Urology Clinic of the Future: Dr. Billmeyer’s Experience

Urology Clinic

The urology clinic of the future will benefit patients and doctors alike through the use of new technology, including better diagnostic tools and more effective treatments. In an interview with Dr. William Billmeyer, a lead urologist at Urological Associates, Inc., in Westchester County, New York, he discusses how his clinic in particular has benefited from the use of these technologies and how he thinks the field will evolve in the future.

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Urology Clinic

The future of urology:

It is becoming more and more common for patients to seek out urologic care for a variety of reasons. For example, people are living longer and may have kidney issues or urinary tract infections (UTIs) as they age. As a result, urologists are seeing increased demand from this population for their services, especially at our Urology Clinic in Omaha, NE.
This increase in demand has led to some new advances in urologic care that may soon become commonplace in clinics like ours- and we’re excited to be on the cutting edge!

Dr. Billmeyer’s experience:

I graduated from college with a biology and chemistry degree but I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor. I did an internship at a urology clinic in Omaha, NE where I was able to get plenty of hands-on experience. Working in a urology clinic has shown me just how difficult it is to diagnose some conditions because there are so many different symptoms that might indicate one condition or another, as well as all of the new treatments available for these conditions. It’s been exciting to see how technology has changed what we can do for our patients, both diagnostically and therapeutically; being involved in this process has motivated me, even more, to continue my education and go into practice as a urologist.



Urology Clinic.,

The benefits of the future urology clinic:

At the Urology Clinic of the Future, patients will be able to have their lab work done and have a full-body scan. They will also be able to consult with their primary care physician and have their prescriptions filled onsite. The clinic will be equipped with a digital X-ray machine for images that are high quality and more detailed than traditional film X-rays. Patients will also be able to use an MRI or CT scanner to diagnose problems that cannot easily be seen by ultrasound or other techniques such as biopsies and excisions. And, patients can get treatments on sites such as angioplasties, laser therapy, surgery, and radiation therapy from some of the best urologists in Omaha!


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