THE NEW BUCSTOP.COM: If there’s Controversy, or if there’s Doubt, The Buc Stops Here!

The Town Hall, cuz every night is Mic Drop Night, and the Buc Stops Here!

When I first started, I was focused on erasing the bad negativity towards the Bucs from within its own fanbase.
Now its time for a more important mission, to save not a team, but a country, divided against itself.

Too many lines are being crossed, too many sides are being taken. Families are being torn apart, Friends disowned on Social Media sites, and too much empahasis on irrelevant words, that only exist from the meanings WE GIVE THEM:

Words like Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, and Republican have no meaning other than the meaning WE as a people define them. Many people do not even know the meaning of their own descriptions; the meaning of a Republican has changed so many times in the past 20 years, many people have not caught up with the meanings, which change over time.

Instead, its time to focus on other words, words whose meanings cannot be changed by Social Media, but aggressive campaigns….words like Right, and Wrong.
Fact, and Opinion. These words have never changed their meanings, but some will gamble that they understand them better than others.

Of course, will never stop being a voice of positivity for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, with the free Agency pick up of Desean Jackson; WR Washington Redskings, The Bucs have a legitimate deep threat the likes of which the Bucs have not seen since for some time.

Now that the Bucs have gotten over the losing hump, its important for me to focus on the issues at hand. The Bucs are in great hands   with and Ira Kaufman, the Tampa Bay Times, Scott Reynolds and Pewter Report, the Buccaneers themselves and who can forget the best database fact site;

Daily Fantasy is a huge part of my life these days, and there will be articles devoted to it as well, which encompasses all sports; NBA right now, MLB in a few weeks, and the NFL is a year round activity any more what with Free Agency hitting stride.

If your always looking for tech support help…this site will be for you too. Although more on the Apple side, the dividing lines between those two platforms get more and more Skewed. We’ll cover general tech as well as Apple Specifics, and set up Q&A Periods to help you with your Apple problems.

So here we go.. the all new its open mike night   every night, and the Mic drops daily ‘cuz the Buc Stops Here!!

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