Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trivia ANSWERS!!

answersIf you took our trivia yesterday, and passed, consider yourself quite the educated Bucs fan, and very knowledgable!
Here are the answers!


Q1 Did Bucs ever win 6 in a row?

YES! They did, and it was after the Bucs started 3-4. Tampa Bay started 1997 5-0, but pretty much went .500 the rest of the way. Well they finished .500 in 1998, so now into 1999 the Bucs were 3-4, people were saying Tony Dungy was just a .500 coach of an average team, but then it happened. The Bucs beat the Saints on the road, then continued until after 6 games, they were 9-4 and solidly in first place. You’ll hear more about the 99 season in this post (Hint)!

Q2 What year did Bucs have 1st 5 Game winning streak? 1979 was the magical year, it was only the 4th year of their existence, only one full season removed from the 0-26 catastrophe that they started their franchise with. Opening day was Saturday Night Vs Detroit at home, Rookie Jerry Eckwood had over 100 yards, it was great. very next week Bucs went to Baltimore to play the Colts, and they were down 17-0   people thought “Same old Bucs” but they came back, pushed it to overtime and kicked FG to win. The announcer said “The Bucs are undefeated” and the reaction was stunned silence. The Signature Win came week 4 in Tampa Stadium and a win over the LA Rams. Bucs were 5-0 and wouldn’t do that again until…(why give it away now)

Q3 Which Bucs player NEVER wore the Bucco Bruce helmet and Orange? This is sort of a trick question. Derrick Brooks was drafted in 95 so he wore it a whole season, as did Warren Sapp. Trent Dilfer was drafted in 1994, so two years he wore it. Ronde Barber is the common answer, and no, he didn’t wear the Orange originally because he was drafted in 1997, first year in Pewter. But Barber was still a Buc in 2009 and 2010 during the “Throw back game”! So the correct answer is Warrick Dunn, who just missed it twice! Drafted in 1997 (missed by one year) and came back to play for Bucs in 2008 (one year before throwbacks)!

Q4 How many years have Bucs made the playoffs? Only 10 of the 41 years are playoff years, just a tad over 25% of their history. 1979, 1981 and 1982, then long break for losing, 1997,1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 and finally 2007!  10 years.

Q5 How many times Bucs ranked in top 9? Only once, last year! Tampa Bay had 5th ranked offense, only twice has it been a top ten D!

Q6 Same Question about the defense, how many times has Bucs been a top defense, NO.1?  The answer is three, and most people dont know, or forget about, the 2005 season. It was the last hurrah for Monte Kiffin and crew, and didn’t include the stars like Sapp and Lynch. Many times Sapp has called out Kiffin saying the players were responsible for his success, but then you look at 2005. This is the LAST TIME the Bucs had a DOUBLE DIGIT SACKER! In the playoffs, the Bucs held the Redskins to 120 total net yards, and lost the game because of 3 plays: Chris Simms INT setting up Washington on Bucs 6, Cadillac Williams fumble (controversial and fluke play) that Bucs G Dan Benning recovered but fumbled that was recovered by Sean Taylor for the score. Team traded FGs, then after Simms  TD run, late in 4th, Simms pass to Edell Shephard that squirted out of his hands while going down to the ground. Final Answer: NO 1 Defense in 1979, 2002, 2005. Bucs were NO.3 in 1997 and 1999.


GREAT JOB if you     Passed, and if not, hope you learned something about the Bucs History!!logolockup-1024

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  1. LOL!

    I got the one regarding Dunn & Ronde, but missed the No. 1 Defense question! Good Quiz Nick!

    Finally, (and I don’t want ya to get the “Big Head” here!) but I am just flat out impressed and I’ll say it: “I’m proud” of how good focused your columns and overall blog has become! Good Job Nick! I now look forward to each and everyone of your posts! “Keep On Keepin’ On”!

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