Not too hard to figure out what Buccaneers’ Dirk Koetter or John Fox is doing with Chicago Bears; Time Machine back to 1999

Near the end of the 2017 NFL season I told everyone to watch out for Chicago next year. They would move on from Cutler, and Hoyer was turning into the DFS money making machine with new  receivers.

Well fast forward to Free Agency, and the Bears have pretty much made the announcement: High Flying passing offense is out the door. The Bears will play defense, Run the ball, and probably pass deep downfield once in a while to keep the defenses honest.

But so far, no coach has made his intentions for 2017 so obvious.

Jay Cutler, Gone, along with his massive penchant for being inconsistent.

Alshon Jeffries..Gone to Philly along with his injuries and inconsistencies.

Instead, welcome Markus Weaton WR and his speed who will make defenses play honest as well as covering Cameron Meredith. Dion Sims the Dolphins Tight End can make red zone plays, but he can block, and block he will for the Backs;

Jordan Howard, Jeremy Langford, Ka’Deem Carey,  and John Fox loves to run the ball. You know what Fox hates? Interceptions, and his rookie last year tossed a lot. Thats what rookies do right? WRONG, there was one rookie in recent history that did NOT toss a bunch of interceptions. Mike Glennon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Glennon came into the 2013 Bucs season with a mess at QB, heck a mess with the  franchise. Do the words Schiano, Freeman, MRSA mean anything to you? In that mess, Glennon tosses 19 Touchdowns and only 9 picks as a rookie. He has thing for the long ball, and not turning the ball over.

John Fox, you are one obvious dude. And so is Dirk Koetter and Bucs front office. Koetter wants to throw the ball like its a Quarterback Driven league or something! He must think he has some kind of QB in Jameis Winston, a guy who only eclipsed the 4,000 yard mark in BOTH of his first TWO seasons in the NFL, and his first one was in front of a 1000 yard rusher!

The Bucs took DeSean Jackson out of the NFC East, and put him in the NFC south that is not down a COOK,  matched up with one of the top 5 WR in the NFL in Mike Evans. Jackson (I guess the Bucs didn’t want to have to mess up the chemistry of Jackson/Evans) will be the Bucs deep threat, stretching the field, keeping defenders out of the box for Tampa Bay to run the ball as well.

Koetter has a Run the Ball streak in him too, he is NOT stuck in the pass!


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