The Next Generation Of Ipad Pro Could Bring Wireless Charging And New Design

The new iPad Pro could arrive with wireless charging and a new design when it debuts in late 2022. That’s all we know to date.

Last year’s iPad Pros introduced significant changes to the premium iPad model. As well as an upgraded mini-LED screen on the 12.9″ model, Apple included its desktop chipset (the M1 chip) in the lineup, offering performance and battery life normally only seen in desktops and laptops.

No one can deny that this is pretty impressive, but Apple is already working on the next-generation iPad Pro. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPad Pros coming in 2022, from their possible release date to specs. that they might have.

Launch: When will the iPad Pro (2022) go on sale?

It’s been over a year since Apple introduced the 2021 iPad Pro, so it should come as no surprise that the company is announcing the next generation of its most premium model, though it has yet to be announced.

That said, we can still take a look at previous releases to get an idea of ​​when the new iPad Pro range might appear.

The first generation of the 11-inch iPad Pro arrived in 2018, and since then, this has been the iPad Pro release schedule:

iPad Pro (2018): November 2018

iPad Pro (2020): March 2020

iPad Pro (2021): May 2021

As you can see, the launches of the iPad Pro are not as clear as those of the Apple Watch or the iPhone, which usually appear each year in the month of September. However, we can detect a certain trend in recent years.

At Apple’s latest spring event, held in March 2022, Apple didn’t mention the iPad Pro, instead focusing on the iPad Air 5, iPhone SE 3, and the new Mac Studio.

That suggests that Apple’s Pro lineup will get all the attention later in 2022. Some had hoped it would be unveiled at WWDC 2022, but the only new hardware was the M2 chip and two new MacBooks.

In a since-deleted tweet, leaker @dylandkt suggested that the iPad Pro will arrive in the fall. Mark Gurman confirmed this information in  Bloomberg a few months ago and has recently done it again, assuring that they will arrive between September and November 2022.

This July, Gurman updated the information ensuring that the new iPad Pro will be presented at an event “in September or October.” We know it wasn’t at the Far Out event on September 7, so it could come at a supposed October event to introduce new Macs and iPads.

Price: How much will the 2022 iPad Pro series cost?

As with the launch date, nothing is known for now about the price that the iPad Pro range (2022) will have. That is why we must settle for predicting its price based on the prices of previous generations:

iPad Pro 12.9″ (2020): from €1,099 / MXN$26,499

iPad Pro 11″ (2020): from €879 / MXN$20,999

iPad Pro 12.9″ (2021): from €1,199 / MXN$28,999

iPad Pro 11″ (2021): from €879 / MXN$20,999

As you can see, Apple is not afraid of the pulse when it comes to increasing the price of iPads Pro from time to time. In the previous two generations, a clear price increase can be seen in the 12.9-inch model, as it went up €100 / MXN$2,500, probably due to its improved mini-LED screen.

That said, it is true that the increases are not usually drastic in its range of premium tablets, so although the 11-inch iPad Pro may become a little more expensive depending on the new features it introduces, we do not think that the biggest go up this time.

Rumors about the design and features of the iPad Pro (2022)

Over the past year, Apple has spent some of its time syncing up the design language of its product lineup, especially with the iPad mini 6 and iPhone 13 and the angular, industrial look they share with the iPad Pro.

With that in mind, Apple isn’t expected to redesign the entire iPad Pro in 2022, but there could be interesting changes. These are the most weighty rumors currently circulating.

The 11″ model will have a mini-LED screen

One of the strongest rumors circulating right now is surely also one of the most obvious. The new 11-inch iPad Pro is expected to feature the 12.9-inch model’s mini-LED display, one of the main differences in the 2021 range.

This information comes to us from the hand of the always so successful Ming-Chi Kuo, who suggested in a note to investors in July 2021 that both the 11-inch iPad Pro and MacBook Air will incorporate a mini-LED screen in 2022.


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