackle, Left Guard, all out.

Bucs fans will rekindle their desire to cut Robetro Aguayo for missing a long FG attempt, But Graham Gano missed three, and you dont want to know how many big name kickers have missed 2, 3, even 4 times the extra points and Field Goals Aguayo has missed, kickers who are FAR from NFL Rookies!

And 6 wins ago when the Bucs were 3-5, the Bucs were sure to draft a Safety next year. And then suddenly out was Chris Conte and in was the Tandy Man! Keith Tandy that is, Safety Super hero?

Jacquiz Rodgers made more for his case to start next year as Bucs running back. Truth is, the Bucs need someone more elite in the backfield, where Martin, Sims, and Rodgers give the depth the Bucs are needing so bad. 75 yards on 17 carries, Rodgers only played in four games yet has 560 yards for the year and is the 28th RB.

Tampa Bay GB Jason Licht has his hands full getting the Bucs ready for next season. Bucs fans, take notice of your second placed sds jf

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