Tampa Bay Buccaneers get a Signature Win over Chiefs, rid themselves of some demons!

Hail to the Chief? Uh..I know that one!
Hail to the Chief? Uh..I know that one!

They tried their best, they really did. There was no lack of effort, they simply had no idea they were aiding and abetting an enemy. The Kansas City fans were cheering as loud as they could to disrupt the Bucs offense, or the Bucs Field Goal kicking game. They just never figured out Jameis Winston and Roberto Aguayo were soaking up the “Tomahawk Chant” and imagining they were back at the Doak!

Aguayo, as I wrote about earlier in the week, was quietly nailing Field Goals and Xtra Points over the last few weeks, a little at a time, one here one there. Today, he just nailed everything he kicked down the middle. On a day when the NFL set a record for 11 missed extra points committed by the leagues kickers on the day (prev record was 10 from 1985 season), Aquayo MAKES all of his kicks. Call it the BIZZARO world made famous in SUPERMAN comics lore and Seinfeld!

tempap_16325669808068-nfl_mezz_1280_1024Jameis Winston continues to accelerate his growth curve, taking command of not only the offense, but the whole organization like no Buc has since Doug Williams. His “FAMILY” speech you can see on the Bucs website emphasizes the respect he has from his team, a Bucs franchise that in the past would have found a way to turn the ball back to KC with just enough time to  lose.

Correction, this franchise wouldn’t have come that close in the past few years, the effort would have been applauded with a nice ‘golf clap’ and KC would have scored a go ahead touchdown at the start of the 4th Quarter. Instead, the oddest of Bucs heroes Chris Conte came through with his second big play of the week, intercepting Alex Smith and returning the ball out passed the Chiefs 50 yard line. The short field was just what the Doctor ordered, and Winston hit backup Tight End Alan Cross for the go ahead score, and the defense held as KC made yet another attempt to come from behind.

Bucs no longer NEED Evans to catch every pass ! Shephard and Humphries with Brate can get job done.
Bucs no longer NEED Evans to catch every pass !
Shephard and Humphries with Brate can get job done.

Thats where this Bucs team is different than past editions; Tampa Bay took over with 2:27 left on the clock, and the Chiefs had all three time outs plus the 2 minute warning. The Chiefs got the ball back with only 22 seconds on the clock.

This Bucs team doesnt just run the ball, it runs the ball down your throat after it tells you “Hey Im gonna run the ball at you”. This Bucs team is learning how NOT to depend only on Mike Evans, who could have put the game away save for a rare TD catch that didn’t follow through. This Buccaneers team is not the same one who gave up all those points to the Rams, or turned the Ball over to allow Denver to score more points.

It may really be a new day in Tampa Bay, and talent or not, this Bucs team has earned the right to be officially be in a playoff chase; now one game out of first place behind Atlanta.tempfullsizerender4-nfl_mezz_1280_1024

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