To everyone besides diehard Tampa Bay Bucs fans: “TOLD YA”

#1 ¬†Dont say stupid things. Don’t think that Fitzpatrick should start the rest of the season over Jameis Winston. ¬†Fitz is a proven veteran, and Fitz is also on GOOD WEEK. eventually, you’ll see BAD WEEK from Fitz. See Jets at Bucs last year.

Instead of saying a 14 year veteran should replace a 4 year starter who lost 1 game in his college career and has broken. Bucs and NFL records already, before he turned 24.

Instead, be happy! Remember last week when you thought the Bucs would be 0-3? Be thankful the Bucs can be no worse that 1-2, and did you see the opener of Philadelphia? Are you afraid of Pittsburgh without Bell?

We were without our no.1 draft pick, and our best corner. Yet our rookie DBs and other youngsters learned a lot out there, and made plays when they needed to.

But this Bucs team is all about offense. Lovie Smith drafted two years in a row all offense. He paid for it with his job, as the defense is just now starting to stack up in talent.

BTW.. played Fitz today in DFS, but wasn’t enough you have to play the DFS game, thats 50% of it.

More tomorrow.

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