Tampa Bay Buccaneers MIDSEASON REPORT CARD- YOU VOTE ON Dirk Koetter, We do the rest!

ITS time!! The Tampa Bay Buccaneer MidSeason awards ( or opposite of awards for some!) We will grade the team, YOU get to grade the coach! Keep checking back poll is open for a week and will show you the percentages!!  So lets get to it!!


Mike Evans

Really? Is there any surprise? I could have just said “Mike Evans..mic drop” without any explanation, just as appropriate. Evans

Talk of "Catch of the Year" on NFL.com
Talk of “Catch of the Year” on NFL.com

is a dominant Wide Receiver in the NFL; he may not be the best, but the point is, you can debate it, and its the first time you can do that with an offensive position on the BUCS in history. Thats right, Mike Evans is entering “Best Ever Buc” territory on the offense, previously only enjoyed by James Wilder circa 1984-85 and….. no one else! Even coming in #2 in rushing last year, few felt Martin was any better than a top 10 or 15 back. As for better than Evans, the list is small. Julio? O’Dell? Brown? Green? The list stops there.

He’s no.5 for yardage currently with 745, but No.1 with 8 TDs on the year, one more than Jordy Nelson, two more than a few others, three more than the other guys on the list I compared him with! He had his issues with drops last year in his sophomore season, but dedicated himself to offseason program that obviously worked. His first pass of the year, he dropped, and looked at it like he was in disbelief. Now we know why, the dropsies are behind him.


Kwon Alexander

At first we weren’t sure if anyone deserved this..but then we remembered how the Defense started “putrid”, improved to

CO- Defensive player of the year
 Defensive player of the year?

“promising”, then sunk again to “dissolving”! With injured players back and rested up 10 days from Thursday Night Football, the numbers and performance should improve again.

Alexander was leading the league the first few weeks in tackles, and now is tied for 10th with 72 tackles, 61 solo and 2 sacks to boot! However, Gerald McCoy is creeping up right behind him with his 4 sacks 17 tackles and 2 fumbles caused. But the Win over Carolina on Monday Night was achieved when McCoy was out, and Alexander manning the Mike position against rival Luke Kuechly.



CO- Rookie of the year for his play against top Receivers early in year.
CO- Rookie of the year 

HARGRAVES:He has quietly covered Kelvin Benjamin, Torrey Smith, Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryius Thomas, Michael Floyd to a respectable performance, but alone with the rest of the defense took a big dip to the Oakland Raiders and the likes of Amari Cooper, who took him to the cleaners in college. Still, Hargreaves has come in and competed and is learning the new defense under DC Mike Smith. Whatever the reason for the dip in defensive performance measured over the 2 games in 5 days stretch, things should improve for Vernon and his teammate…


NOAH SPENCE: He doesnt start, but as a rookie, keeping in mind Rookie Defensive Ends never dominate really, until their 2nd or 3rd year, Spence has really come on during the hard times. In addition to 6 solo tackles, Spence has 3 sacks, and has forced a fumble! Keep in mind after week three he had one tackle and one sack. Still, he has more work to do, and for that reason couldnt be NO.1. Still, he’s far from a disappointment as SBNation has listed him, even in a year when the defense IS the disappointment.



From the first miss (kick) it got to his head. Now, its gotta come out.
From the first miss (kick) it got to his head. Now, its gotta come out.

Its really simple; Aguayo didn’t ask to be drafted in the 2nd round. He didn’t ask the bucs to trade places to GET into the 2nd round to take him. Added to the fact of being a rookie in the NFL, its no wonder Roberto is the head case he is and is taking so long to get out of this slump he’s in. The Bottom line is, he MUST GET OUT of the snide he is in, or risk getting let go by the franchise that invested so much in him.

Place kicking is mostly mental, about 90% according to veteran kickers. Its the reason coaches try to “Ice” kickers, you never see a coach try to “ICE” a QB before a Hail Mary attempt, or “ICE” a running back before a 4th and 1. Nope, just the kickers! I would imagine just knowing what the Bucs invested in him had an effect, but if this kid started to read the social media posts (who doesnt at his age?? You can’t put down Social Media like you can a newspaper, its part of your life at that age) full of fans saying things like “If this guy misses one kick he is a BUST!”…that had to have an effect on him. They he goes and probably just by bad luck, misses his first attempt, an extra point, and the rest is history.

With too much invested to cut him, the Bucs would have to mothball him and bring in someone else, all the wile keeping him on the roster, then revisiting the matter next season. Thats if the current coaching staff feels there is something there worth holding onto long term? Its worth mentioning another FL. State kicker named Sebastian Janikowski started out in  HORRIBLE fashion too, but in time has become a rock at the position. Yes he’s had some misses lately, but please, Janikowski is rock solid.

My advice for Aguayo comes from the obscure 80’s flick “Couch Trip” where Psych patient played by Dan Aykroyd making fun of his Doctor’s southern accent.. Straighten up your act, or Koetter’s “gonna have a hot dip shit fit”  !!

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