Daily Fantasy is all about YOUR fantasy, no one elses.

NOTE:  the following is my post in Rotogrinders forum this morning-

If you’ve listened to any of the good DFS advice, either on here, or from other personalities like Silva, 4 for 4 guys, or others, you know its important to go with what you feel. The idea that someone else can sway you may seem foreign to others, but sometimes we let other people into our minds when we have a moment of unSureness.

Two times this year, its happened to me, and I vow it never to happen again! BE YOURSELF… because the truth is, every expert out there is just as capable of being wrong, or right.

I should have learned Week One when I wanted to play Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes, by my name you can see Im a Bucs fan, but Ive been a Bucs fan for 40 years, Ive learned to separate the fan-voice from the non-fan voice. I had ten lineups with Ryan Fitzpatrick week one in GPPs because I saw this Bucs offense in the preseason look better than I’ve ever seen them look in a while. My logic was wrong, I thought they’d run the ball more often setting up good play-action. I felt that he had the Pass Protecting Oline, weapons at WR, and it would be a recreation of his best Buffalo and Jets days, plus his body of work last year without Winston. My Fitz lineups were mostly single entry, but some big ones. By 1pm, I had one left, and worst situation than that, I forgot I changed so many. While Im hooting and hollering about my pick, I realized soon I only had one lineup with him. Thank You draftings for those 4 dollars you deposited in account.

Yesterday, after all week of doing the research, I saw that Minnesota was not the great defense everyone thinks they are. Very Good, yes. Great? Elite? no.
Also, that Buffalo was suffering from a hangover from the Tyrod era. The Bills go out and eliminate the longest non playoff drought and you get rid of the QB? Players quitting at halftime. But what some call a distraction, others call a rallying point. I felt with a new QB, the team would eventually get behind their new leader, and perform. After the first game with him, the second game would be when the team would have his back and move on from last year.

Yesterday, I had Buffalo QB Josh Allen in my GPP entries, and Matt Ryan in my Cash Games. I decided to watch the morning Wood, which is a great show on here. TonyT made a comment about Matt Ryan, laughing at the prospect of playing Ryan. Now let me be clear, this is not an ANTI TONYT message. Contrary, I respect his opinion a lot, but between him and Crane, who should I have listened to?
the answer is ME. Crane however is acceptable as the dude has won 2 MilliMakers.
I changed my DK and FD Cash Games off of Ryan after I went back and looked at last years Fantasy numbers, but I lost track of the thought process that got me to Matt Ryan in the first place. SO he always gets 19 points, SO? HE ALWAYS GETS 19 POINTS, thats definition of a cash game play. Mans floor is like a Hospital’s; all shiny. Plus, this game was expected to go higher than normal. All of that escaped at a time when I was trying to get any last minute information I could, as if the INFO INPUT command in my brain went all wrong and I was putting my lineups together late this week as other things got in the way during the late week. ANOTHER ERROR.

Now, no one talked me off Allen, thats just poor tournament playing on my part: if you don’t have the testicular fortitude to go in on your hunch, well, figure out how.

Thank You hunch for the 9.00 the Josh Allen idea brought in. Here are two of the 4 lineups, the top one at one time was no.4. 79K Sunday NFL Snap (Niko521mac)

Be YOURSELF, play YOUR picks, and learn to laugh back at the Wood crew when they say something YOU think is silly, because they sure will!

What we learned about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from their week 10 Win over New York Jets

For all the talk from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com about the possibility of Jon Gruden coming back to coach Tampa Bay, it felt more like it was  Tony Dungy roaming the Bucs sideline. 6-3 most of the game, Field  Goal kicker MAKING Field Goals, defense getting turnovers, Bucs QB throwing a Pick the next play !

Dirk Koetter tried to get the message through this training camp: Start off fast so you dont have to crawl back into it, then find yourself short at the end. The Bucs didn’t get it, but they’re crawling back.

Charles Sims has a role in the offense, and its caching balls out of the backfield.  A Running back should be a priority going into next season; Free Agency or not.

The Bucs may not make the playoffs, they probably wont. But if they lost this game that would have been a guarantee.


With 5 Sacks on the day, Tampa Bay had one of the top Fantasy scores on the Main Slate. Ownership of the Bucs Defense? 1/3 of 1%.. if you had Tampa Bay’s D, you scored when NO ONE else did. The Exact OPPOSITE of the top owned player on most slates, RB Bilal Powell who had 37% ownership in most slates, up to 65% in the 600K luxury box on Fan Duel.

It was a Fade the Slate week if there ever was one. The top 4 projected running backs all but one had poor games with Le’Veon Bell underachieving with his 13.7 Fan Duel points. That came with a cost as he had 28% ownership and a $9400 price tag.  That not being bad enough, you had epic fails by Jordan Howard (30%) Bilal Powell (32%) and Leonard Fournette (24%) with high ownership and no results!      Howard had 5.4 Fan Duel Points, Fournette with 6.4 and the most owned player Powell with 3.4 points.  Meanwhile  Mark Ingram had the best fantasy day with 34.1 at only 3.2% ownership.  Ingram was 3 of the top 4 spots  in the  FanDuel Millionaire Maker.

This week our highest slate was 127.02 good for 2145th place out of 30k

QB. CJ Bethard. 2% Owned.  26.02pts

RB Fournette. 26.4%    and Jordan Howard 20.8%         (5.6 and 5.4 PTS)

WR Sammy Watkins 3.6%. 11.1 PTS  Robert Woods 7.1%.  33.1 O   Mohamed Sanu 10%  4.4pts

TE Rob Gronkowski 21.5%. 9.4pts

K Greg Zuerlein  11.6%. 17Pts

D LARams 10.5% owned.  15Pts