The lightweight Electric Scooter

fluid freeride cityrider

The CITY RIDER scooter is perfect for city riding, as its name implies. With a weight capacity of 220 pounds and a carrying capacity of only 28 pounds, this scooter is a fantastic tool for short-distance travel. While not in use, it is also convenient to transport.

Although the side and rear reflectors are a useful safety feature, the fluid freeride is a better choice if you want a scooter with a little more style and the capacity to catch people’s attention. It has LED lights that can be programmed in different colors lining the deck’s edges.

Due to its dimensions, this electric scooter can be used by both adults and children. The CITYRIDER’s wheels lock up instantly when the brakes are applied.


A 35V 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery powers the fluid freeride cityrider review and has a range of 7 to 10 kilometers. The scooter accelerates only moderately, but the 300W brushless motor propels it quickly up to 18 mph.

It may take some practice before you can ride it comfortably because, by the standards of electric scooters, that speed is not slow.

This scooter doesn’t have shock absorbers, so it might be bumpy to ride on uneven pavement. Solid honeycomb wheels have a minimal amount of shock absorption. Riding a CITY RIDER scooter is fun and comfortable on paved city streets. The CITY RIDER scooter has excellent speed control and is easy to maneuver.

Speed Test

The CITY RIDER scooter has a top speed of 18 mph when fully charged (30 km). While slow for athletes, this speed is more than adequate for the average rider. The scooter’s top speed is within many city limits because it is primarily made for city dwellers.

The drum braking system will quickly stop the wheels even at high speeds without jeopardizing the rider’s stability. Riders should be reminded to reserve their top speed for times when the road is clear of other vehicles.

The Gotrax Xr Ultra, which has the same speed specifications as the Gotrax Xr, does not have onboard electronics.


Due to its lightweight, the CITY RIDER scooter’s battery life is increased. The battery has a range of 7 to 10 kilometers and a total weight of 220 pounds. The scooter performs better than scooters with comparable prices, like the Turbo X7 Pro.

The CITY RIDER has a range of 30 miles per charge, whereas the scooter’s range is less. The CITYRIDER’s compact and small size is to blame for this distinction.

Fluid Freeride Vehicle Configuration

The electric scooter CITY RIDER is powered by a 36V motor with a 300W maximum power output. It helps an e-scooter reach its top speed of 18 mph while using less energy, allowing it to go farther on a single charge.

Fluid Freeride Construction

The CITYRIDER scooter has a charming appearance. Steel tubes give the frame its strength and tensile durability. Roughly speaking, rattles and crinkles vanish when the vehicle is under full load.

The wooden floorboard increases the appeal of the e-visual scooter. Despite the exposed connections and protruding widgets, the scooter is still stylish and attractive. The CITYRIDER scooter can last a very long time because of its sturdy deck. Contrary to appearances, the hollow steel frame is both lighter and stronger.

Fluid Freeride Suspension

The suspension springs for the CITYRIDER scooter are not attached. Rough roads will make for challenging and choppy riding. Although the honeycomb wheels’ air pockets aren’t particularly useful on bumpy roads, they do help to reduce tension.

The intended audience is people who live in or close to cities, and the robust honeycomb wheels provide adequate shock absorption for pleasurable rides on paved city roads. The lack of a suspension system on this scooter is a significant drawback, but given its high price, it makes sense.


Its headlights and taillights are breathtaking. The headlight is high on the stem and is sufficiently bright to illuminate the path. Oncoming traffic is alerted when braking is being used by the taillights and checked this eriders




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