Pricing The Cake For Online Cake Delivery In Kolkata The Right Way

online cake delivery in Kolkata

The maximum normally requested query within the baking network is pricing a cake. As domestic bakers, this query will become tougher to the solution. There isn’t any clear-cut solution to cake pricing; however, there are ideal methods to determine a good deal to charge.

This article from IndiaCakes is here to answer any questions about pricing a cake. The one precept you have to constantly recall in this regard is to by no means undervalue yourself and your work. 

Things That Decides The Price Of Cakes For Online Cake Delivery In Kolkata:

A precise manner of pricing a cake is to don’t forget all of your prices. Ingredients and overheads are ones you may issue regardless; however, don’t ever overlook to cost a while and skill. This is the number one mistake bakers make even when pricing their cakes.

Also, upload shipping in your prices if your purchaser isn’t always capable of selecting the cake from you. Ingredients are trustworthy, so don’t forget about pricing, as you can locate the charge you paid for all ingredients. 

Overheads ought to preferably encompass electricity, fuel, and water. You should additionally be factoring in the costs of unique tools, including a star-fashioned pan which you had to shop for this order specifically. Delivery prices for online cake delivery in Kolkata can generally be equated to taxi fare to and out of your purchaser’s region if you do the drop-off yourself. If you’re using a service, then their price one-manner is the proper way to feature shipping prices.

Other Factors For Online Cake Delivery In Siliguri:

Valuing a while and ability is the toughest part. This will range depending on whether or not you’re an amateur or a longtime baker within the industry. It also depends upon the type of cake you make for the order. The rate of a chocolate cake will now no longer encompass a top rate for ability. 

However, making plant life out of sugar paste will. Find an honest rate in your time, and rate your ability relying on the issue stage of your order. 

After considering all of those, you may arrive at a complete fee rate for all of the elements that move into making your cake. Above this, you may upload a margin of at least 30%. Your goodwill – including your logo call within the area, online cake delivery in Siliguri specialty in creating a positive form of dessert, etc.- will be crucial in figuring out the most margin you could rate. 

For example, if you are famous for cake pops in your community, you could rate a better top rate because clients recognize you for cake pops and may be inclined to pay better. More importantly, it’s miles honest to rate better if you recognize you could make satisfactory cake pops for your area.

For a few motives, this formulation is absolutely famous in baking groups worldwide. Once you calculate your cost fairly, you may recognize that you’ve been underpricing your cakes before using this formulation. 

The easy motive why this doesn’t work – it does now no longer differentiate between an easy cake and one which calls for several customizations. For example, if you are creating a cake with difficult animal collectible figurines out of fondant, simply multiplying the price of fondant with the aid of using 3 does no justice to the time you spend making the collectible figurines. 

This is why an easy formulation like this may cause losses in your business. Even if you’re simply getting started, it’s miles not going, which means you are charging too lots.

If so, you may decrease how much you rate your time or skills. However, do now no longer keep in mind decreasing whatever else. Another vital factor is by no means ever charges your desserts lots decrease than the common charge to your metropolis or area.


Online cakes come at different prices. There are different ways to price cakes for online cake delivery in siliguri business. Businesses like IndiaCakes keep different factors in mind to decide on the pricing of the cake. This article talks about these factors in detail and how major cake delivery company utilizes these features for their pricing.


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