TOP TEN GREAT Things that will happen when Tampa Bay Buccaneers start winning again

10) Traffic on Dale Mabry will seemingly decrease by 30%, coinciding with beautiful weather (and birds chirping).ntp_mabry041808_c_19489a_8col

9) Instead of Jason Licht jumping in the pool, A Pool of great players will be jumping after Jason Licht.

8)There will be peace in the middle east (Jackson Heights that is).

7)Hillary Clinton will start using the web servers at to send her emails.

6)Donald Trump will try buying the Buccaneers before running in 2020 with new slogan “Trump Buc You”!

5)USF Bulls will appear to play their games at the Bucs stadium instead of vice versa.usf-predictions-e1471985343918

4)Joe Maddon will ask around small circles if its true “The Bucs” are looking for a new skipper.

3)Like Steve Bartman, Raheem Morris will be able to appear in public again.

2)Greg Sciano will claim he was responsible, by instilling discipline in the organization. Lovie Smith will protest (quietly, monotone-ly).

1) will have to revise its history section to show attendance at 1st ever Bucs home game as 293,542 as determined by Facebook fans who claimed to be Season ticket holders since ’76!

Limited Seated!


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