We at the magazine think of Sephora as the Mecca of cosmetics. Most of us can trace our first purchase of a cosmetics item for ourselves back to Sephora (and likely a holiday gift card). Whether you’re a beauty addict who visits every week or a casual shopper who only comes once a year to replenish your essentials, you’ll always remember the joy you had the first time you stepped foot inside.

Thus, our company’s Slack channel becomes a zoo whenever the annual Sephora sale comes around. Favorites for various complexion tones, hair textures, and cosmetic styles are often discuss, but things really get out of hand when they go on sale for 20% off on Sephora black Friday.


When it comes to makeup, I’m not a great lover of foundation. Actually, I’m not a huge fan of cosmetics in general, but this foundation is an exception and love and must purchase in Sephora sale. It has the same light texture as a serum, making it feel great on the skin and allow air to circulate freely.

It’s one of my go-toes for light covering or when I need something that can quickly constructed for an outing. And the greatest part? After a long day, it washes off easily (I despise having to scrape off my makeup). Because my preferred hue varies with the seasons, I have often repurchased this because the season of Sephora sale.


I’ll admit that I’m a huge fan of Kosas products in general, but I absolutely cannot contain my excitement over their new foundation. Unlike any other foundation, it not only conceals flaws (like foundations should), but also helps my skin seem radiant on its own I can buy this foundation on Sephora sale.

I’m also completely taken with how it feels and what it does to my skin, which is saying something because I usually prefer single-purpose products. With potent ingredients like caffeine (it really helps with my under-eye bags), hyaluronic acid, and squalene, which are commonly found in skincare products, this basically works both instantly to cover imperfections when you put it on and over time to get rid of imperfections thanks to the ingredients on Sephora sale.

I needed a bit less glow in some spots, like around my nose and around my eyes, but just a heads up that it is really glow. Those areas still look radiant, but not as oily, once I dust a little of translucent powder over the foundation.


The fact that my skin is “combination” is a major annoyance since it reacts differently to different temperatures and I thus avoid products that claim to be very moisturizing or exfoliating because they either irritate my skin or cause it to break out. Finding equilibrium is challenging, but I believe I may have cracked the code.

Despite its name (that hyaluronic acid, however!), Summer Fridays’ latest serum is formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin by include anti-inflammatory components like colloidal oatmeal, chamomile, and aloe. I wish I had purchased this skin care lotion sooner. The texture is comforting and light, yet it keeps me feeling hydrated all day. My combination complexion loves this formula. I love this product and must buy on Sephora sale.

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Although everyone is gift in some way so buy on Sephora sale day, I’ve never considered my hair to be one of mine. It’s great, we have other strengths, but the ladies in my family have a terrible hair complex since we all have thin, frizz-prone locks. Over the years, this complex has cost a lot of money in volatizing, thickening, and moisturizing hair products. While I am always trying new shampoos and conditioners, the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse has been my one constant buy for years.

This treatment, which I use once or twice weekly in lieu of shampoo, has greatly reduced the frequency and severity of damage and split ends Sephora sale give a huge options. The essential component is a superfood that helps balance the pH of the scalp for long-term hair health, which is something I appreciate as a wellness geek since it makes a noticeable change in shine after usage. Also, I was so worried before trying this that my hair would end up smelling like apple cider vinegar, which is not the case at all.


For a long time, this was the only brow pencil I ever use. I make it a habit to include one in every Sephora sale order so that I never have to worry about running out. It’s really simple to operate and always produces the perfect tone and depth of detail. In addition to a few other cosmetics, the Brow Wiz is always the first thing I grab in the morning before I go out the door.


I have mentioned this moisturizer several times since it is one of the few skincare items I regularly buy. Easily available on Sephora sale I love that it doesn’t weigh me down but yet provides enough moisture. After using it, my skin looked much more radiant and healthier. Because of how nicely it combines with the moisturizer, it is also my go-to for adding a few drops of self-tanner to. Though just a little quantity is require each time, I prefer to purchase the larger 4.2 ounce bottle because I use it often and anticipate repurchasing it in the near future.


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