Trump Administration wants credit for good Job Numbers, but..aren’t they Fake, Bogus, and a Scam?

You heard it during the campaign trail..”5.2% unemployment is the biggest joke in American politics”, “5.0% unemployment, dont believe it, those numbers are fake, bogus” said campaigner Donald Trump before taking office, making a few changes, and taking credit for the great Job news that came out.

Would that be the fake news? or the Bogus facts?

President Trump’s administration is trying to eat their proverbial cake, icing, filling, and leave us with the cardboard box and dishes to clean up. If the numbers are fake for Obama, under whose leadership the country has slowly come out of the recession/depression, then why are they real for Trump?

They are real, for both presidents, and Trump’s administration DOES have a small part in the jobs surge. Businesses are seeing signs of a lowering in regulations, and the tide is ebbing toward a more business friendly environment, and business are feeling the good vibe and doing more hiring.

When Obama took office, the country was bleeding 600,000 jobs a month. Unemployment was 7.8% on the way to 10%. When Trump took office, the economy added 1/4 million jobs a month, and unemployment is 4.7/4.8%, a growing economy.

That is..if you believe the reports!!

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