Tampa Bay Buccaneers not ready for NFL’s Elite; fail on 4th & 3

You can blame Aquayo’s miss, but Raiders’ Janikowski was on the Dog House watch if they lost.

You can blame it on Jameis Winston’s overthrows (or Mike Evans lack of ability to dive) but they answered the call when needed, scoring 14 points in a row to take the lead in the 4th Qtr.

Instead, put the blame where it belongs; on the unit that is improving, but really wont get there until another draft can stock up some more talent on the defense. Don’t get me wrong, the defense played their tail off against one of the premier offenses in the AFC, but against good competition this team will always come up short with Conte and two short corners. Grimes is a great asset and superb addition to the team; he is going to really help Hargreaves in his rookie season.

The game turned when the Bucs had the Raiders on 4th and 3 with 1:46 left in the game. Sure the offense still would have had to get a first down or maybe two, but the offense was hot at this point. IF the defense handed them the lead and a “Get a first down” assignment, pretty sure the offense would have obliged. Of course we’ll never know, but we can relive the play and wonder of what could have been a Bucs Win and a 4-3 record.



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