THE FINAL WORD: What Jameis Winston haters just don’t want to see in the NFL/Uber case

It’s like the person who stands in front of the mirror, but doesn’t make eye contact with the soul in  front of them. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‘fans’ who automatically have prosecuted and convicted Jameis Winston of sexually attacking a female Uber drive cannot look long enough to see what is so obvious to people who don’t jump to conclusions but look at the evidence.

It’s evidence that a non-biased person could come to another conclusion:

Jameis Winston doesn’t remember if he touched the girl or not, but he knows drinking is the reason he doesn’t know, and an underlying explanation for why a man who has gone on the right path from deviant to responsible for 4 year now, would momentarily stumble.  That’s not to say he doesn’t bear responsibility for his actions; we CHOOSE to take drugs or drink alcohol, but ultimately these drugs work on us by affecting what organ in the body?

  1. a) Arms
  2. b) Legs
  3. c) Torso
  4. d) Brain

Thats right, all drugs are mind altering substances; but we bear the responsibility for what we do when we’re on them. Jameis Winston has done that, what he did not claim responsibility for is touching the woman driver, because he doesn’t remember doing that.

Many will shout out “You don’t apologize if you’re not guilty”. Well that’s ridiculous, people apologize all the time for things they may or may not have done, its the right thing to do.

So lets drop the BS, lets look at a REAL look this case:

  • What would be a 6 game suspension comes out as a 3 game suspension. That means the NFL negotiated with Jameis on this.
  • Woman reported event to her Employer; No Police were involved that we know of.
  • The NFL letter to Winston, has not been made public. The  Elliot and Brady letters were public, this one is not. The letter has details about the investigation.
  • The woman who had not commented on anything the entire 2 1/2 years, issues a statement after the ruling is announced.
  • Jameis who originally said the story didn’t make sense because of the number of passengers, issued an apology immediately after the ruling; he did not appeal.
  • What came out in the NFL interview process, was that there were 2 Uber rides, not one. Winston was clearly too  drunk to remember ride 2i i
  • Is it so impossible to believe that Jameis was so drunk, he didn’t even remember ride number 2?
  • We know his hand was down there until she said “whats up with that”?. We can infer that Winston moved his hand as soon as she said something about it.

So what am I getting at? This was all PRE-ARRANGED in negotiation! A negotiated deal is good for everyone. NFL doesn’t have to deal with another appeal of a well known NFL starter, for the 3rd year in a row (Tom Brady, Ezekiel Elliot, and a few years before that Ben Roethlisberger). Neither side has to deal with the letter the NFL wrote to Jameis; Elliot and Brady had their letter released to the public.

Any apology Jameis gave was part of the deal. Winston DID NOT ADMIT GUILT, because he believes he did not do that act, however he admits freely that he can’t be sure because of how drunk he was.

Winston has quit drinking since, a sign of maturity. (note: a video surfaced   of an event, at one part of the video you can hear the bartender asking             Jameis “what are you having?” to which he replies “nah, I dont drink”.

BOTTOM LINE:  Im not trying to say that Winston absolutely didn’t do it. Its VERY probable he DID touch the girl inappropriately, and that was wrong. Being drunk is no excuse.

What I am trying to say, is that the legion of Jameis Winston haters, who have been waiting silently in the corners of the internet while the FSU product has been quietly setting and breaking Buccanneer and NFL records at the QB position, are piling on Winston at the first sign of a negative event in the 4 years since he was suspended in his Senior year.

Mind you, Winston has been improving his game each year, but on a team that has not been producing Wins, and a coaching staff that has not gotten the most out of the talent it has. That this event happened 2 and a half years ago doesn’t stop the haters from saying absolute stupidity like “this just proves Winston can’t change”, all the while ignoring the fact that since the Florida State events no one can forget, the QB has done NOTHING wrong, until he got shit-faced and did something stupid.  And in the days to pass, the worst thing he has done is say the story doesn’t make sense, Quit drinking to prevent something like that from happening again, and obey the stipulations laid out in the NFL negotiations.

These ‘Bucs Fans’ will be the first ones on the message boards, using their pseudo identities as they hide behind a monitor, and post how the Bucs need a new coach, because the team let go of yet ANOTHER talented QB before his time, as if there isn’t a long enough list of ex Bucs QBs who have found success AFTER the franchise in Tampa Bay.

You know Tampa Bay; AKA Gooberville.


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