They Have Arrived: 16-11 Win over the Saints marks the end of Bucs Losing Seasons.

Dirk Koetter is all smiles now, but was sweating the 3-5 start.
Dirk Koetter is all smiles now, but was sweating the 3-5 start.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers with their 16-11 win over the Saints that really wasn’t that close, made a statement to the rest of the NFL and the NFC South; They’ve decided to give up losing. It was causing too much depression amongst fans!

And in joint cooperation, Bucs fans flocked to Raymond James Stadium like they were expecting to see Chidi Ahanatu rush Drew Brees instead of Noah Spence. In a scene not witnessed since the Battle Flags flew at Raymond James when Earnest Graham scored to make the game 7-0 Bucs over Giants in the first quarter of the last playoff game played in Tampa, Tampa Bay was straight up LOUD!


The Bucs are in primetime now …and will face off against the Dallas SUNDAY NIGHT in a nationally televised game where the whole country will take a look at Jameis, The offensive line and the tight end from Harvard , but they will also see a defense that is playing like a playoff unit.

With the 5th win in a row, the Bucs claimed the 8th win of the season, something most people reading this sentence right now  felt was impossible two months ago when the Bucs were losing to Denver on its way to its  3rd straight loss and a QB that was turning the ball over too much. Funny thing about Jameis Winston when he’s having a bad start to a season; he forgets all about it, moves forward and just wills himself to not have bad games anymore. Did the same thing last year after the Tennessee game and Carolina; after those games he cleaned it up.

Eight wins are not good enough to guarantee the playoffs, but they ARE good enough to declare 2016 a NON LOSING SEASON; a first since 2010 when the Bucs and    Raheem Morris were counting down the race to 10 wins. With 3 games left to play each team in the NFC South can end up 8-8, so  kicking the  Cellar Dwelling habit wont be as easy as it seems, but these Bucs have achieved so much in the last month, Bucs fans (who seem to multiply through osmosis) will probably feel a 9-7 record when this is all over with is a major let down!!

Each week we have to change our story “the Bucs havnt been here in so many years” and now its slowly becoming easier to get excited about next year without making that statement sound like a joke.


Consider this: The BUcs in the past two seasons have lost games to backups Derek Anderson (twice in 2014), Austin Davis, Ryan Mallet, Matt Cassell, and Case Keenum. In the last five games, the Bucs have beaten Alex Smith and the Chiefs AT KC, Russell Wilson, Phillip Rivers in San Diego, and Drew Brees.



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